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    Pisces/ Meen Annual Horoscope 2018 Pisces/ Meen Annual Forecast 2018

    Dear Pisces/ Meen,

    We wish and hope that 2018 brings the best for you, and you have a fulfilling experience through life diverse gifts coming your way.

    Please note: These horoscopes have been written based on Vedic astrology/ Sidereal astrology - using position of Moon as basis of all calculations and predictions.

    To know your moon sign send an email requesting the same including your date of birth, place of birth and time of birth to

    Here is a look at the transits that will be in effect for the year 2018:

    • Benevolent Jupiter remains in Libra, 8th to your natal Moon, till October 11, 2018 and then in Scorpio, 9th to your sign for the remaining part of the year.
    • Karmic grandmaster Lord Saturn stays in Sagittarius, 10th to your natal Moon for the entire year.
    • Rahu, North Node of Moon stays in the sign of Cancer, 5th to your natal Moon throughout the year.
    • Ketu, the South Node of the Moon stays in Capricorn, 11th to your natal Moon throughout the year.
    • Mars, the mighty Warrior has an exceptionally long stay in Capricorn from May 2, 2018 - November 6, 2018, i.e. 11th to your natal Moon.

    The year 2018 in a nutshell for Pisces / Meen annual horoscopes Pisces 2018

    It is likely to be a year of mixed results for the Pisces born individuals with better outcomes concentrated towards the last quarter of the year. Saturn’s presence in the 10th house maybe quite exacting and while you do go about your responsibilities through the days, your heart may be elsewhere. There could be home/ property related aspirations that keep you somewhat anxious or dissatisfied.

    A disappointment of the past may keep you stuck in it but you do strive to make holistic changes, embrace a new spiritual path in an attempt to resolve it. This is the year that may be tough where questions of clarity and consistency are concerned. You may often find yourself plagued with self doubt or confusion. It may be difficult to sustain interest in new things. You also find yourself extremely picky about the people you like to associate with.

    There may be rethinking of several equations - especially with friends and extended family members. Those, that you find disturbing for your peace, may just go out the window. Again, given Rahu's position in the 5th house and Jupiter in the 8th house for most part of the year, it would be a smart idea to question your own ideas, beliefs or decisions before going ahead with the choice.

    The last quarter of the year could bring some amazing journey and fortunate events that are thrilling and open new doors to explore a new career or a new way of life.

    Professional life, business and financial forecast horoscope for Pisces 2018

    The Pisces born individual may experience uncertainty and also have some moments where there is crisis of faith. You may question your professional choices too. There could be events and episodes that bring shakiness - well it’s happening for a reason and you will emerge stronger after the lesson. But in that moment, they could be anguish about how things have shaped up.

    There could be some disagreement with a senior or superior at work and it may raise some big question marks inside you. Brashness and aggression is definitely not the way even if you do not concur! This is also a phase where you may secretly experience lows. You are extremely ambitious and want results fast. However, there are delays and bottlenecks that cause some frustration.

    You will be better off working on short-term project for a while that bring the much required breeze of change and also do not stretching long enough to cause boredom. The other issue faced by Pisces would be of focus and concentration. There are several distractions and this may prevent you from committing to a more serious assignment. Some of the Pisces who are currently looking out for employment may have to settle for something less than expected, for a while.

    It is however a good period for artists, performers, creative people as they are able to generate new ideas, offbeat ideas at the drop of a hat. However, be warned that you may have almost a rebellious streak. Exploration of as well as commentary on all that is taboo may spark some controversy as well. While it is good to be true to self, it also makes sense to respect timing and sensitivity of other people as well as their circumstances in life too.

    This year may not be good for academic goals do. There may be temptation to drop a course or study mid way. Either there is a lucrative work offer/ opportunity or you realise that you’ve chosen a course that is just not right for you which may result in the decision to drop!

    On a very important note, individuals who look after accounts or manage money for another individual, in partnership or an organisation should be careful and maintain written records of all transactions. It is highly advisable to keep all dealings above board as there could be allegations of mismanagement or fraud.

    The last quarter of the year brings good news and may beget you a good job opportunity, a possible overseas assignment! There is better state of finances during this time. This part of the year is a better time to invest in property of purchase of an asset.

    Family life, personal relationships and romance horoscopes Pisces 2018

    The year 2018 is definitely much better towards the last quarter for any relationship related matters. With Jupiter in the 8th house, there is definitely call for work on yourself and old fears, destructive habit patterns. Saturn’s direct aspect on home and heart related matters will bring about some anxiety ridden situations.

    There may be a difference of opinion with mother or a maternal figure on some serious matters or you may miss her presence! Deep emotional matters may need to be looked at and brought to a closure.

    The year 2018, as specified earlier will make you question several of your association - friendships, relationships with extended family too. While everyone's choices are a personal matter, you may need to keep a firm grip on your anger. Old, repressed anger/rage may bring about more than one bout of tempestuousness.

    There is the possibility of situation is becoming a lot better post the month of October. There may be wedding bells for some eligible and willing Pisces during that phase too. Keep away from gossips and respect the trust other people may have showed by sharing personal stuff with you.

    Health and well-being horoscopes Pisces 2018

    The Pisces born individuals may have some issue with mental health, excessive fatigue and anxiety. You may need to slow down and embrace a healthy lifestyle too.

    Keeping active socially will be a key to feeling good. Isolating yourself will be counter-productive.

    Those with an existing condition or genetic predisposition to diabetes or cholesterol aberrations should be extra cautious. Slowed down metabolism and acidity could create some discomfort too. Yoga and walks will be helpful.

    Wearing the jyotish gemstone of Moon also would be of immense help. The individuals for whom, Moon is a yogakaraka should definitely consider wearing a natural organic pearl. Get your suitable detailed personalized gemstone recommendation or a brief personalised gemstone recommendation before you get your powerful talisman!

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