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    Is Blue Sapphire the Most Beautiful Gemstone in the World?

    Natural Blue Sapphire over 11 carats

    What is rare?

    Dictionary meaning would suggest that its something hard to find or come across – something one does not encounter everyday! Natural Gemstones have phenomenal value by virtue of rarity among several other factors.

    That natural gemstones are rare, and that jyotish quality gemstones are extremely rare is an established fact. It takes processing of several tonnes of ore to obtain 1 carat of gem quality corundum. Gemstones are judged on basis of their cut, clarity and carat weight – the last of which is a desired but very rare attribute and over 10 carats makes it equally – extremely enticing as well as high value option.

    Size Matters – Absolutely So in the World of Colored Gemstones. Natural Blue sapphire over 2 carats in weight and then jyotish quality will register an exponential increase in price. A natural blue sapphire sitting well on all jyotish quality parameters and over 5 carats would definitely interest a gem collector.

    It is not everyday that you have a natural jyotish quality blue sapphire of the coveted Ceylonese origin and well over 11 carats coming your way! It is definitely a once in a blue moon event.

    The blue sapphire is a much-fancied gem not just for its alluring color but because of the sheer number of myths and legends associated with it. One of the popular ones, being its association with purity, ethical conduct and truth. While this holds true even to this day, the shrewd manipulative minds of yesteryear’s have abused the association of mystical powers to achieve very personal ends.


    For instance, one of the popular stories of times gone by is based on one of the famous sapphires of all times has been one that was in the collection of Duke of Orleans – a beautiful bright blue in daylight and would change color to amethyst tones in incandescent light. Madame de Genlis used the legend of the sapphire to used it as the central premise of her work "Le Saphire Merveilleux".

    Madame de Genlis

    Madame de Genlis

    The sapphire (very possibly a color change sapphire in today’s parlance, just plain vanilla optical phenomenon!) is used as a test of female virtue, the change of color indicating unfaithfulness on the part of the wearer! If the owner of the stone wished to prove that the subject of the test was innocent, she was de to wear the sapphire for three hours of daylight; but in the opposite case, the test was so timed that it began in daylight and ended when the candles or lamps had been lighted (the predetermined objective having been achieved!).

     Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in March 2013 Table Natural Blue Sapphire Gemstone Facts



    Natural Blue Sapphire


    11.39 carats


    None. Fully Natural,



    Planetary Energy


    Patron Location

    Toronto, Canada

    All inclusive Price

    INR 15,50,000/ USD($) 28,814


    Featured today is a stunner par excellence, a gem that comes once in a lifetime. Rare and earth mined from the gem fields of Ratnapura Sri Lanka this cushion cut Sapphire crystal is all of 11.395 carats, yes unheated at 11.395 carats. That’s not just spectacular jyotish weight but a caratage that would even interest the collector. The natural unheated whopper has been set in sterling silver as a Saturn talisman.But is the clarity, weight and with no treatment the only features of this wonder-No, what stands out is the Royal Blue Shade that is spread evenly throughout the crystal. Enjoy powerful and pulsating Saturn energies with this Blue Sapphire with fantastic clarity. A collectible to be passed on to generation to generation .

    Note: Thank you Dear Patron for the gracious testimonial.

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