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    Aquarius/Kumbh Annual Horoscope 2018 Aquarius/ Kumbh Annual Forecast 2018

    Dear Aquarius/ Kumbh,

    We wish and hope that 2018 brings the best for you, and you have a fulfilling experience through life diverse gifts coming your way.

    Please note: These horoscopes have been written based on Vedic astrology/ Sidereal astrology - using position of Moon as basis of all calculations and predictions.

    To know your moon sign send an email requesting the same including your date of birth, place of birth and time of birth to

    Here is a look at the transits that will be in effect for the year 2018:

    • Benevolent Jupiter remains in Libra, 9th to your natal Moon, till October 11, 2018 and then in Scorpio, 10th to your sign for the remaining part of the year.
    • Karmic grandmaster Lord Saturn stays in Sagittarius, 11th to your natal Moon for the entire year.
    • Rahu, North Node of Moon stays in the sign of Cancer, 6th to your natal Moon throughout the year.
    • Ketu, the South Node of the Moon stays in Capricorn, 12th to your natal Moon throughout the year.
    • Mars, the mighty Warrior has an exceptionally long stay in Capricorn from May 2, 2018 - November 6, 2018, i.e. 12th to your natal Moon.

    The year 2018 in a nutshell for Aquarius / Kumbh annual horoscopes Aquarius 2018

    The year 2018 is likely to be a wonderful year for the Aquarius born individuals. Most of the transits are poised beautifully for granting good results for most part and there may be a major wish fulfilment likely this year. While this is a general trend, the outcomes may be offset or augmented by the planetary period specific to your horoscope.

    Saturn transit through the 11th house is one of its rare beneficial transits and this translates into several opportunities for growth and advancement in the material world. There may be sudden breakthroughs or associations that catapult you into a different league altogether. Jupiter's transit through the auspicious 9th house also indicates towards the possibility of fortunate long distance/ overseas travels.

    Some of the Aquarius born individuals may also get an opportunity for immigration. There is, however, a definite need for caution (as is for all signs this year) from the month of May through November. Mars remains conjunct Ketu, 12th to your natal moon and this may create a significant rise in anger and irritability. There may be a direct impact on personal relationships.

    There is ease in pressure towards the end of the year and life offers greater certainty too.

    Professional life, business and financial forecast horoscope for Aquarius 2018

    The year 2018 is a greatly positive and significant year for the Aquarius born individuals. The past couple of years may have been hard but have taught some important life lessons. Those that acknowledge errors and incorporate changes are likely to fare better than their counterparts who are merely stuck in the vortex of what could have been.

    There may be promotion or a raise this year that elevates your position as well as status. There is greater power and your sphere of influence increases. People may acknowledge you as an asset to the organisation or an expert in your area of work. There is a sense of pride and accomplishment as you notice people seeking your advice or younger folk looking up to you for advice. Some of the Aquarius individuals may be publicly lauded or may receive honour for their ideas, innovation or professional contribution in some manner.

    There are chances of establishing profitable and solid new connections in this phase. You are quite dignified in your conduct and may have now found great a merit in focusing on long-term goals. There is determination and focus on building your strengths as well as your finances. Those of you who have taken a financial hit or faced a setback now have a chance to make it good. You may be able to close an old debt/ loan.

    There is also indication of some gain of a big asset - new gadget, industrial machinery, technology, new patent/ license, gain of an immovable property - achieving something that is very close to your heart is foreseen. The period of caution remains from May to October, where bad temper, argumentativeness or feelings of resentment and revenge stemming from past incidents may recur. It is best to let this go as it may cause sudden and lasting damage. It may actually put you in a problem situation involving law.

    It is a time for upswing and you should definitely not allow the past or personal rivalries to play spoilsport with your growth. Also avoid making tall claims or threats of quitting, that will have no one else but you regretting it. The first half of the year may see a fair bit of travel, opportunity to work abroad and live your dream in a big way. Those involved in business activity may find a lucrative deal.

    There may be some bouts of inertia and mental fatigue intermittently. Give yourself rejuvenating brakes or get that hobby work going to refresh your mind. Great success can be achieved during this year with a focus, even temperament and dedication.

    Family life, personal relationships and romance horoscopes Aquarius 2018

    It is a mixed year for the Aquarius where personal life is concerned. Jupiter's auspicious transit through the 9th house does foretell happy events and occasions; even the possibility of wedding bells for those eligible and willing. However Mars stays conjunct Ketu 12th to your natal Moon from May to November. From this position, it directly aspects the 7th house of marriage and relationships.

    You will need to be mindful of your communication and keep your tone even and balanced. Trivial issues could lead to misunderstandings. For some Aquarians, the presence of another individual or external interference may bring stress. There may be a difference of opinion regarding spending patterns, non-involvement in chores that are meant to be shared and emotional isolation that could cause damage.

    Avoid these pitfalls and the blame game in your relationships, if they are precious to you. Things become quite alright relatively in the last quarter. Sadness and disenchantment with attachment of any kind may create discomfort.

    Health and well-being horoscopes Aquarius 2018

    This is an area where the Aquarius witnesses a big positive effect. Those of you who may have been affected physically, mentally and financially by health issues are on the path to recovery. You may however, see a change in your outlook and beliefs after this experience.

    Safeguard yourself from cuts, wounds and injuries from the month of May to November. You may have issue related to excessive heat and dehydration bothering you! Bone and bone marrow related problems may occur.

    Drink lots of water and avoid any pungent spicy foods.

    The individuals for whom, Saturn is a yogakaraka should definitely consider wearing a natural blue sapphire as it is one of the most helpful planetary energy for the Aquarius. It would be a good idea to gain maximum mileage from a favorable phase. A natural White Sapphire replete with Venus energy would also some great results. Get your suitable detailed personalized gemstone recommendation or a brief personalised gemstone recommendation before you get your powerful talisman!

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