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    Leo/ Simha Annual Horoscope 2018 Leo/ Simha Annual Forecast 2018

    Dear Leo/ Simha,

    Please note that these horoscopes have been written based on Vedic astrology/ Sidereal astrology and using position of Moon as basis of all calculations and predictions.

    To know your moon sign send an email requesting the same including your date of birth, place of birth and time of birth to

    Welcome to 2019. We hope that the year is filled with memorable moments, growth and destiny’s best for you. The year 2019 carries the vibration of Planet Jupiter in the sense that it adds up to a numerological value of 3. For most part of the year, Jupiter remains in the sign of Scorpio owned by its friend Mars. One can expect great developments in the new knowledge, cutting edge growth led by new discoveries and innovations and learning. But for most part there could be an element of surprise or secrecy to it. Rapid strides in technology using artificial intelligence, new techniques in medicine and surgery or development of new weaponry and warfare methods are possible.

    From the month of March, Saturn remains conjunct with Ketu in the sign of Sagittarius. Many an organisation may witness overhauling of structures, difficult equation among the hierarchies – imbalance of power centres as there is difficulty in getting along. The world order may change dramatically with the steadfast and change averse Saturn and the harbinger of evolution Ketu who residing together from March 2019 onwards. Just imagine what would transpire, if two people –chalk and cheese, with very different personalities come to live together in the same room – fireworks, spiritual hunger and/ or confusion, wandering, exploration of different equations/ arrangements for peaceful cohabitation and even prolonged periods of feeling indifferent could be in order!

    2019 Transits for Leo/ Simha:

    Here is a look at the main transits for the Year 2019:

    • Jupiter, the gentle giant remains in the sign of Scorpio – 4th to your natal Moon, for most part and moves into Sagittarius – 5th to your natal Moon on November 5, 2019.
    • Saturn, the grandmaster of karmic retribution stays in Sagittarius – 5th to your natal Moon, year round.
    • Rahu or the North Node of Moon stays in the sign of Cancer - 12th to your natal Moon till first week of March and later enters the sign of Gemini – 11th to your natal Moon, on March 7, 2019 and stays there for remaining part of the year.
    • Ketu or the South Node of Moon stays in the sign of Capricorn - 6th to your natal Moon till first week of March and later enters the sign of Sagittarius – 5th to your natal Moon, on March 7, 2019 and stays there for remaining part of the year.
    • (Note: Rahu and Ketu have retrograde movement)

    The periods of retrogression for planets in 2019:

    Venus – No retrogression this year

    Mars - No retrogression this year

    Jupiter remains retrograde from April 10, 2019 – August 11, 2019

    Saturn remains retrograde from April 18, 2019 – Sep 6, 2019

    Mercury remains retrograde from –

    • March 5 - 28, 2019
    • July 8, 2019 – August 1, 2019
    • October 31, 2019 – November 21, 2019

    The year 2019 for Leo / Simhain a nutshell:

    The year 2019 is a time of new learning and growth for the Leo born individuals. With Jupiter placed in your 4th in your sign for most part of the year, there could be personal matters and issues related to home and property consuming much of your mind space. There is increase in ambition but financial growth may not match your expectations. It is a very different phase where you may want to spend significant time on developing your own skill sets.

    There could be difficulty connecting with people and others may notice your introverted tendencies too. There could be some challenges for certain Leos in academics/competitive exams and related aspirations. It may take you extra effort and dedication to achieve your dreams. Patience, flexibility and willingness to see the other person’s point of view may help preserving important relationships. This is a year where self-work will be extremely important and even favoured by the stars. It can help you understand yourself better and take concrete steps towards creating a holistic life.

    Professional life, business, finance forecast for Leo / Simha 2019:

    The year 2019 is a significant year for individuals born under this sign of the zodiac. While you have been through numerous challenges and difficulties, you have grown and in many ways. The beginning of the year itself may show positive indications of a promotion or a change of job to a more lucrative and elevated position. There are additional responsibilities placed on your shoulders. While there is growth and prestige, there is a definite increase in pressure and expectations.

    Some Leo individuals who may have been on a look out for change, find an opportunity, but will there be satisfaction, that is hard to say! Saturn’s current transit and its aspects may create difficulty in adjusting to temperament and ways of functioning of other individuals. There could be an increase in your sphere of influence and network but equally there is a strong possibility of conflicts arising too. It will be best to avoid direct confrontation, use of harsh language or functioning with prejudice.

    Travel is very likely and you may need to keep your documents as well as valuables with care to avoid any losses. Likewise with investments- not a good year for gains through speculation, so staying conservative with savings is better. There may be significant funds diverted towards purchase, repair or renovation of a property. Some Leos may consider taking a large loan for asset creation.

    Any disputes around ancestral property or legacy could bring tough conversations to the table. Some interactions could be disappointing but you are also glad about reality being out in the open. The Leos with careers in academics, research and analysis will need to be tenacious. Do not leave projects mid- way or undone because of a lack of motivation. The last quarter of the year brings better results and greater recognition for your work. There may be success in endeavours and a possibility of winning an award too.

    Marriage, Romance and Relationships forecast for Leo / Simha in 2019:

    The Leos may have a slight difficult time on this one as ongoing transits create situations! You may also be so steeped in your work that there is little time for leisure. There may be complaints of neglect from family and loved ones. Possibility of distance/indifference/ work priorities create very strong problems. There may be episodes of anxiety related to children – their behaviour/ academics or other similar concerns.

    Do remember that being forceful or strict may not work in your favour. The younger Leos need to be a tad bit patient where matters of the heart are concerned. Differing expectations and lack of maturity may create unnecessary conflict. Social life is quite eventful and you may meet several new people. However, how many good or meaningful connections you make is another story. Communication with older siblings must be handled carefully. Loved ones may feel that you have become more materialistic. The last quarter of the year brings ease in disturbed equations and facilitates marriage or smoother relationships for those eligible and willing.

    Health forecast for Leo / Simha in 2019:

    The year 2019, is a time where personal balance, grounding and confidence will make a great difference. Stressful situations could cause mental fatigue and anxiety. It will do you a world of good to maintain regularity of routine and physical activity too. Auto immune diseases and those related to hormonal imbalance may cause trouble. Issues related to the ear, shoulder and legs may need attention.

    The Leo individuals could consider wearing a good natural ruby to get the best out of this time, if Sun/ Surya happens to be a natural yogakaraka for you. Get your suitable detailed personalized gemstone recommendation or a brief personalised gemstone recommendation before you get your powerful talisman!

    Guruji Shrii Arnav is the Mentor-Founder of Gemstoneuniverse.

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