Which gemstone is suitable for Kumbha Rashi?

Which gemstone is suitable for Kumbha Rashi?

Sensational Blue Sapphire of 5 plus carats

Sensational Blue Sapphire of 5 plus carats

People born under the sign of Aquarius or Kumbha Rashi have a Friendly countenance, good memory, Intelligent, capable of convincing people, kind, humane, possessed with good concentration and inventive.

They often turn out to be good leaders.

But quite often they are often stubborn, witty, unrealistic and sarcastic with the way they interact.

Attitude wise they are more economical and practical. Outspoken, impersonal, hard workers, having profound thoughts, open minded; they are blessed with creative and new ideas. Every Aquarian has their own individuality and uniqueness.

Wonderful as friends but they have stronger dislikes and likes, choosy and headstrong.  Health and nature wise they are very fast at moving or completing jobs.

For Aquarius or Kumbha Rashi, the luckiest and supporting gemstone is Blue Sapphire. It should be set in Gold or Silver as per Saturn’s position in the horoscope. A Combination of Blue Sapphire and Emerald is also very good for Kumbh Rashi Natives

Wearing blue sapphire alone itself would make a tremendous change of the wearer. Natural gemstones are very powerful and can harness the impact of positivity. Blue Sapphire in principle is one of the strongest and the fasting acting gemstone amongst all Navaratna gemstones.

Wearing a blue sapphire after analyzing the horoscope would attain extensive powerful results depending upon the position of Saturn in the birth chart.

Blue sapphire invokes courageousness, creativity, wisdom, happiness, and understanding between relationships, marital bliss, and luck.

It overall helps to dispel the negativity bestowed by the adverse planetary transits, get rid of negatives thoughts, evil eye and improve finical crisis and help from common diseases.

When looking to purchase a Blue Sapphire for Astrological purposes, always focus on getting an unheated, natural and certified gemstone.

Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to Gemstoneuniverse.com patrons in June 2017


Gemstoneuniverse.com Table Natural Blue Sapphire Gemstone Facts

Gemstone Natural Blue Sapphire
Weight 5.30 carats
Treatment None. Fully Natural,
Origin Srilanka / Ceylon
Planetary Energy Saturn
Patron Location


All inclusive Price $ 4324.81 / INR 294844
Comments Featured today is a sensational and exotic Blue Sapphire. Please view the video to appreciate the brilliance of colour, the magic of high clarity, the dexterity and expertise of cut of the maximum light movement and a solid carat weight. A Gem that is a 4C champion and hard to come by. All Natural goodness of 5.30 carats produced in the womb of mother earth under high temperature and pressure over thousands of years. From the famed Jewel Fields of Ratnapura Sri Lanka this Sapphire seems to have been destined to reach this particular patron.

Patron started his Gem Therapy and Gemstoneuniverse journey in the year 2003 and since then, this is his 4th upgrade of the Blue Sapphire. Besides being successful in his career as a software engineer the patron has appreciably grown also in his spiritual life besides also mastering Astro Gemology and counselling and helping others in their tryst with Jyotish Gemstones and Gem Therapy. Its true that a Gem is for a Gem.


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Ravan from Siya Ke Ram & Ashwini Nakshtra Fame Superstar JK a Gemstoneuniverse Patron speaks about Gemstones & Astrology Power!

Ravan from “Siya Ke Ram” & Ashwini Nakshtra Fame “Superstar JK” a Gemstoneuniverse Patron, speaks about Gemstones & Astrology Power!

Ravan from Siya Ke Ram & Ashwini Nakshtra Fame Superstar JK a Gemstoneuniverse Patron speaks about Gemstones & Astrology Power

The gemstones helped him in his career & this is what he has to say: Connect with us today and turbo charge your life.

Mr. Karthik Jayaram fondly called as “JK” is a structural engineer turned actor. Here in this video is shares his experience and journey with Gemstoneuniverse and the power of Astrology and Gemstones that assisted him in reaching the next level in his career. We welcome you to experience the power of true Jyotish Gemstones with Gemstoneuniverse-The Gold Standard in Planetary Gemology.


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Gemstone Power- Business Analyst of a leading Software firm speaks

Gemstone Power- Business Analyst of a leading Software firm speaks

Sagar Kochar Shares his experiencing with Gemstones

Sagar Kochar Shares his experiencing with Gemstones

The past 20 years at Gemstoneuniverse have been fascinating. In our quest for a 100% error free gem therapy and standing by the principles of the classic Do Gemstones work- No they don’t for 90% of the people we have empowered individuals worldwide to implement gem therapy with true Jyotish Gemstones with terrific results.

In majority of the cases the objectives of the individuals seeking solutions or empowerment by Gem therapy are highly complex, intimate and confidential and it is quite rare that someone will speak quite openly regarding what exactly happened by wearing the gemstones. The case of Mr. Rajkumar Tulshayan featured in the write up Celebration of a Miracle is an exceptional one.

However, some individuals who really had a good effect post wearing the gemstones are now coming forward and sharing the changes that they have experienced.

As per the Gemstoneuniverse Tradition of transparency we had only one condition put forth to the individuals that we will feature only those shares with verifiable names and designations that can be validated by the viewers and community that visit Gemstoneuniverse and some of the individuals were very gracious and courageous enough to do that.

It is not easy to face the camera neither it is easy to share about something as personalized as Gem Therapy. We thank these individuals humbly for their shares will surely impact the Karmik Life Map of somebody positively and in turn impact their own Karmik Life map positively. You can view some of the shares here.

For new visitors who are not aware of what Gemstoneuniverse is and what we  do we request you to please read the About Us page that can be accessed by clicking here and please respect the privacy of those who had the calling and courage to come forth and share their honest opinions.

Mr. Sagar Kochar is a business analyst in a leading software firm. Here he shares how gemstones and astrology helped him in having desired changes in his life and career. His share has two amazing learning’s that we also benefited from:

– There are many priests of Temples also suggesting Gemstones and most of them pretty much suggest the same gemstones. That would fall in the category of Incorrect Recommendation and Incorrect Gems in the Do Gems work article.

– He shares that either you can work hard and expect the best or you can work hard and take your level higher by trying out therapies like Gem therapy. You will not know about something till you try it.

Important points Sagar- Surely, you are a good analyst.

If you are a Gemstoneuniverse patron and would like to share your story with your name and designation do connect with us and we shall facilitate that.

If privacy and anonymity are of importance to you, then you can still share your story under any screen name On Trustpilot that lets you be anonymous but validates your entry.

Gemstone Power

The power of true Jyotish Gemstones is truly terrific.

What is a miracle for our patron is an everyday occurrence for us at Gemstoneuniverse and this excitement of powerful results and being a part of another human’s journey in a positive manner keeps us centred to our vision.

Thank you Sagar and Thank you Gemstoneuniverse patrons


Gemstoneuniverse-The Gold Standard in Planetary Gemology









Gemstoneuniverse Reviews 2015-2016 Most Insightful Reviews

Gemstoneuniverse Reviews 2015-2016 Most Insightful Reviews

Gemstoneuniverse Reviews 2015

Gemstoneuniverse Reviews 2015

Dear Gemstoneuniverse Website Visitor, Patron and Astrology Gemstone Lovers, as one year ends and another starts it is time to take stock and assess what were the hits and misses of the year. In which areas we excelled and where we faltered.

