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    1 Ratti= .91 carats | Ratti to Carat, mgs, Grams Calculator

    The Ratti is an egg shaped scarlet red seed with a black spot on one end of the plant Abrus precatorius which is known as Gunja in Sanskrit and Chirmi in Hindi.

    1 Ratti= .91 carats

    200 Milligrams =1 Carat or = 100 Cents

    182 Milligrams =1 Standard Ratti (Astrological Stones Ratti)

    121 Milligrams =1 Sunari( Jewellers)  Ratti = (Kachhi Ratti)

    1 Gram =5 Carats = 1000 Milligrams

    Ratti Carat Calculator | Ratti Carat Conversion


    The Ratti Carat Calculator given below shall convert Ratti To Carats, Ratti to Mgs, Ratti to Grams Etc.

    Weight Conversion
    Unit Values
    Carats (ct)
    Ratti (rt)
    Milligrams (mg)
    Grams (g)
    Kilograms (kg)
    Grains (gr)
    Ounces (oz)
    Pounds (lb)


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