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    Dear Viewer, Every Week we run contests on the Gemstoneuniverse Facebook page. If you are looking at winning a Free Gem Report Please participate in the Gemstoneuniverse contests on our facebook page by clicking here.

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    Much as we would like to, we do not have the resources to do a free consultation and we request you NOT to send us a e mail for the same. It would compromise on the quality of consultation of paid customers. Qualified Astro Gemologists are a very rare breed. Gemstoneuniverse is a powerhouse of information that we offer for free. If you are looking ‘gem recommendation’ with no expert comments we recommend you visit the free Gem recommendation resources at the link given below:

    More detailed reasons for not doing a free consultation are listed at the link below


    Details about comprehensive methodology of Gem recommendation can be accessed here.


     Please find the resources below for free Gem Recommendations as per Vedic Astrology. Please note that these are generalized recommendations and cannot substitute a qualified Astro Gemologist.

     Free Gem Recommendation for Moon Sign

    Free Gem Recommendation as per your ascendant.

    Free Gem Recommendation as per your Nakshatra

    Free Gem Recommendation as per Sun Sign

    Free Gem Recommendation as per Rashi

    Free Gem Recommendation as per Month

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