Continuing with the tradition of Yesteryears the Gemstoneuniverse Team has selected the 10 best reviews of the year 2015.

On What basis were these reviews selected.

Even though there were a multitude of reviews the entire motive of this exercise is not self praise, marketing or boasting. It was a difficult task where generous patrons have given detailed insights about Gem Therapy and Gemstoneuniverse.

The only criteria for selection was whether the review has a message that is helpful and insightful for the end user and whether there is a great tip/advice/ suggestion in the review that Helps people understand the true Message of Do Gems Work- No They do not for 90% of the people and do a 100% error Free and rewarding Gem Therapy that is measurable and quantified.

For Example, The review by Mr. Lucky Strike is amazing because he himself went to several shops and vendors and saw several gemstones and compared it with his own research before implementing Gem Therapy. That is something all of us can benefit by. His review was a great learning for us at Gemstoneuniverse also.

Another great review is by Sharat, who gives the most remarkable insight about Gem Certificates. We think all can benefit by the research of these Patrons.

Where are these reviews from?

Out of the 10 best selected reviews, 2 are video shares with Patron Names and Designations. Thank you dear patrons; it takes tremendous courage and grace to share something publicly on Video and facing the camera.

4 reviews are from Trustpilot- an independent review platform that lets you write a review after validating the customer invoice and 4 reviews are from Gemstoneuniverse Testimonial/ Feedback section.

Top 10 Gemstoneuniverse Reviews of 2015

Here are the Top 10 Gemstoneuniverse Reviews of 2015-2016 that are most insightful and with the best learning’s and tips.


Reviews from Trustpilot (To view all Gemstoneuniverse Reviews at Trustpilot Please click here). These reviews are reproduced as is without any changes in grammar, spell check, formatting or our comments/ take on them.


Exhaustively Knowledgeable on their subject, Transparent, Precise, Quick and Very Efficient.

I rarely write reviews. But for GU anybody have to do it!!!!
Hence, writing a very detailed and break-up wise review below,
First and foremost Total and Absolute 5 Stars on all fronts to GU!!!


I came across Gemstone Universe website by absolute fluke on Monday 13th July 2015. But, after reading the several informative articles on GU’s website, I am confident that it was no fluke and my Karmik Map made me land on this website. I was browsing the Internet trying to find out where I can get information about Gem Stones. After landing on GU’s website I started reading the articles on their site which I found very informative, interesting and most of all transparent. It is like an encyclopaedia in there (and I kid you not on that)!

As a family our total belief on Gem Stones and its recommendations for Astrology purposes was shattered with our previous experiences.

But, after reading GU’s article “Do Gemstones Work – No They Don’t for 90% of the People” (which we think is a very very honest and wonderful piece of work), we could relate to everything that had gone wrong regarding our Gem Stones and its recommendations for Astrology purposes. After reading the same we recommended it to more than a dozen of our known associates and boy everybody was totally awestruck and in praises about the article. ABSOLUTE HAT’S OFF TO THIS ARTICLE!!

After reading the above article it made me crave for more, but, when I saw the sheer volume of the articles, it immediately it struck me that it is not a one day job and hence I made it a point to surf the website for 40 minutes daily and after 14 days i.e. 560 hours of reading GU’s various articles and surfing their website I sent my 1st query to them on Monday, 27th July 2015 at 21:01 hrs and as you would expect I immediately got a reply on the next day at about 10:18 hrs.

To be honest to start with, I found the initial communication to be too direct, curt, terse, clipped and monosyllabic. What I got in reply were some links and I thought.. “Really are you kidding me”! However, I realized very shortly after going through the links and subsequent communication that my collected information of 560 hours was also very limited and the suggested link answered my questions absolutely to the point.

The resources on the Gemstoneuniverse website i.e. the various Articles, Videos, Blogs, Write Ups, etc. are huge and answers almost all queries.


I ordered our first 2 Detailed Gemstone report on 26th August 2015 and both the reports were received by us on 4th September 2015 i.e. in 8 days as promised.
We were totally blown away when we started reading the reports. They were very exhaustive, detailed, clear, to the point and where necessary references to the particular Verses, Chapters, Books, etc. of our ancient astrology texts were given. Nothing was on the lines that we (GU) are saying it and hence it is correct just believe it. The reports clearly explained which gemstones were to be used by us, since when, for how long, it’s alternative (i.e. Up-Ratnas), their Carat Weights, etc. etc.

We would highly recommend this Gemstone Analysis Report to anybody who intends to start a Gem Therapy irrespective of whether you buy the Gem Stones from GU or not.
Then we ordered another 2 Gem Stone reports on 30th September 2015 and 8th October 2015.
And finally we ordered our 10 gem stones on 21st November 2015.


We ordered a consignment of 10 Gem Stones on Saturday, 21st November 2015 at 09:44:00 hrs.
The 10 Gem Stones were to be consecrated in different names.
What impressed us the most was, our consignment was despatched from GU’s office on 23rd November 2015 at 20:17:59 hrs i.e. within 60 hours (that too including a Sunday). That’s real “Godspeed”.
We received our package on 26th November 2015 i.e. in 5 days from our order.


Each Gem Stone was packed in a small plastic box with foam in it and then sealed from all the 4 sides.
Each stone’s identification nos. etc. details was written with a Permanent marker on the back of the small plastic box.
These small plastic boxes were then packed in a plastic lock bag according to the names of each person for whom it was consecrated.
The plastic bags were then wrapped in a bubble bag to absorb shocks etc. and placed in a wooden box and the box was completely sealed with GU’s imprint.
All Certificates, Invoices and other papers were also packed in different lock bags as per the names of each person for whom it was consecrated.

All in all a very clear, distinct, easy to relate and immaculately done packaging!


We were absolutely mesmerized by the stones and they were much better that what is seen in the HD videos also. It was absolute “Love at First Sight”.

We immediately took the stones to our bench jeweller on 27th November 2015 to make the rings. Till the 4 hours we were their finalizing the designs of our rings the owner, their representatives who were dealing with us every body complimented us more than half a dozen times on the stones. Even few customers asked our bench jeweller to give them these kind of Gems and we were extremely happy to recommend GU to them as well as our bench jeweller. I think this itself speaks volumes about the quality of the stones.


Customers are like GOD to them, excellent support, took care of all our queries in a jiffy, provided timely and helpful advice regarding the numerous queries which we had before purchasing the Gem Stones (Kindly note that we sent out our 1st query to GU on 27th July 2015 and ordered our 10 gem stones on 21st November 2015 i.e. in this 3 Months and 25 Days our different queries were answered).

