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    Gemini/Mithun Annual Horoscope 2018 Gemini/ Mithun Annual Forecast 2018

    Dear Gemini/ Mithun,

    We wish and hope that 2018 brings the best for you, and you have a fulfilling experience through life diverse gifts coming your way.

    Please note: These horoscopes have been written based on Vedic astrology/ Sidereal astrology - using position of Moon as basis of all calculations and predictions.

    To know your moon sign send an email requesting the same including your date of birth, place of birth and time of birth to

    Here is a look at the transits that will be in effect for the year 2018:

    • Benevolent Jupiter remains in Libra, 5th to your natal Moon, till October 11, 2018 and then in Scorpio, 6th to your sign for the remaining part of the year.
    • Karmic grandmaster Lord Saturn stays in Sagittarius, 7th to your natal Moon for the entire year.
    • Rahu, North Node of Moon stays in the sign of Cancer, 2nd to your natal Moon throughout the year.
    • Ketu, the South Node of the Moon stays in Capricorn, 8th to your natal Moon throughout the year.
    • Mars, the mighty Warrior has an exceptionally long stay in Capricorn from May 2, 2018 - November 6, 2018, i.e. 8th to your natal Moon.

    The year 2018 in a nutshell for Gemini / Mithun annual horoscopes Gemini 2018

    The year 2018 is likely to be a good year for the Gemini-born individuals. There are greater favourable events and opportunities likely to happen during the first three quarters, so make the best of it.

    There are monetary gains and a possibility of working with some big names also emerges during this time. Personal development becomes a strong agenda and long term goals may also be established. The one noticeable thing about 2018, is that the year may be quite significant and transformative for you in ways more than one. You could expect deep insights through some intense episodes.

    You may need to be quite careful during the months of May through November as Mars conjunct Ketu occupies 8th to your natal Moon. It will be tremendously helpful to undertake meditative/ calming practices and keep oneself occupied constructively. The last couple of months need to be handled carefully. Avoid any impulsive decision-making. The first three quarters of the year promise to beget gain of prestige, influence and financial strength.

    Professional life, business and financial forecast horoscope for Gemini 2018

    The Gemini-born individuals are poised for a big leap forward as far as work and professional life are concerned. You may be able to take that one huge step, catapulting you and your work into a higher orbit. There is courage, initiative and Lady Luck favouring your forward movement. However, keep the subtle distinction between courage and bravado in your mind.

    Also keep asking yourself, "How much would it take to get me to feel satisfied?” intermittently. There are academic plans that become a big reason for an extra push you give to things during this time. Personal growth and learning more to unleash your potential are important for you during this time. There could be some critical talks/ deals underway. Associating with an influential individual or organisation may get you big returns. Those employed in a service may be able to display their merit. A promotion, raise and / or acknowledgement of your work from superiors helps to cement your position in the organisation and even establishes your reputation.

    Those engaged in business activity may have several travels and network  with people across cultures. Opportunities to take your work outside the country or to a different location also may manifest during this time. You may be able to close / pay off a big loan during this time. Money comes in sufficiently and a comfortable life is possible. Satisfaction though, is usually suspect.

    You may need to keep a firm control over harshness and irritability from the months of May through November. It doesn’t take much to derail a perfectly functioning machine. A single nut missing could just cause it to fall apart. Keep away from any altercations or arguments during this time. Craft your communication keeping “dignity” and “kind consideration” as guiding posts. The state of your health will have a direct impact on your work.

    The other mantra to succeed this year is to be alert about what you promise to deliver. There could be tall claims / promises made to impress and this may become very difficult to meet if your delivery time is close to the end of 2018 or later next year. Under promise and delight with little extra, when delivering your output should take you a long way. Keep the taxation matters clear and straight in order to avoid any legal trouble.

    Family life, personal relationships and romance horoscopes Gemini 2018

    It is a year of mixed fortunes for the Gemini born individuals where personal life and relationships are concerned. The first half of the year is rather comfortable in these matters and you should use that time to consolidate your equations and mend bridges, if required. Many eligible and willing Gemini’s may get married and some may even be blessed with the birth of a child.

     As mentioned before, Mars and Ketu stay in your 8th house from May - November does not fare well and there could be issues with your temperament. There could be unnecessary and misplaced anger that threatens to derail peace in your home. You should definitely not work on one-sided information only.

    Extended family members and their interference in your life could create problems. Respect, open & gentle communication and even asking for help whenever required will be quite helpful. Too many expectations and that of things to happen even without asking may cause misunderstandings. Issues, specifically with in-laws could make a dent on peace of mind. Meditation, empathy and cautious distance in other relationships will be helpful.

    Health and well-being horoscopes Gemini 2018

    This is the area that needs attention. You must use the first five months to focus on getting a fit body and cultivating resilience of mind. Geminis usually have a quicksilver temperament and a delicate upper respiratory tract.

    Build immunity and create a strong stable mind to offset any disturbances. The current period favours efforts in this area. Body heat increase, issues with sexuality and private organs and anus could keep you a uncomfortable for a bit. Excess energy should be channelized towards physically exhausting work.

    The Gemini Individuals should definitely consider wearing a jyotish quality natural emerald or a peridot but only after ascertaining its suitability. Get your suitable detailed personalized gemstone recommendation or a brief personalised gemstone recommendation before you get your powerful talisman!

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