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    Blue Sapphire Price | Blue Sapphire Price Per Carat | Blue Sapphire Price Guide

    Buying a gemstone can be a daunting task. To the outsider, the market may appear an intimidating and whimsical place, mainly due to the highly unorganised structure of the trade. One may come across a mind boggling variety of gems, with all kinds of jargon and spiel accompanying them. Distinguishing the real and the fake and finally knowing that you are paying the right price for your gem is absolutely essential.

    The riddle becomes even more complex when it comes to gemstones like blue sapphire that come in amazingly wide variety of shades. Added to that, the benefits of blue sapphire make it an alluring gem. The information on blue sapphire presented below should help any individual in assessing the blue sapphire quality and correct blue sapphire price per carat. This irrespective of the fact whether you are buying blue sapphire in India or abroad and even if you are looking to buy blue sapphire online!

    Discussed here are the parameters that determine the price of blue sapphire gemstone in this most elaborate Blue Sapphire Price Guide:

    Colored Gemstone Color Variation Chart

    Colored Gemstone Color Variation Chart, Notice the sheer range of Blue

    Color: In the world of coloured gemstones, color becomes the most important parameter for judging the price of a gemstone. The richer the color, higher will be the price per carat. In case of price of blue sapphire, the most valued color is the medium toned blue with good saturation, that is characteristic of the legendary Kashmir blue sapphire. Blue sapphires come in several shades of blue, with those ranging from the palest ones with a mere hint of blue ( now these are the entry level gems and will cost relatively lesser) to the light sky blue, sky blue, moving into the cornflower blues with varied degrees of saturation, to royal blues, deep midnight blue etc. The deepest blue comes in the rare Burmese blue sapphire, which has such a surreal glow when light is shone on it! Sometimes they also have a tinge of violet coming through. If you see better colour in a blue sapphire with and even spread across the gem, you can be rest assured that it will command a higher price.

    Then there are the Montana sapphires which come in a violet- green color that resembles the color of the neck of the peacock and is often called mayur neelam in the local parlance.

    Unheated Blue Sapphire from Ratnapura Srilanka

    Unheated Blue Sapphire from Ratnapura Srilanka

    Clarity: A gem can command a superlative price only when the color is complemented by a excellent clarity. By clarity, one means the relative absence of inclusions, feathers, crystal ingrowths and other clarity characteristics in the gemstone. A couple of inclusions are a sure mark of the genuineness of a gem. It is extremely hard to find totally flawless gems and if you do find one, make sure that you ask for the necessary certification, vouching for the authenticity of the gem. Gemstones with 95 per cent clarity and above with come with a super premium price tag. As the number of clarity characteristics increase, the price of the blue sapphire will drop.

    Cut: Much of the gem trade even today is inclined towards holding on to the maximum gem weight in a gem crystal. And mixed cuts have evolved because of this. Most of the blue sapphires available today in the markets are oval mixed cut or mixed cushion cut gems. Fancy cuts will trim out the fat and therefore will lead to loss. One can get a fancy cut blue sapphire but it's price will be much higher (keeping in mind that a larger gem had to be trimmed to get the desired fancy shape).

    Also, cutting of the gem determines how well the color of the gem is brought out and how good a playground is given to the light to bounce around and bring out the best effect in a gem. If the cutter goes wrong with the cutting and faceting angles, the potential of a gem can be ruined. On the other hand, a master cutter can give an average gem material, a phenomenal lift by cutting well. No wonder, despite the advent of the most advanced technology in cutting, the master cutters of Israel and Idar-Oberstein prefer to cut the expensive and exceptional pieces manually by themselves!

    Carat weight: Higher the weight of natural blues sapphire, the more costly the gem will be. Larger crystals are hard to find in nature. Anything above 4 carats and above could be a collector’s item commanding its own price, depending upon the attributes.

    Rarity: Blue sapphires are rare and top quality blue sapphires are extremely rare and natural and treatment free blue sapphires are rarer still! Blue sapphires are subjected to intense heat treatment and beryllium treatment to give them a better color and therefore fetch a better value. Caveat emptor! Ask questions, seek certification and do your preliminary study before setting out to buy a blue sapphire! A rare gem determines its market and the value can be anything depending upon the intensity of desire of the one who covets it!

    Check Blue Sapphire prices over 36 months. Use the principles given above to arrive at differences and accuracy due to shades, clarity etc.


    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in August 2013

  Table Natural Blue Sapphire Gemstone Facts


    Natural Blue Sapphire


    2.39 carats


    None. Fully Natural,



    Planetary Energy


    Patron Location


    All inclusive Price

    $ 1011.40/ INR 63718.20


    Featured today is a beautiful natural blue sapphire of 2.39 carats from Srilanka set in sterling silver as a Saturn Planetary Bhasma ring. The natural treatment free Ceylon sapphire has a lovely royal blue color and has excellent clarity. The gem crystal has wonderful water like appearance.

    This Saturn blue sapphire ring has is a Planetary Bhasma ring where the sacred herbal ash or bhasma of Shami (which is the sacred herb of Saturn) sealed into the tubular design next to the gem. You can also see the symbol of Saturn standing in relief on shanks of the ring.

    Natural Blue sapphire or neelam gemstone is the gem of Lord Saturn and is used in a talisman to harness the planetary powers.

    Enjoy it in Video:



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