They let us knew all the important information regarding not only the Gem Stones but other things relating to that viz. Astrology, Gem Therapy, Pricing, etc. etc., extremely attentive and listened to all our concerns with a great deal of patience, also ensured that we receive all the information regarding the mode of payment to the company and the time by which we would expect the delivery, also solved the problem regarding the duplication of Shipping Charges which we faced, also took care of the 2 Hessonites we ordered 1st, which were wrong and replaced them with the correct ones without any hesitation.
Customer Care team has a caring approach and are true professionals. We give 5 stars to their customer service.


They deliver what they promise without compromising on any aspect.
We were able to make our decision and purchase with in depth understanding and knowledge.
Overall our purchasing experience was extremely satisfactory. If you are looking for Astrological Gemstone, then, GEMSTONEUNIVERSE.COM should be your first and last stop, rest be assured!

We would recommend GU not just for the best price or quality, but their sheer dedication to Gem Therapy and it’s implementation in its totally Natural and Vedic form as described in our ancient texts and last but not the least to their ultimate focus and intention to see their clients get results.

GU was a hidden gem for us before we found it and we can assure you with confidence that whether you are looking for a gemstone for jewellery or the perfect Astrological Gem as per the horoscope, this is the place to go.


The kind of quality and service received isn’t very common in this day and age.

Top notch service from start to finish. We would highly recommend this company to anyone!

We will purchase again that’s for sure and also tell others to do the same in our circle.

We are extremely satisfied with our dealings with them till now.

Hope these people keep the same maintained in future too!

We will be receiving the rings from our jeweller on 22nd December 2015 and we will write a review 3 months after we start wearing the rings.

Warm Regards



Perfection personified!!

My experience with Gemstoneuniverse started with me knowing nothing about gemstones even though I have seen many people wearing navratna rings. Six months ago I started to learn vedic astrology just because it fascinated me. I wanted to know the reasons why certain events were happening with respect to my life and after long and deep research I could understand why certain events such as accident, foreign travel, etc. occurred during a particular period from my birth chart and planetary transits at that time. In effect you could say that I turned from believing vedic astrology as ‘pseudo-science’ to something which is ‘super science’.

Then came my encounter with an astrologer based here in UAE who prescribed gemstones as per my birth chart and was trying to sell it to me for specific weight such as in rattis, etc. I was not sure whether to buy those gemstones since I’m always sceptic about the originality of these especially being wary of businesses that just look for profit which is becoming the trend in this yuga. I went to different reputed jewellers and the prices for yellow sapphire and red coral (which were recommended by the astrologer) were always different. My inquisitive nature got the better of me and I decided to research on gemstones and find out the reasons why I was recommended the particular stone and that brought me to Gemstoneuniverse. I read many articles and got enlightened about the gems business and one particular article written on the site mentioned the difference between an astrologer who sells gemstones (in this case the astrologer may be genuine but the gemstone will just be his money making way and mostly synthetic) and an astro-gemmologist (all of gemstoneuniverse consultants). Also I learnt that most of the gemstones that reputed jewellers sold were indeed natural but they never mentioned if it is thermally treated or not in that particular stone’s lab certificate. Then I understood that jewellery businesses worldwide have accepted heat treatment as part of gemstones to improve its look wherein it loses its jyotish quality. So all you people out there just see the certificate of the gemstone from the jewellery and if you do not see any mentioning about thermal or heat treatment, you can be rest assured that it is indeed thermally treated This experience ignited my belief in Gemstoneuniverse and I ordered their 15$ report from the site.

While the report was being prepared by the Gemstoneuniverse team which they promised would be sent to me in 7-10 days, I decided to read my chart and see if I could come close with the recommendation of gemstones for myself and guess what, I got yellow sapphire and Ruby recommended by the team which was what I predicted myself (using the anukul-graha concept followed by PGA) so it gave me a kind of confidence that I too have some skill in astrology. Anyways my self boasting apart, I ordered the yellow sapphire ring (hopefully the Ruby ring as well one day) and I received it in 21 days from the date of order and I am very excited to start wearing it on an auspicious date as per the team’s instructions. I believe that the positive effects will be witnessed once I start wearing it and will get back with further feedback. Trust in Gemstoneuniverse and their customer service which is top notch and be ready to be astonished. Hope to be associated with this organisation for life. Thank you.

H Patel

World Class…Complete Package

Being in the USA in insurance business for past 30 years I have many relatives, friends as well as clients in Gemstone and Diamond business-big and small. This is a complicated difficult field and information is not readily available. However I recommend Gemstoneuniverse not just for the best quality or price but their sheer dedication to Gemstones and their ultimate focus to see their clients doing well and getting results. Gemstoneuniverse was a hidden gem for me before I found it and I can assure you with confidence that whether one is looking for a high end gemstone for jewellery or the perfect Astrological Gem as per the horoscope, this is the go to go place. Their whole package is world class and cannot be beat. I have referred many of my known people to them and all of them have something similar to say. I could not find a better gemstone or service or price anywhere else.

Subha GR

Really authentic products and absolutely professional in service

GU has a very professional approach to their services right from the stage of gemstone recommendation report to the delivery of a product. Also the quality of the products are absolutely fabulous as despite checking at other places, websites or shops we can’t but finally settle on purchasing them from GU only as we find it to be ‘the only one stop shop’ solution, simply because the people who recommend the products exude thorough knowledge and experience in the subject, highly professional attitude and approach and also the products come with authentic and necessary representations and certifications and not to mention the buy-back provisions which is really uncommon in this field that adds more authenticity to the whole deal. We have purchased one semi precious (white coral) and one precious stone (Ruby) that were delivered abroad. The entire process was fast and smooth and we were absolutely happy with the products and service both. Any number of queries (mostly on email and a few telephone calls too) w.r.t the reports or products have always been spontaneously and satisfactorily answered. I believe that the great levels of satisfaction and positivity that was felt by us, when we first looked at the stones after we received them each time, is what matters most and is the first step towards realising our hopes and expectations, for which we resort to this therapy. Rest assured, we are now looking forward to achievement of the intended success for which the gemstones have been purchased. We hope GU continues to deliver such unbeatable quality of products and services even in the future and also certainly look forward to our continued association with GU for our future purchases for ourselves as well as our other family members.

Gemstoneuniverse Reviews from Gemstoneuniverse Testimonial/ Feedback Section (All testimonials can be read by clicking here)

Amit Kumar

Submitted On: 2015-11-28 12:25:57

“ I was always recommended Blue Sapphire and Emerald by astrologers, I never felt any good effect on my thought process. I actually lost belief in gemology. Finally I came across GemStoneUniverse, read text and saw video testimonials. I thought lets try it for the last time. I ordered Gemstone report and surprised to see their recommendations. Report said Hessonite and Diamond. [*surprised because none of the previous astrologers recommended these gems] I started wearing Hessonite and literally felt the difference. My voice always sounded rude & frustrated which I was aware of whether its over phone or f2f. After wearing Hessonite, my way of communication improved a lot and now there is a soft tone which sounds pleasing and is helping me improve my relationship with other people. Thanks GemStoneUniverse. ”

