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    Dr. Meenal Rathi - Physician
    Dr. Meenal Rathi is a practising Physician. Here she shares her journey with Gemstones and Gemstoneuniverse. With 30,000 documented case studies and more than 2,00,000 recommendations are you ready to experience these sacred Jyotish Gemstones that can create a profound impact on your life. Experience Gemstoneuniverse. Change to CHANGE.
    Dr. Varun Rajput - Senior Physiotherapist at Manipal Hospital Bangalore

    Dr. Varun Rajput is a Senior Physiotherapist specializing in Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation at Manipal Hospital Bangalore. He speaks about his experience of wearing Red Garnet an Upratna for Ruby.

    Gem therapy works with Real Gemstones that get classified as True Jyotish Gemstones and Upratnas have a very powerful impact sometimes even more than Navaratna Gemstones. Hear his experience.

    Ankur Rana-COO Knowledgemomentum.com
    Ankur Rana, COO of Knowledge Momentum Shares how Jyotish Gemstone Emerald & Accurate Astrological Gem Recommendation bought out success in career, personal & professional life. Connect with Gemstoneuniverse today for your personal reading & powerful Jyotish Gemstones.
    Mr. Rajkumar Tulshyan
    Heres the video documenting the story Shri Rajkumar Tulshyan, who came all the way from Rourkela Orissa, just to visit the team at Gemstoneuniverse and share his experience after planetary gem therapy touched his life profoundly. His experience moved him in ways more than one. The endeavor - his traveling down to Bangalore in itself is remarkable. Also you can see the beautiful Shri Krishna vigraha that he presented to Gemstoneuniverse as offering for Guruji. More...
    Anya P - Interpreter, Teacher Artist
    Anya from New York Shares her experience about wearing Astrological Gemstones & Impact of pure Jyotish Gemstones & Gemstoneuniverse. Connect with us today for a life changing experience. Its time to get to the next level in your life
    Kalki Koechlin-Internationally Acclaimed National Award Winner Actress
    Internationally Acclaimed National Award Winner Actress- Kalki Koechlin has a special message for all Gemstoneuniverse viewers, fans and patrons.
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    Vishnu Rfrom Bangalore, India

    Submitted On: 2012-05-12 14:55:36

    “ I had the opportunity to meet Guruji Shrii Arnav through my Uncle in 2003. I still remember that those were very tough times for me. I was under Sade Sathi and had undergone a divorce and was under tremendous pressures from all sides. To be honest, life was bleak. I was recommended by Guruji to wear an Emerald followed by a Blue Sapphire after 120 days of the Emerald. It took me 5 months to purchase an entry level emerald that time. Fortunately I was able to wear the Blue Sapphire exactly after a gap of 120 days as suggested by Guruji. Slowly but surely with the grace of God and Guruji and help of my planetary gems I was able to get some confidence to get back on my feet. Today, after knowing Guruji for one decade, I am in a position which is decent and I am happy in my life. I have a sense of fulfilment. As my dasha has changed I have gone for a White Sapphire as per Guruji’s advice and the Gemstone provided to me by Gemstoneuniverse is too good to be true. There is nothing much to be said as the product quality and professionalism speaks for itself. Over a decade I have upgraded my gemstones several times and each time have had a positive difference. Thank You Gemstoneuniverse and Guruji for making a difference to my life. ”

    Ravi Kfrom Port Blair, Andaman, India

    Submitted On: 2012-05-07 17:09:50

    “ From my first hand experience I can say that Jyotish Gemstones work. I can equate my life transformation from travelling in a bullock cart to suddenly speeding in a supersonic rocket if I may use that example. I started my Gemstone therapy with a 1.33 carats Emerald and signed the biggest deal of my life. After that there was no looking back. My friends are amazed and when they see my Gems they are able to understand what real gems are and not just some stones and several of my friends became Gemstoneuniverse patrons when they saw my Emerald and compared it with the gems they were wearing. Today I am a proud owner of a Burmese Blue Sapphire thanks to Gemstoneuniverse. The lovely colour and the lustre are simply awesome. I thank Gemstoneuniverse for their exceptional products and services. Quite frankly I have never experienced something like this before. ”

    Rajatfrom Delhi

    Submitted On: 2012-05-06 01:13:37

    “ I just received my Gem Therapy stones as advised by Gemstoneuniverse yesterday. This Testimonial is not about the Therapy as I am yet to wear the stones and actually waiting for suggested dates however its for excellent service, professional and ethical approach by entire Gemstone team. Being a first timer it was not easy to put trust on a website but some how the approach ,documentation on the site and patience hearing and answering of query (some of the question asked by me were very basic in nature) gave me the leap of faith. Aesthetically the stone look magnificent and I will write another testimonial post wearing them and if I observe any benefits impacting my core chakra's. Thanks Gemstone Universe it was happy feeling to interact and transact with you. ”

