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    All about Burma Peridot| Buy Best Burma Peridot Online


    Burmese Peridot - A Rare Treasure

    All About the Burma Peridot, The top source to buy finest Burma Peridots online. Excelling on the 4C’s every single Burmese Peridot is cherry picked to get you the finest Burma Peridots.

    All About Burma Peridot

    Natural peridot is one of the most enchanting gemstones known to man. It's beautiful, soothing green colour is the key of its allure. However, it should be mentioned in the same breath that it has been one of the most underestimated gemstones, for it requires true master craftsmanship in cutting, to display the grandeur of the gem and also a sizable gem to allow it's effulgence to manifest.

    Peridot is the birthstone for the month of August. It is also the gemstone for gifting on the 16th wedding anniversary.

    Traditionally, over the centuries, peridot has been mined from St. John's Island(also known as Zebirget) off the coast of Egypt, from Pakistan, Burma, Arizona in the USA and recently in some locations in China too.

    Some of the finest peridots have been mined from St. John's island in Red sea. In fact, some of Cleopatra's stunning emeralds turned out to be actually glorious peridots from this island that was completely mined out during the first half of the 20th century, once its location became known.

    Pakistan mines account for a reasonable source of this beautiful gemstone but the mountain terrain does not aid mining and grave dangers abound.

    The peridot coming from Arizona is too small and not of the same richness of colour to make it to the gem quality material. Top quality material that gets graded as Gem Quality is very rare from Arizona but nonetheless a sight to behold in all its glory.

    Peridot, as a mineral is magnesium iron silicate. The colour of this idiochromatic gemstone belonging to the olivine group acquires brighter tones of green because of the presence of ferrous iron in just the right amount.

    The ideal content of ferrous iron is regarded to be somewhere between 12-15 percent. More of iron content would have the peridot colour to tend towards darker, brownish shades lowering its value massively.

    This is the very reason that while olivine is abundant, gem quality peridot is rare. The peridot scratches easily as it is a softer gemstone measuring 6.5 - 7 on the Moh's scale and has to be cut carefully or can cleave upon a single wrong hit.

    Gemstone connoisseurs and hunters have vouched for having seen and sourced some of the finest and large sized peridot gemstones from Burma before it hit an abrupt and near shutting off to the world with a strict military regime taking over.

    The amazing part about Burmese peridot is that it is available in rather larger sizes that allow for its beauty to manifest in the best possible way - a lovely green promising hope and reminiscent of the joys brought in by spring time.

    It has an oily texture and is rather clear, lustrous and transparent in appearance.

    The main source of Burmese peridot is considered to be the slopes of Pyaung Gaung Kyaukpon, near Mogok in Burma. The rarity and inability to find this gem material has pushed the price of Burmese peridot quite steeply and gem quality Peridot is found very rarely and is now considered a collectible.

    Peridot derives its name from the French word peritot meaning gold and it has an amazing number of metaphysical properties ranging from-getting rid of nightmares or the fear of the dark, healing from emotional traumas and wounds, getting rid of jealousy and evil eye, for sound sleep and filtering off unnecessary influences on the mind and memory.

    A Gem is for a Gem… and a Gem chooses a Gem. We wish you a stupendous success with your Jyotish Gemstone.

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