TMazumdar from NY,USA

Submitted On: 2015-10-06 13:43:42

“ I am a very skeptical person when shopping things online. And with buying a highly priced gemstone with so many websites selling gemstone and the market being flooded with fake gemstone took me a month researching and finding a genuine merchant. Finally by luck i came across Gemstoneuniverse, i read the reviews on trustpilot and plus their 100% satisfaction or Replacement/Refund program gave me the confidence to go ahead with them. Firstly i wanted to evaluate what gemstone i needed wear. So i got the gemstone analysis done it is a very detailed analysis. I wanted to talk to someone in person and the gemstone analysis report purchase also provided a 15 minutes skype call with their gemstone consultant which was also highly satisfactory. The report recommended me to wear a yellow sapphire and an emerald. I looked around but was not satisfied with any since many were missing 3rd party lab certification of the stone or they were doing it themselves(Red Flag). Many were low quality stone and highly priced. Finally i decided to buy from gemstoneuniverse. From the process of selecting the stone, purchasing and delivering it to me they have been very patient with my queries through emails or phone they responded very quickly. Finally the gemstone i received are really high quality , full of life and radiance . The rings fits me well. I highly recommend it anyone who is looking for astrological stones. ”

Rajkumar Tulshyanfrom Rourkela (Odisha)

Submitted On: 2015-05-20 08:23:01

“ I have already written a lot on the benefits enjoyed by me after wearing the recommended Gems.In past I had shared my experience and also somewhere had mentioned about my taking alchohol. After getting information through Blogs of Guruji regarding the power of Amethyst to help in curing the alchoholism. I was a known alchoholic and because of this on many occasions, my family members had to face embrassing situations. I consulted Raghavji and asked if Amethyst could help me in any way, who in turn after consulting Guruji advised me to go ahead with Amethyst. I started wearing Amethyst but for three months I did not feel any change in my drinking habits. But I did not know that Amethyst had already started working for me. That fortunate day came when just after taking one drink I vomitted heavily in the club. Everyone including me thought that it may be due to some unhygenic food that I might have taken resulted in vomitting. But I could not take the second drink and came back to the home. As usual second day, the same scene created like vomitting heavily. But second day after the incident I ordered for my next drink but I could not even tolerate the smell of whisky and left the drink on table and returned to home. For next seven days I tried to have my regular drinks but I could not and thus there came a gap in between my regular drinks. It is another story that I was not able to sleep for many nights and subsequently consulted the family doctor, who advised me to bear some more days with such sleeplessness nights and assured that the things will be alright and soon you will start getting sound sleeps. He did not prescribed any medicine but advised me to take three spoons of “Aswagandharist”. I have been spending nearly Rs. 860/- per day on my drinks. After the same is discontinued, I started depositing the same amount in the account of my daughter and on date a sum of Rs. 83900/- have already been deposited in her account. I got back the respect that I had lost in past. Unfortunately I lost my Amethyst pendant and consulted Raghavji, who advised in case you start feeling thirst for alchohol, we shall send you another Amethyst pendant and advised me to be strong on my self-confidence. On date I am completely an alchohol free Personality. I do not need Amethyst any more because it had already cured me. Thanks Amethyst. Thanks Guruji, Thanks Raghavji Regards Rajkumar Tulshyan ”


Submitted On: 2015-04-19 09:37:26

“ GSU Team provides an extra-ordinary service and their faithfulness is note-worthy. My first experience with GSU was with the Vedic Gem Report. With the said recommendation , I bought the Moonstone (upratna for Pearl) from them and could observe it’s effects on me within a month’s time. it really brings some calmness in thinking/thoughts and brings harmony in the domestic relationship. My second experience with GSU was when I visited the store at Bangalore to buy the other recommended stone – Yellow Sapphire. What I felt there was that it’s more of a spiritual organization who are willing to help/advice you rather than a Business House selling the Gemstones. After wearing the Yellow Sapphire since 2 weeks , looks like my dream of working in a foreign country is coming to be true. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

So these were the top 10 reviews as per our selection. You can view multitude of Gemstoneuniverse reviews and who knows what clicks for you. One man’s simple word or a phrase might affect your Karma Positively.

We at Gemstoneuniverse thank all of our Patrons who have given reviews. We appreciate the fact that you took time out and shared your experience and several others benefited from your insights, thoughts and experience.

We Wish you a great 2016. May the divine bless you with health, wealth and happiness.

Thank You




Gemstoneuniverse reviews 2014

Gemstoneuniverse Reviews 2013

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Deo Amabiles Et Hominibus- Pleasing to God and to Men.

Living the Values-Gemstoneuniverse Reviews Workshop 2015

Living the Values-Gemstoneuniverse Reviews Workshop 2015

Gemstoneuniverse Living the Values Vision Mission and conflict Workshop

Gemstoneuniverse Living the Values Vision Mission and conflict Workshop

It is has been an exciting, magical journey with Jyotish Gemstones, Solutions, Gracious and Courageous Patrons, Viewers and Vendors who has given us so much love for more than 15 years. The foundation stone of this journey has been the team Vision, Mission and Values that have taken 15 years to form and these cornerstone principles that let us emulate and live the Dictum of –Deo Amabiles Et HominibusPleasing to God and to Men.

These principles also help us deliver 100% error free Gem Therapy and enable us to be a positive contributor in our patron’s journey especially when it comes to the domain of Gem Therapy.

Given the continuous increasing reach of Gemstoneuniverse, newer challenges and situations like expansion of teams and new members joining the team it is imperative that to keep ourselves centred and keep achieving the lofty goal of 100% error free Gem therapy we need revisit the Vision, Mission, Values-understand complex dynamics of new business environment and most importantly believe in what we do and do it with Love and Conviction. To achieve the objectives and have a clear understanding of the Gemstoneuniverse vision, a vision, mission, values and conflict workshop was conducted on 15th December 2015 at Gemstoneuniverse Bangalore.

The workshop held at Gemstoneuniverse Bangalore had four distinct segments:

  • Love and Respect– Appreciating the failures and successes of each other and deep bonding. Knowing the origin of all team members. Love and respect for our clients and their unique life situations.
  • Vision and Mission: Understanding, Assimilating the Vision and Mission that has delivered life changing Gem Therapy. Detailed Vision and Mission can be found here.
  • Values and Strengths: Discussion and Imbibing the Values that help us achieving the vision.
  • Conflict: Importance of conflict, why conflict is Good, Personal Style and Approach in conflict situations.

The Basic Objective of the workshop was to expand the feeling of oneness and family beyond the old guard and unify the team in helping our customers, clients and patrons in fulfilling their destiny. The program was facilitated by Aparna Ponappa an HR professional and Trainer from REDD who is a graduate from XLRI Jamshedpur.

The best part of the workshop was individual interpretation and presentation of the Vision as Teams. The outcome- With every participant in every department having a 10X soaring version of the vision, we know our heart and values are in the RIGHT place. Sharing some images from the workshop for dedicated Gemstoneuniverse Fans and Patrons.

