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    Gemstone Photography-View Gemstones as a professional Gemologist

    2D is passé!-Look out for the Talisman Videos Now Gold Standard in Planetary Gemology



    - Why Gemstoneuniverse is the Gold Standard in Planetary Gemology



    Over the last one and half year, Gemstone Universe has presented before you 2-3 rings/ talismans from among those shipped out to the patrons on a daily basis. Not only that, each finished product’s details have been accompanied by a link to the photograph of the gemstone, as it was, before it was set into a talisman.

    We gave you details about the loose gemstone to be viewed on the website, how it looked once set in the talisman, the price along with special features and benefits of each piece along with the Gemologists notes. These talismans had already been shipped out. These were featured so that you had an opportunity to realistically assess, compare and evaluate real time about Gem quality, photographs, prices etc.

    Today there are close to a 1000 Gemstones on the Blog as finished pieces in a short span of 15 months!

    One of the trickiest and the most time consuming photography is that of the gemstones.  Gemstone Photography is an ever evolving and challenging science. The difficulty increases manifold when the demand is for pictures that are of jyotish quality.

    At Gemstone Universe, tremendous care is taken to provide most accurate gem photos showing features of each gemstone with great clarity and precision, so that cut, color, clarity and aesthetics can be adjudged to the best possible levels.

    Bruno Cupillard, one of the famed gem photographers says on his site “ The biggest challenge in taking these photos is to control depth of field for sharpness desired. In some gems, colored areas, or inclusions can be seen inside the stone. We meet the areas that change color and size when you move the stone.”

    Each gemstone has special optical properties and physical characteristics that need to be highlighted and this takes great amount of patience, precision and care. And this makes photographing each gem a daunting task.

    Why Gemstoneuniverse is the Gold Standard and Why Gemstoneuniverse is different:

    Please note that the gem photographs at Gemstoneuniverse are not captured merely by a professional photographer, whose main objective is to capture images beautifully and brilliantly, but by trained and qualified gemologists who have gone on and honed skills in professional photography, so that the gemstones can be presented not only beautifully but more so with a view that would be appreciated by a gemologist concerned with features to determine jyotish quality gemstone. Features that are important are: Color, Cut, Clarity, Spread of the Gemstone, Inclusions. The Famed Fortune Magazine complimented Gemstoneuniverse on this aspect both for our investments and dedication.

    At Gemstoneuniverse we try to give you visuals that present you with most factual data, data that a Gemologist would appreciate and this is in sync with our vision and devotion to Planetary Gemology and 100 percent accurate implementation of Gemstone Therapy.

    This photography and videography  is macrophotography and you will get a 30X magnification the same that a professional Gemologist will get by using a 30X Loupe. Most of the inclusions viewed at this magnification will not be visible to the naked eye.

    You would be amazed to know that sometimes it takes up to four hours to get a single gem picture of the desired exactness! Emeralds are so versatile that even in the most controlled lighting environment they show minor shade differences at different quarters of the day. Similarly to catch special effects of Phenomenal Gemstones such as Chatoyancy in Cat’s eye Chrysoberyl is a herculean task.

    Now, with the current volumes, providing photographs in numbers is not a viable option for us anymore. You have references for over a 1000 finished talismans for research, analysis and comparison.

    Instead, we have decided to give you a better option that suits our purpose as well – and that is of video clips of some of the talismans made at Gemstone Universe!

    Now you can enjoy the complete beauty of the gemstone by viewing it in 3D and have a better experience! Looking forward to providing you with visual gem treats…Keep watching.

    To view several finished Gemstone Talismans at a single Glance visit our Facebook Gallery at the link below:


    To view a Lovely Video of an exotic Talisman click the link below

    (Notice that in all videos we make the Talisman/Gem move a full 360 degrees so that you can assess Gem Quality from the nearest point to the farthest point without any flash lights or optical effects. At Gemstoneuniverse we are factual and exact. Jyotish Gemstones are at the apex of the Gemstone Pyramid-They don’t require blinking torch/LED lights to look beautiful.

    This photography and videography  is macrophotography and you will get a 30X magnification the same that a professional Gemologist will get by using a 30X Loupe. Most of the inclusions viewed at this magnification will not be visible to the naked eye.

    To Access the Gemstoneuniverse YouTube Channel Click here



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