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    Articles: Amor del sol - The Love of the Sun Heart Shaped, Burma Ruby PendantNEWS FEED

    The Amor del sol-Flawless Unheated Ruby Pendant. A Gemstoneuniverse masterpiece



    A Heart warming unheated Talisman handcrafted with love and dedication.

    Amor del sol - The Love of the Sun,Heart Shaped Burma Ruby Pendant

    This customised talisman – the Amor del Sol , has been specially designed and handcrafted on request for a connoisseur of gemstones, a longstanding patron of gemstone universe.

    The centrepiece is a beautiful, natural, unheated, eye clean, loupe clean dainty heart shaped ruby of Burmese origin with an exceptional clarity with the exact Imperial Pigeon Blood Red Color.

    This discerning patron decided to wait till the desired colour stone could be procured. That we did, and the result was this stunning pendant in 22 carat gold with these Imperial, pigeon blood color lovelies!

    The heart shaped stone sits well-ensconced inside the gold circle, symbolic of the Sun. Ruby, is of course, the gem of the Sun.

    The pendant bail sets the talisman apart by holding another super lustrous ruby of Burmese origin and bringing out the resplendent sun energy in a unique and aesthetic way.


    Gem Details


    Natural Ruby-Unheated and Untreated

    Heart Shaped Ruby Centre piece (heart shaped): 1.01cts

    Round Ruby on the pendant bail (round): 0.52cts

    Treatment: None. Natural, unheated. Eye clean. Loupe clean.

    Origin: Burma

    Planetary energy: Sun

    Patron Location: California, US

    All inclusive price: Undisclosed.


    The ruby is a fine gem that lends itself to crafting of some exceptional jewellery pieces. The Amor del Sol is a fine example where it is not just a delightful piece to own, but a highly powerful and symbolic one at that.

    Ruby has been a stone that has been favoured by the who’s who in world. The aura of power, royalty and strength that is subtly exuded by this lush gemstone is exceptional.

    The ruby has always been a hit with Indian royalty . The sun is known as the king of planets and is a significator of royalty and dominion. Feast your eyes on this dazzling ruby and diamond Cartier necklace commissioned by the Maharaja Digvijaysinhji of Nawanagar in 1937 . Almost eight decades later, it remains a stunner.


    Dazzling Ruby and Diamond Cartier necklace commissioned by the Maharaja Digvijaysinhji of Nawanagar in 1937 Dazzling Ruby and Diamond Cartier necklace commissioned by the Maharaja Digvijaysinhji of Nawanagar in 1937

    ( Image courtesy: )

    No wonder the celebs across the world love their’s. Eva Longoria, can be seen sporting ruby chandelier earrings at a big event.


    Eva Longoria Sporting Ruby Chandelier Earrings Eva Longoria Sporting Ruby Chandelier Earrings

    ( Image courtesy: )


    It is quite interesting that you will find the beautiful Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson, sporting red. True to her name…and that is why we also find her sporting this big rock – a stunning ruby.

    Although, we are quite tempted to pass on the message – Scarlett, dahhling! Please, never ever wear a ruby in the middle finger ( It is the finger for Saturn’s gem ). The ring finger is the place for a ruby!


    Scarlet Johanson sporting a Ruby ring Scarlet Johanson sporting a Ruby ring

    ( Image courtesy: )

    So if you are looking for a protective, personal power enhancing talisman or a gift of love or simply a tastefully done piece of jewellery, the ruby it is!

    Thank You dear Patron for your gracious comments. They are as heart warming as the Amor del sol itself.
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