A beaming team on the successful completion of the Workshop. A job well done and accomplished shows

A beaming team on the successful completion of the Workshop. A job well done and accomplished shows

Teams that eat and share together excel together

Teams that eat and share together excel together

We have been taught to be guarded and reserved but Love helps to overpower all

We have been taught to be guarded and reserved but Love helps to overpower all

Team Wisdom Led By Raghav Ji explaining their interpretation of Gemstoneuniverse Vision

Team Wisdom Led By Raghav Ji explaining their interpretation of Gemstoneuniverse Vision

Team Panchjanya explaining their interpretation of Gemstoneuniverse Vision

Team Panchjanya explaining their interpretation of Gemstoneuniverse Vision

The best remedy to a conflict situation is a joke on oneself this one did the trick

The best remedy to a conflict situation is a joke on oneself this one did the trick

The Most Brilliant Idea starts with a simple Thought

The Most Brilliant Idea starts with a simple Thought

Conflict is good The Old Guard Debates and discusses with the New Team Members

Conflict is good The Old Guard Debates and discusses with the New Team Members

Understanding Conflict discussing tough stuff with a smile

Understanding Conflict discussing tough stuff with a smile

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Smart Choices Smart Results Gem Therapy Reaches Colombia

Smart Choices Smart Results Gem Therapy Reaches Colombia

Two Stone Golden Beryl Heliodor Jupiter Kundalini Ring

Two Stone Golden Beryl Heliodor Jupiter Kundalini Ring

Smart Gem Therapy-How an Individual Used Google Translate Tool to choose Jyotish Gemstones for right results

A Heartening change that we see happening after all these years is how the awareness of Gem Therapy is spreading and how individuals are going the extra mile in their research and stretching themselves and fighting obstacles in making the correct choices.

Making the correct choices

As explained very succinctly in Do Gems Work- No they do not for 90% of the people there is no magic pill or panacea that can miraculously cure all the problems in one shot.

The Karmik Life map will play out however if you make the right choices and your expectations is correct you have a bright chances of optimizing your life and having a much higher and richer life experience index.

Life is all about making several small right choices that add up to make one huge impact.

Life is not about that one huge stroke of luck or lottery. It is always a better choice to depend and to bet on making several small choices rather than wishfully waiting for that one chance that will wipe the board clean of all bad choices or negatives and life will be rosy again.

The story behind this talisman.

The client ( patron for us) has somehow found out about Lucky Gemstones and their impact on destiny and luck through somebody and spent close to a year on research including the Gemstoneuniverse website reading information, assimilating information and using the Google translate tool before reaching the decision to order.

However when he Did make a choice to order and send us a e mail We replied to him after checking the shipping policies there was no insured speed post facility delivery to a retail customer in Colombia (Packages with Valuable Gemstones and Real Precious Metals Such as Gold and Silver cannot be sent out of India without Appraisal as of 29th November 2015. Read more of that here).

The Only option available was registered post and the Bangalore Post Office had no data of how many days it will take the package to reach Colombia because they hadn’t booked one to Colombia for quite sometime.

We communicated the same to the Patron. What choice did the Patron Make? The Patron replied back saying… I am willing to take this risk and wait out for my package but I will get my Gemstones and my ring from Gemstoneuniverse Only.

When we get a mail or communication like this it makes our day. It gives us that inner sense of satisfaction that what we do is a small but significant contribution in another individual’s journey and it is a moment of pride for us for Gemstone Therapy and Gem Recommendation is not just work or mode of profit for us. It is our passion, our mode of worship.

End Result

We estimated that that package will take anywhere from 50-60 days to be delivered but the package was delivered exactly in 21 days in mint condition and our customer was not just satisfied He was delighted. You sense the delight when the very next week you get a new order from the same patron and guess what you start getting new orders from where… You guessed it right-Colombia.

Takeaways from this incident

The power of Indian Gem Therapy is spreading to diverse cultures and countries.

Individuals are using smart tools such as Translate to overcome language barriers.

Individuals appreciate the hard work and openness with which we have discussed Gem Therapy for the past One and a half Decade. You have a total of 3000+ resources on Gemstoneuniverse website, blog and Video Channels.

Individuals are making Smart choices such as in this case by opting for a flawless upratna rather than a bluff and treated 5.25 Ratti Yellow Sapphire/ Pukhraj that doesn’t work.

India Post can deliver registered parcels to far away locations even though it might be their first time book such an item.

Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to Gemstoneuniverse.com patrons in May 2015


Gemstoneuniverse.com Table Natural Heliodor Gemstone Facts



Gemstone                                                        Natural Heliodor/Golden Beryl

Weight                                                              2.309+2.243 carats

Treatment                                                        None

Origin                                                                Brazil

Planetary Energy                                            Jupiter/Guru

Patron Location                                              Tolima/Colombia

All inclusive Price                                            $ 470.05 / INR 29,890.691*

* Currency Conversion Value Taken at the date of shipment. Source-XE


This two Gemstone Heliodor-Golden Beryl Kundalini Ring is true Bliss and if you a Gem lover you will need to view the video to watch the life in these Gemstones to appreciate what true Jyotish Gemstones really are and what they are actually blessed with that empowers them to deliver cherished results that bring solutions in the life of the individual.

Bright deep Golden Colour with High Saturation and lustre akin to fire that reflects through each of the fine cut facets of these brilliantly calibrated oval Heliodors.

The combination of cut, color and clarity give the appearance of a sea of molten liquid gold within the Gem crystal and this is what fine Gemstone are all about.

The contrast of the rich Golden colour of the beryl with the muted silver makes the ring striking- Who said Jyotish Gemstones are boring?

Heliodor is the 2nd choice of Upratna as a Yellow Sapphire alternative but with natural and untreated Yellow topaz becoming in many cases rarer and pricier than Yellow Sapphire today Golden Beryl is the most viable and the most effective alternative to Yellow Sapphire.

Smart choices and smart results and” A Gem is for Gem

©, Gemstoneuniverse.com, All rights reserved.






Gemstoneuniverse-The Gold Standard in Planetary Gemology


Gemstoneuniverse Reviews 2013| Top 10 customer reviews & Feedback of 2013

Gemstoneuniverse Reviews 2013| Top 10 customer reviews & Feedback of 2013

Your Thoughts on Gemstoneuniverse and Gem Therapy in 2013

Your Thoughts on Gemstoneuniverse and Gem Therapy in 2013

Good Bye 2013 and welcome 2014

Dear Gemstoneuniverse Patrons,

It was a great year for us here at Gemstoneuniverse. We connected with you, shared with you, heard from you and learned from you. It was great to interact with you all over the year on our Facebook Page and you made our Page vibrant, lively and rocking. At the time of writing this piece( 31 December 2013)  we have 66316 fans on Facebook, 4468 talking about the page and 147 checkins.

Do join us at the Gemstoneuniverse Facebook Page. We would love you have you as a part of our lively community.

We are, because you are.

Here are top 10 customer reviews of 2013. 5 Reviews are from Trust pilot– an independent review website where you can review a product or service using your invoice and 5 reviews are from Gemstoneuniverse customer testimonial section.