    Neelfrom NZ

    Submitted On: 2012-05-02 09:11:06

    “ Great report, answered every questions that I had, amazing gemstone(btw, the gemstones are much more beautiful than what they look like in the photos), well-made ring and the packaging is just the final pleasant surprise. Thank you Gemstone Universe. ”

    Gayatrifrom Singapore

    Submitted On: 2012-04-28 08:23:08

    “ Extremely efficient and pleasant interaction with Gemstone universe. The communication was very prompt. The stone is perfect and of very good quality. The instructions are clear and precise. It's been a pleasure dealing with you, thanks very much! ”

    Cedricfrom Suisse, Switzerland

    Submitted On: 2012-04-27 18:35:35

    “ I would like to give a big thanks to all the staff of Gemstoneuniverse for their patience, their council and their earnest effort that gave me a start towards gemstone therapy. I received the gemstones with a lot of pleasure. The first things that I see are their external beauty and feel their beautiful energy in my life. I think it's by the grace of god that I can was able to receive with all the steps necessary to have a real gemstone therapy (very good astrological council, top grade pure real Jyotish gemstones, certificates, good jewellers, and priest to make all. ) I congratulate and admire Gemstoneuniverse for the great success they have made in this age the ancient art of ratnas, for the humans of today. I pray god in my heart to bless you all. Thank you again. Cedric ”

    AMfrom California, USA

    Submitted On: 2012-04-27 06:45:45

    “ Yesterday I received the second Emerald Ring that I ordered from Gemstone Universe. The ring was a custom design and Raghav ji was most kind and patient with his guidance in making it happen. My confusion was beyond annoying yet he was considerate, professional, caring and very accurate in clearing it away with one simple phone call. I felt relived and happy with the resolution. I had the privilege to speak with Guru ji who was the essence of wisdom. His words have steered my course in the right direction. Where does one find people who are so knowledgeable? Who have such great power yet they are so down to earth? You find them here at Gemstone Universe. I cannot thank everyone enough. When I opened the box with the Emerald ring I was speechless. The massive size and the beauty of the stone was awesome. I felt bathed in a pure green ray that was cooling and nourishing at the same time. The energy was off the chart. It feels like food for the soul. There is a rich and satisfying feel to it. The first Emerald ring I had received and worn about 40 days ago had a similar vibe and when I fell asleep the first day I wore it I felt like I was in a green light force field and I could see it was strong. Such is the amazing and pulsatingly alive power that emanates from the Gemstones provided by Gemstone Universe. Every day I feel the love flowing from my Gemstones and with it I feel the energy of Team Gemstone Universe. The prayers performed on Gemstones resonate in the air around them. There is a presence with the Gemstones that is nothing less than Angels of huge magnitude. On the practical side the money flowed in quite nicely. I made more money in one week than I make in 2 months. Something I was never able to do before! That's quite an accomplishment from a Gemstone in less than a month. So if you are dilly dallying and wasting time considering whether you should do gemstone therapy through Gemstone Universe or not then quit it! Just go ahead and do it! This is a no brainer. You have a lot to gain and really nothing to lose. Do it because you are worth it. And one more thing, the divine grace of God enters your life when you open this door and nothing in this world compares to it. Have faith in Gemstone Universe they have the knowledge and power to rock your world. Make it happen! ”

    AMfrom California, USA

    Submitted On: 2012-04-25 07:22:55

    “ We ordered an Iolite Ring with some trepidation as a Blue Sapphire had been recommended by Guru ji. We were a bit hesitant but went ahead with the Iolite. We just received the Iolite and we were shocked at how amazing the gemstone looks, all I can say is Wow! It rivals a Blue Sapphire in looks and feels very powerful. All the doubts and concerns we had are laid to rest. This is a fantastic option for anyone who wants to move ahead with Gemstone Therapy but cannot afford a Blue Sapphire. We are thrilled to have a Bhasma Iolite ring that just resonates with energy and power! The Bhasma Hessonite Pendant is just as amazing. It has a rich look and feel to it. Just looking at it is mesmerizing. Both the Iolite and Hessonite are pulsating with so much energy and vibrancy. Thanks once again Gemstone Universe. You guys out do yourself each and every time. ”

    Vivianfrom United Kingdom

    Submitted On: 2012-04-24 17:03:33

    “ I received by yellow sapphire exactly 2weeks of ordering it and I am very happy with it. Love it can't wait to start using it to a see the benefits. Thank you for prompt response to my emails. Will definitely be ordering my next gemstone from you. ”


    Submitted On: 2012-04-21 09:38:45

    “ Testimonial: My Blue Sapphire with 2 diamond studs on each side of the ring is beautifully crafted. I am running short of words to describe THE BEAUTY OF my ring. One word fits my description " FANTASTIC ". Great work. Thanks. SC -- From Singapore. ”

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