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    Emerald Stone Price per carat- Hierarchy of 4c’s in assessment of Emerald Price







    The classical approach adopted by Gemologists worldwide to estimate the approximate correct price of a Gemstone is called as the 4C methodology.

    What is the 4C Methodology?

    The 4C methodology was adopted by the GIA-Gemological Institute of America for gradation and assessment of correct value of Diamonds. However the same methodology can be used as a preliminary step in value assessment of colored Gemstones. The 4 C’s Stand for:

    -          Cut

    -          Color

    -          Clarity

    -          Carat Weight

    Is the 4C methodology the full proof system of Value Assessment?

    In a single word, the answer is No. Colored Gemstones value gets affected by Demand and supply and lack of enhancing treatment besides many other factors. But the 4C’s are a great tool as a fundamental starter.

    Does the 4C hierarchy change in colored Gemstones?

    The answer is a resounding yes. The world of colored gemstones is very vast as compared to Diamonds.

    How does the 4C’s affect the Value of Emeralds, What is the 4C hierarchy in Emerald Value Estimation?

    Here is the 4C hierarchy in estimating the value of emeralds:


    1) Color- The most important C among the classical 4C’s in Emerald price estimation is Color. The most pleasing, vivid and attractive green the emerald is the more the price. Price shall go down if the Emerald is very deep green or very light green.

    Medium Deep Green and deep intense are the tones that attract the highest price. The Emerald’s basic color is defined by Hue. The highest price attracting hue is intense blue in addition to the foundation color of green. Color is the most vital C in the assessment of emerald price.

    Have a Look at some of the Emerald rings already featured on the Gemstoneuniverse Blog over the years. Notice the color difference from a intense blue to a Yellowish hue.


    Notice the 4Cs in Emeralds at play, color difference makes a difference in priceNotice the 4Cs in Emeralds at play, color difference makes a difference in price

    If you use the search box at the top right hand corner and just type in “Emerald” you shall get the pictures and the prices of several shipped out emeralds and you shall be in a position to understand how color is making a difference in the price and put the 4C information to good use.

    2) Clarity- The 2nd C that comes after color in emerald value assessment is Clarity.  Emerald is one of those gemstones that is always nearly included. These inclusions also referred to as Jardines are the birthmarks of the Gemstone indicating that it was created in the lap of Mother Nature and not in a lab.

    Jardines are also referred to as Gardens or fissures.  The fewer the inclusions, fractures, or Jardines the higher the price!. Inclusion free emeralds are virtually unheard of.  A fairly large emerald crystal that is relatively free from inclusions can start from tens of thousands of dollars per carat provided it is not filled with resin to conceal fractures. However the use of Cedar wood oil is an acceptable treatment and it ensures the safety of the emerald besides enhancing clarity naturally and has been followed in the trade for hundreds of years.

    3) Cut- The 3rd C that comes after clarity is cut. A precise cut that pays attention to near perfect faceting to ensure maximum brilliance, scintillation and sparkle fetches a higher price.  A good cut ensures that the surface is free from fissures ( read above).

    A good cut ensures that the Emerald is symmetrical and ensures maximum play of light, this is vital for the promised astrological benefits. The most common and pleasing cut for an emerald is called as the rectangular step cut. It is so famous for emeralds that it is also called as an” Emerald Cut

    4) Carat Weight- the 4th C that comes after cut is carat weight. The higher the carat weight the higher the price provided the above 3 C’s are in place. This is not applicable to poor quality mineral rough at the bottom of the Gem Pyramid usually traded in volume markets where education of 4C’s is not widely available (See Picture below).


    Notice the 4Cs in Emeralds at play, color difference makes a difference in pricePoor Quality Mineral rough sold in volume based markets as Emerald where carat weight is priority. This is neither gem quality nor it can be used for Jyotish PurposesPoor Quality Mineral rough sold in volume based markets as Emerald where carat weight is priority. This is neither gem quality nor it can be used for Jyotish Purposes


    The Gemstone PyramidThe Gemstone Pyramid

    Provided the Crystal excels on the above 3C’s and is a Gem Quality then it is safe to assume that the price moves in geometrical progression. For the sake of understanding if two emeralds have the same color, clarity, cut and the price of 1 carat emerald is $500, then the price of a 2 carat would be $1000 per carat.

    It is just because, higher carat weight gemstones are rarer in nature. Emeralds above the weight of 2 carats are very rare and valuable provided they pass the 4C test. Clean emeralds that are 3 carats and above with a pleasing color command greater prices than valuable Diamonds and rubies!


    Other Factors Affecting Emerald Price

    Lack of Treatment, origin, history are some of the other factors affecting Emerald Price.

    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in November 2012 Table Natural Colombian Emerald Gemstone Facts

    Gemstone Natural Colombian Emerald
    Weight 2.26 carats
    Treatment None. Fully Natural
    Origin Colombia
    Planetary Energy Mercury
    Patron Location Illinois,USA
    All inclusive Price $ 1426.46 / INR 77399.72
    Comments Featured Today: 


    Fine example of what the natural Colombian emeralds are about! The pleasing appearance, the soothing color, sparkly lustre (hard to come by in majority of natural emeralds) and exceptional clarity. Fashioned from a raw originating in the Chivor mine, Colombia, this fine natural emerald is free from any treatment. The emerald has a sprightly early summer grass green color that puts a spring in the step and sows the seed of hope and promise for the future. The natural emerald from the new lot Shriamrita 2012 has great clarity and good jyotish weight, besides resonating mercury energies that make it a potent tool for implementation of planetary gem therapy.

    Apply the 4C test to this Emerald. View the link on the website, watch the video and use the blog search box extensively. You will exactly know what we do.

    Read more about this emerald gemstone and the gem parcel it belongs to.

    To view this Gemstone before it was set please click here.

    Note: Thank You Dear Patron for your gracious testimonial

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