These are not in any particular order and we have tried to publish in this post reviews/ feedbacks that touched us, made us feel worthwhile in what we are doing, reminded us to stick to the principles of 100% error free Gem Therapy as set in Stone by Guruji Shrii Arnav himself. Your feedback is important to us and makes us deliver the choicest results. We thank you dear patrons wholeheartedly and are humbled by your love and support

The top 5 Reviews from Trustpilot:

1) J Waghmare

Perfect, would highly recommend to all

Gemstone Therapy is very powerful and incredible. I appreciate Gemstoneuniverse for they will make you a recommendation only if you need it. Case in Point, Both Me and my wife ordered a Gemstone report. I was recommended no gemstones and it was clearly stated why I did not need any Gemstones. However she was recommended a Yellow Sapphire and Red Coral and we implemented that for her asap. I can say from our personal experience that the Gemstone energy was very powerful and most of the objectives mentioned during the consultation have been met. It is actually awesome to see her make rapid improvements in her health and general well being. Both rings are gorgeous and gemstones are top quality. The finesse of workmanship, the hallmarking, the transparent invoice in which everything is exactly mentioned including the Gold Calculation etc are all excellent. More than anything else we are happy with the results. Gemstoneuniverse is trustworthy and Its just not the Gold Standard in Planetary Gemology it is “The Only” standard in Planetary Gems and Gem Therapy. I am sure other Gemstoneuniverse clients and patrons will have the same thing to say.

2) Anonymous

Life Changing

One Humble Piece of Natural Jyotish White Coral costing $250 with a fantastic advice did what years of therapy, medication, God men and prayers could not do. There is nothing more magical than this. I thank Guruji Shrii Arnav and the Gemstoneuniverse team for blessing me with something that is so life changing.

3) Anand Trivedi

Most Authentic and Trust Worthy

I was lucky to have come across this website, planetary reading of the horoscope by Shri Arnav Ji was perfect and so were his gem stone recommendations.

Team at Gemstone Universe was prompt in clarifying my points and the service was absolutely professional.

I can say from my experience that there are multitude web sites offering Vedic stones therapy but with Gemstone Universe One can be Assured of a Perfect Personal Recommendation with Genuine Quality Gem Stones with a variety of options to select.

Their website is very user friendly and easy to navigate and so is their service.

I highly recommend to all those who are inclined towards Gem Therapy than don’t look anywhere else but Gemstone Universe.


( Live a Life to Impress the Creator not the Creation,Death is not the greatest loss in life..Loss is when life dies inside you while you are alive…. Celebrate this event called LIFE…..)

4) MS Reddy

Very Good, Different and exceptional

I had ordered a Gem report and was recommended a Hessonite and Emerald post wearing the Hessonite for 3 months. I ordered the hessonite online and it was a satisfactory experience. Since I had to attend a Conference at Bangalore in 2 months time I decided to visit Gemstoneuniverse in person to choose my Emerald since it is a pretty expensive gem and I am doing this kind of remedy for first time. Even though there are many things to say about the Gemstoneuniverse facility the two most remarkable things that made an impact on me and were really impressive were:

1) When I sat down at the table where they show the Gems- a Gemologist first greeted me and introduced himself by showing me his id card from the prestigious GIA School and said He would be attending me today. This made me very comfortable.

2) Their focus is fantastic and attention to detail to give the best to the client is also excellent. Above the Table there is a light system (Sorry I am no Gem expert so I don’t know what exactly its called), that lets you view the Gemstone as it would look inside the room in artificial light and then they switch it over to show the gem exactly as it would look like in normal sunlight. This was absolutely a new experience from me. I have purchased some Diamonds for my wife and mother but none of the places had such facility. The Gemologist explained to me that the lighting system is to give you the best possible view and that Emeralds should never be bought on a cloudy day as they look more beautiful than they actually might be. The light system that replicates true sunlight completely takes away all these factors.

All in all a new experience and a wondrous one at that. If you are really into Gemstones or want to wear Gemstones for Luck then this place is it!

5) Gaiatri

Wonderful customer experience

I had a great experience with Gemstone Universe and would happily recommend them to my friends and relatives. I wanted to try out gemstone therapy and stumbled upon their website only recently while doing an online search. I decided to get their gem recommendation report and wasted no time ordering what they recommended. What I like about GU is that they have a wide range of inventory and it’s easy to find something that serves your needs as per your individual taste and affordability. The staff of astrologers here are awesome — I got a chance to talk to an astrologer over the phone after their gem recommendations, and he was warm and open to my queries and concerns. They really tell like it is, instead of persuading you to buy expensive stuff. The gemstone rings shipped(overseas) and arrived on time and they follow up with you through that period. I’m impressed by their professional yet warm approach to their business. I have stopped short of giving the 5th star because I have just begun to wear my gemstones and can’t comment on their effectiveness just as yet. But I’m quite optimistic and trusty about their products and I hope I continue to be their happy customer in the years to come.

Reviews from the Gemstoneuniverse website( Please note we try our very best to link the review to the actual piece on the blog to ensure transparency)


Submitted On: 2013-10-04 16:50:01

“ I will tell a story A true story. A year back, fed up with many problems, I decided to wear a gem with out knowing anything about them. Ours is a beautiful small town called Alleppey ( Alappuzha ) of Kerala. There I consulted an austrogemologist who sells gems from his shop and locally accepted as an expert. With in few minutes, after analyzing my birth details with his computer, he recommended me to wear a ‘Cats Eye’. He explained about every gem especially about the cats eye as on the original gem we can see seven straight bands of light etc. During that long talk, in regular intervals, he repeated the words “ I am not greedy, I will not get anything from this trade, I am doing it as a service only. Don’t forget to refer your friends and relatives to me” which make me suspicious. There I saw many gems but all cats eyes cost Rs. 2500/-, Emerald Rs. 4500/-, Blue Sapphire Rs. 6000/- etc. and Rs. 500/- extra for certification. I was not particular to by from him or not. I left the place after offering him to come back soon. The I started research, visited some jewelers who is famous for selling pure gold but not satisfied with their gem knowledge. Then I accidently came across the article “ Do gems Work?” which changed everything. Got educated by spending 1-2 hours everyday and ordered for a gem recommendation. But not sure to buy from them because of financial constrains. Wandered many places to get jyothish quality gems but failed. In that days once again I visited the old shop not to buy one but only to see that low graded bluff stones. At last I decided to implement the perfect gem therapy by purchasing from ‘Gemstoneuniverse’. Now I own a natural untreated flawless jyothish quality chrysoberyl cats eye and emerald which I started wearing just a few weeks before. Not yet won a Five Crore lottery but feels comfortable even after spending 60% of my savings for the purchase which is 60 times more expensive than the prize of the stone minerals that I had first met with. I believe, every patron of the Gemstoneuniverse must have a similar story to tell. Salute to the incredible service of Gemstoneuniverse, the platinum standard in planetary gemology. I assure everyone reads this, is absolutely in the right place. Biju Antony ”

Note: Mr. Antony has given the same testimonial On Trustpilot.

