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    Natural Ruby Gemstone

    Buy Ruby Manik Gemstone Online in India at Best Price

    Gemstoneuniverse is the world's leading authority to buy natural Ruby Gemstones online in India and world wide.

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    Natural Unheated Ruby


    1.079 $2,200.00

    Natural Unheated Ruby


    1.066 $2,150.00

    Natural Unheated Ruby


    1.051 $2,000.00

    Natural Unheated Ruby


    1.033 $1,999.00

    Natural Unheated Ruby


    1.029 $2,000.00

    Natural Unheated Ruby


    1.029 $2,050.00

    Natural Unheated Ruby


    1.026 $2,100.00

    Natural Unheated Ruby


    1.006 $2,000.00

    Natural Ruby


    1.646 $1,500.00

    Natural Unheated Ruby


    1.136 $1,990.00

    Natural Unheated Ruby


    1.147 $1,870.00

    Natural Unheated Ruby


    1.149 $2,100.00

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    What is the meaning of Ruby Gemstone: The Red Coloured Ruby Stone belonging to the corundum family is called as Manik/ Manikya in Hindi. Found in Myanmar-Burma, Mozambique, Tajikistan, Tanzania etc It is one of the world's most favourite coloured Gemstones. In Indian Vedic Astrology it is the Gemstone of the Sun who is the King of Planets. For complete Ruby Gemstone Properties including hardness, specific gravity etc please click here.

    Who should wear Ruby as per Astrology: The Ruby Gemstone is a very powerful Gemstone and should be worn only after a detailed astrological consultation and Gemstone Recommendation. For a detailed Astrology analysis about who can wear Ruby Gemstone as per their horoscope and ascendants please click here.

    What are the benefits of wearing Ruby Stone: There are numerous benefits of wearing the Ruby Gemstone. Since it is the Gemstone of Sun it blesses with power, victory, success, dominance. For health it boosts immunity, is good for the heart and the circulatory system. For complete Ruby Gemstone benefits please click here.

    Where can I get complete information about Ruby Gemstone?- It basically depends on what kind of Information are you seeking and whether you are seeing Ruby Gemstone Gemological information of Ruby Gemstone Astrological Gemstone. A good starting point can be here.

    What is Ruby Gemstone Price per Carat: Whether in India or Worldwide the most important factor in Ruby price is Colour. The more reddish ruby with the right tone and Saturation are priced higher. Other factors that influence price are cut, clarity, carat weight, origin. For detailed guide to Ruby Price Per carat please click here. For Market prices of Ruby for the last 5 years please click here.

    In Which Finger to wear Ruby: The best finger to wear Ruby is the ring finger as the mount of Sun is located just below this finger. Details.

    What is Burma Ruby/ Burmese Ruby: The finest Rubies coming from Old Mogok Mines are called as Burma Rubies. You can get details of the same here.

    Where can I buy Genuine Certified Rubies Online: Gemstoneuniverse with its expertise carries the finest Rubies from all mines of the world certified by Top Gem Labs of the world. You can buy Natural, unheated, certified and authentic Genuine and Original Rubies here.

    Which is the best Substitute Stone/ Uparatana of Ruby: The best substitute of Ruby is Red Garnet followed by Spinel. You can get complete information about Red Garnet here.

    What is Jyotish Gemstone Ruby: A Gem quality Ruby excelling on all the 4C’s of cut, color, clarity carat weight and having fine qualities as described in the sacred texts being free from flaws as described in the sacred text qualifies to be a Ruby Jyotish Gemstone. For more information about Jyotish Gemstones click here.

    Where Can I buy Ruby Gemstone Online: You can purchase Quality Unheated, Untreated certfied Genuine and Authentic Ruby Gemstones at Gemstoneuniverse. To view the catalogue of Gemstoneuniverse Ruby Gemstone Inventory Please click here

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    Dear Gemstoneuniverse website visitor: Gemstoneuniverse is a powerhouse of information on Astrology Gemstones and the authority on Natural Unheated Gemstones that are specifically called as Jyotish Gemstones. If you are searching for Information about Ruby that is not available on this page you can use the Gemstoneuniverse search box for a treasure trove of information. With 4000+ resources in terms of quality articles by Gemstone professionals, Video, High Resolution images and comments it is most likely that you will find the information that you are looking for. Do drop us a line if you cannot.

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