7) Saran

Saran from Hyderabad

“ When it comes to alternate therapy like Gemstone, Rudraksh and the likes , I was an absolute non believer.Reason being,about 8 years ago when I was going through some tough time at work , I was advised by an “astrologer” to wear emerald gemstone.Accordingly I bought a emerald stone from him. Inspite of wearing the gemstone,my problems were increasing day by day and there was no respite ,no matter how hard I try.Tensions & frustrations kept mounting and as a basic human instinct I doubted the emerald ring could be the cause of matter getting worse.Finally i had to dump that emerald stone in a garbage and i took vow that i will never look back at gemstone therapy. Again i was going through similar motions since last 3 years.Career in a stagnant mode,unable to get married,tensions,delays,frustrations and you can line up all those negative adjectives. Above all i became a drunkard.I was unable to sleep without drinking few pegs of alcohol.This time again a wellwisher and friend asked me to try Gemstone therapy for one last time but he wasn’t sure from where to buy the gem ,as almost 99% of retail gemstones being sold are fake. Finally in the month of Jan’13 i started looking for some websites who provide online services.Accidentally i came across GSU. After going through almost all of the testimonials, articles and blogs in GSU I finally mustered some belief in Gem therapy.I do believe that nothing in this world is free and nothing in my life has come for free so I decided go for paid consulting.I kept my expectations low, as i didn’t expect nothing but a straight forward one liner that so and so gemstone has to be worn.But when i received my report I was taken aback by surprise.It was very detailed and it surely gained my trust in GSU. As per Guriji’s advise i ordered Red Garnet and Hessonite.To my surprise, I was able to see visible changes within a month of wearing both the gemstones.Mainly I am able to sleep well without taking alcohol or sleeping pills,which for me was a big concern.Apart from that I can see i have become more optimistic and seeing some changes here and there. I was advised by Guruji to wear an Yellow Sapphire after 4 months of wearing the above gemstones.I may sound bit exaggerated when I say that i am checking GSU website daily for availability of Yellow Saphhire/Yellow Topaz stone.I am waiting and I hope things go better from here. Thank you GSU team for helping me.I can only wish you good luck and may you flourish. Thanks, Saran ”

8) K Balakrishnan from Bangalore,India

Submitted On: 2013-03-04 10:10:33

“ Thank you all at Gemstoneuniverse for making my Gem therapy memorable and cherishable. Your dedication and attention to detail is admirable and the way you just handle the gemstones while showing to your patrons speaks of the tremendous love and respect you have for the Gems. I thoroughly enjoyed the visit to the store and the interaction with some of the team members enriched me. I have got good results from my Cat’s eye already. I wish you all the best in life and I hope that Planetary Gemology shall reach new heights with your knowledge and dedication.


Admin Note: This testimonial was for the pendant featured at this link: http://gemstoneuniverse.com/blog/?p=7027

9) RAJ SHEKHAR from Kota

Submitted On: 2013-01-16 09:28:21

“ This was my second fab experience with Gemstoneuniverse. It delivers what it promises.. its not a gem shop or store.. its a brand.. Honestly, i am extremely happy with all the three gems i bought. I never miss to see them when i wake up.. Its clarity purifies my mind.. graced for being a part of this family and pretty sure that many experiences are waiting in the days to come… Thanks Raghav..thank you Gemstoneuniverse..

Admin Note: This testimonial was for the ring featured at this link: http://gemstoneuniverse.com/blog/?p=7040

And Finally Review of the Year

Rajkumar Tulshyanfrom Odisha,India Submitted On: 2013-12-13 06:56:14

“ I started my journey of Gem Therapy, first by using semi-precious stones like Red Garnet and Blue Moonstone. How did these gemstones changed my life have been extensively spelled out in my last testimonials. On getting remarkable results from Gem Therapy, I decided to upgrade my all the semi-precious stones to precious stones and in the process I am now become the proud owner of Yellow Sapphire, Ruby and Natural Pearl. But perhaps my thirst to get something very special in Gem Therapy was not ended and I imagined something very difficult (in my opinion) i,e, a ring having three rubies and requested Gemstone to bring my imagination to reality. Need not have to wait for a long time and received my ring with three rubies. Stunned to see the ring. The ring is really magnificent. Thanks to GSU for bringing my imagination to reality. They have really helped to make a great experience for both of us. I appreciate the value of having a ring that is so beautiful from all angles. I am continually surprised by how bright and eye-catching the Rubies can be. Amazing work. It seems they have put their heart and soul in it. Now my Ruby Ring is “Owner’s Pride,Neighbour’s Envy” For Gemstoneuniverse: Their attitude to customer satisfaction and quality workmanship are first rate. I can see why they named their company’s name “Gemstoneuniverse”,Truly if defined “University of Gemstones. Gemstoneuniverse: Great Gems, Great Gemologist Great Astrologers Great (un-matched) Price Great Attitude Great Quality Great Service Great All-around I have learned from Guruji that life has so many ups and down but what you need to have a support which will stand by you and tells you that all problems are only for a while for you to lead your life successfully. Gemstones cannot do “Magic” in one or two days but can definitely change a person’s future in a short course of time. I am the burning example of this. Whenever, I faced any problem, respected Guruji have always guided me. During my journey to find out the secret of Zodiac and Gem Therapy I have always been treated as a long time favored patron by GSU. Somewhere I had gone through an Amazing Arithmetic and I take this opportunity to share it with all GSU patrons. A small truth to make our life 100% successful. If A,B,C,D,E,F,…………………X,Y,Z is equivalent to 1,2,3,4,5,6,………………….23,24,25,26 than Hard Work : H+A+R+D+W+O+R+K 8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11=98% Knowledge K+N+O+W+L+E+D+G+E 11+4+15+23+12+5+4+7+5=96% Love L+O+V+E 12+15+22+5 = 54% Luck L+U+C+K 12+21+3+11=47% None of them make 100% Then what makes 100% Is it Money ? No Is it Leadership ? No Is it Power? No Every problem has a solution, only if we perhaps change our “ATTITUDE’ Attitude A+T+T+I+T+U+D+E 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5=100% It is therefore our “Attitude” towards life and work that make our life successful. I developed a positive attitude towards Gems and its healing powers and now proud to say that I have no regrets as I have got enough and enough returns. Regards Rajkumar Tulshyan

Admin Note: This testimonial was for the ring featured at this link: http://www.gemstoneuniverse.com/3stoneengagementring.php

We would like to thank Mr. Rajkumar Tulshyan for his reviews and feedback.  He has enabled positive Gem Therapy for a lot of individuals and shared some of his personal experiences on Camera, his gracious action speaks a lot of his courage, humility and the wisdom to share the divine knowledge.

Thank You Dear Patrons. We hope and pray that 2014 will be a bigger and a better year for all of you. This year we shall run the review of the year contest and you shall have details of the same here on the blog as well as the Gemstoneuniverse Facebook Page

Wish you a very happy 2014 and may you be blessed with health, wealth and happiness.

Admin Note: The Reviews featured above are has submitted by the patrons without any edits for grammar or spelling.

And Here is a snapshot of the Guestbook at Gemstoneuniverse Centre of Excellence-The world’s largest facility of Planetary Gems.

Guest Book Snapshot at Gemstoneuniverse Center of Excellence

Guest Book Snapshot at Gemstoneuniverse Center of Excellence Phone numbers have been deleted for privacy

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Sharing a Smile on Independence Day

Sharing a Smile on Independence Day



The highest form of humaneness is compassion – with emphasis on the fact that meaning of compassion is understood correctly. Compassion, where respect is integral aside of empathy or sympathy.

This Independence Day, August 15, 2013 Gemstoneuniverse had the good fortune to be a part of celebrations at the WARDS school, Bangalore.  WARDS or Welfare Association for Rehabilitation of Disabled and Society – is a non profit organisation that promotes understanding, acceptance and full community inclusion for persons with disabilities. WARDS is the brain child of Mr. C.M.Kathavarayan, the principal of the school, who himself is visually impaired but far outdoes people, with the vision he has for individuals with disabilities.

Gemstoneuniverse was a co-sponsor of the celebrations and also presented need based materials and special teaching aids to the school.

It was immensely inspiring and humbling at the same time to see the happiness that dwells at this special needs school. And the readiness and enthusiasm with which amazingly synchronised dance and music pieces were presented by the school children. Here are a few glimpses from the event.

The WARDS School Bangalore

The WARDS School Bangalore

Let us build a nation we are proud of

Let us build a nation we are proud of

The Competitive Spirit was Amazing Musical Chair at WARDS

The Competitive Spirit was Amazing Musical Chair at WARDS


Ode to Gajanana

Ode to Gajanana


Kollatam The stick dance

Cheering the winners

Cheering the winners

A Few Tips on Spunk Srikanth with Jyothi and Abhijita

A Few Tips on Spunk Srikanth with Jyothi and Abhijita

I want to see that too with Raghav Hawa

I want to see that too with Raghav, Keshav and Ahmed

Winners all the way

Winners all the way

The Teachers and staff of WARDS

The Teachers and staff of WARDS

Team Gemstoneuniverse with Staff of the school

Team Gemstoneuniverse with Staff of the school

Team Gemstoneuniverse

Team Gemstoneuniverse


WARDS school is located in Jeevanbhimanagar, Bangalore. You can read more about the school at www.wardsbengaluru.org. Please join hands to mobilize any kind of support or participation.

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Gemstoneuniverse-The Gold Standard in Planetary Gemology

Be Your Own Astrologer-Shubha Kaal Pro & Rahu Kaal Pro-Free Apps

Shubha Kaap Pro-Calculate Lucky Timings on the Go.

Shubha Kaap Pro-Calculate Lucky Timings on the Go

Dear Patrons,

Team Gemstoneuniverse is pleased to announce two new apps for Astrology Fans. In continuing with our Be Your Own Astrologer Series- we announce the launch of Shubha Kaal Pro and Rahu Kaal Pro Apps.

Shubha Kaal Pro is a free app developed by Team Gemstoneuniverse that has two segments:

Segment 1 of the Shubha Kaal Pro contains Choghadiya Panchang which is based  on the Vedic Hindu calendar.

Chogadia is a system that divides the day into lucky and unlucky segments of the day. A system that is highly popular in Gujarat, it is now being recognized  world wide for its accuracy and usefulness.

Calculating Dina, Nakshatra, Tithi, Yoga,Karana for everyday, with automatic adjustment for any city in the world based on sunset and sunrise of every city in the world it calculates the most favourable chogadiya for commencing any important activity. It is advisable that all important work should be commenced during favourable choghadiya.

There are totally seven types of Choghadiya.

• Amrut, Shubh and Labh are considered the Best Choghadiya’s (Time Period)

• Chal is considered as Good Choghadiya (Time Period)

• Udveg, Kal and Rog  are considered inauspicious.

Added features are calculation of Yamaganda, Gulika Kala and Abhijeet Kala for choosing the most potent and powerful time for beginning any new activity/ venture


Segment 2 of the Shubha Kaal Pro contains the Rahu Kal calculator.

Rahu Kaal Pro is a multi-platform app, which provides the user with exact info about the auspicious/inauspicious time/ Rahu Kal for a certain day and location.

As per the sacred tenets of Vedic Astrology, Rahu’s influence is a malefic/ negative influence.

Rahu Kaal, also spelled as Rahu Kal, Rahu Kaal, Rahu Kala,Rahu Kalam and Rahu Kalaam occurs every day for approximate 1.5 hours . This period is classified as inauspicious as per Vedic Astrology and should be avoided for any major transactions, negotiations, starting of new work, performing holy deeds etc. However existing work and transactions should continue normally.

Calculate Rahu Kal on the Go

Calculate Rahu Kal on the Go

Rahu Kal timings and duration are not same for any two locations due to difference in local timings of sunrise and sunset. Even for one location Rahu Kaal timing and duration are not same for all days as sunrise and sunset timings keep changing through the year. Rahu Kal varies from place to place and differs for each location and each day. With this Gemstoneuniverse offering you shall get the most accurate time frame for Rahu Kal as per your geographical location.

Enjoy the app and statistically evaluate if there is any impact by following these tenets and timings.

Added features are calculation of Yamaganda, Gulika Kala and Abhijeet Kala for choosing the most potent and powerful time for beginning any new activity/ venture

Love and Light



Download Links for IOS:

Shubha Kaal Pro for IOS Rahu Kaal Pro for IOS
Shubha Kaal Pro for IOS Rahu Kaal Pro for IOS


Download Links for Andriod:

Rahu Kaal Pro for Andriod
Shubha Kaal Pro for Andriod Rahu Kaal Pro for Andriod

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National Honour for Gemstoneuniverse

National Honour for Gemstoneuniverse

Mr. Raghav Hawa - Chief Manager Operations, receives the awards for Gemstoneuniverse

Mr. Raghav Hawa – Chief Manager Operations, receives the awards for Gemstoneuniverse


Gemstoneuniverse gives you another reason to be proud.

Gemstoneuniverse has won two prestigious awards this year given by National Education and Human Resource Development Organization (NEHRDO) – The Rashtriya Udyog Ratna Award  as well as Quality Brands India award.

The awards were received by Mr. Raghav Hawa, Chief Manager Operations, received the awards on behalf of Gemstoneuniverse in Mumbai. The organization remains committed to the discipline of planetary gemology and to providing the best experience and value addition to the patrons.



Since year 2003, NEHRDO is giving National Udyog Ratna Award for excellent work in various fields and these awards are recognised as important and precious in industrial and social areas. These area/fields are science and technology, business, industry, education, health, industrial leadership, banking, health, women entrepreneurs etc.

Quality Brands India presents a prestigious award for micro, small and medium industries in the country. The awards aim at honouring and felicitating successful and innovative businessmen and suppliers who have made great contributions for the development of micro, small and medium industries in India.

Initially, information about the various companies, products, services, projects etc. is collected from towns, cities of various states through the help of National Education and Human Resources Development Organisation as well as council for Economic Growth and Research National Charitable Trust. While selecting the brands for awards several economic, organisational as well as ethical parameters are considered.

NEHRDO can be accessed at the link below:


Quality Brands India Can be accessed at the link below:


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Gemstoneuniverse-The Gold Standard in Planetary Gemology