Light green or a dark green emerald as per rashi Astrology

Light green or a dark green emerald as per rashi Astrology?

Beautiful Rare Zambian Emerald Jyotish Gemstone Ring

Beautiful Rare Zambian Emerald Jyotish Gemstone Ring

A question has been received this week from a Gemstoneuniverse patron that reads as:

Should I wear Dark Green Emerald since I am a Virgo because Light Green Emerald is for Gemini as per Astrology? I read it somewhere online.

Moving on the patron is an existing Gemstoneuniverse Patron and is already wearing a Gemstoneuniverse Emerald ring. He has got into confusion after reading
this junk information somewhere online which he refuses to cite.

First and foremost there is no standard text in Astrology, Gemstone Astrology or Gemology that makes the difference on degree of effectiveness of a
Gemstone variance by colour going by the one’s moon sign/Rashi.

This is again a gimmick to sell something in stock by inventing an imaginary astrological rule or to sound mysterious or special. Something similar to
recommending a Gemstone in milligrams like a medicine or by frequency. Read more about that here

Mercury is the planet that is the ruler of the moon signs of Gemini and Virgo and Emerald is his gem. All Gem quality and Jyotish Quality Emeralds are gems of mercury regardless whether they are light
green emeralds or dark green emeralds.

First and foremost you should understand the difference between a Stone and a Gemstone.

Then you should understand what exactly a Jyotish Quality Emerald is.

If you still an advanced user you go in for learning sacred shades of the Emeralds.

If you are clear about the above three points and if you are sure that your emerald is a true Jyotish Gemstone then you can either wear a light green emerald or a dark green emerald
whichever appeals to you as at a soul level.

Remember how for last 2 decades through the Blog Gemstoneuniverse has communicated that a Gem is for a Gem and that a Gem chooses a Gem.

The above information that Light Green Emerald is for Gemini sign and that dark Green Emerald is for Virgo or vice versa is a pile of junk information at best and should be discarded. It is best wasting your time and trying to impress on you an Astrological rule that does not yet exist.

The above is a similar example of scam that we covered many years back about the Colombian Emerald and the Zambian Emerald degree of effectiveness.

Why have people in India preferred darker shades in Emeralds?

People in many parts of India have shown a marked preference for Zambian Emerald over Colombian Emeralds for past many years citing the dark colour of
Zambian Emeralds as a preferred colour.

Though part of this information might be true, most of India had access to mostly Zambian Emeralds as these are more abundantly available, lesser priced
and most often then not, cut and polished in India.

Colombian Emeralds in comparison are rarer, beautiful, expensive and till today were available in Indian Markets with a very few Vendors. As the Indian
user has become more travel savvy and having access to the internet the consumer is now leaning towards procuring fine Colombian Emeralds for their sheer

What is Basra to Pearl, and Burma to Ruby is what Colombia is to Emerald

For example if we compare an emerald of Zambia and Colombia with near equivalent cut, color, clarity and carat weight the Colombian Emerald will be much
rarer and therefore much higher in price.

If your benchmark is Astrological Results then go for a Natural Emerald that is a true Jyotish Gemstone with a colour that appeals to you the most.
Light Green or Dark Green does not matter.

What matters is

The Emerald is a Jyotish Gemstone

The Emerald appeals to you at a soul level.

If these parameters are checked then you can wear an emerald of a shade of your preference whether you are a Gemini or a Virgo.

Same goes for all other Gemstones. The Gemstone should be a Jyotish Gemstone and should appeal to you. Light or Dark based on Rashi does NOT matter.

We are glad that the patron sent us this query. It is yet another example of how unorganized the field of Astrology and Gemstones is. For past 20 years
Gemstoneuniverse has worked assiduously to bring some kind of standardization in this field and we are continue with our mission of serving the sacred
science of planetary Gem therapy.

Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in May 2016 Table Natural Zambian Emerald Gemstone Facts

Gemstone Natural Zambian Emerald
Weight 5.11 carats
Treatment None. Fully Natural
Origin Zambian
Planetary Energy Mercury
Patron Location Mumbai/ India
All inclusive Price Undisclosed at Patron’s request
Comments Many people who suffer with the “Fox and the sour grapes syndrome” often cite how expensive gemstones are and question what is
exactly so special in a Jyotish Gemstone.Well have a look at this gorgeous beauty. View the video and let us know what did you think-Is it a Zambian Emerald or a Colombian Emerald?This emerald is so beautiful and rich in colour that even the most qualified Gem professionals who have spent decades in the Gemstone business would get
flummoxed about the origin of this Emerald.The above is 5.11 carats Zambian Emerald even though it looks a lot like a posh rare Colombian Emerald. Fine dark green colour with the
perfect melee of hue, tone and saturation giving it the status of a” Royal Gemstone”.

Perfectly proportioned Emerald cut making the maximum play of
light possible. High clarity of over 90% and freedom from flaws as listed in the sacred texts make is saatvik (pure) Jyotish Gemstone that
gives results, only true Jyotish Gems can deliver.

Gemstoneuniverse prides itself on having only rare, pristine Jyotish Gemstones that are full of life not ordinary lifeless mineral samples. That is why our Gemstones at the apex of the Gem Pyramid create miracles

You will not find a single ordinary gemstone at Gemstoneuniverse, Each one is cherry picked by experts who are in love with Planetary gem Therapy. You can view samples and notes for 1500+ shipped out special gemstones on the Blog itself.

And for the trader who does not understand/ fails to understand the meaning of Jyotish Gemstones and links it with a single parameter of price, it is but just a case of the “Fox and the Sour Grapes”


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Gemstoneuniverse-The Gold Standard in Planetary Gemology

Blue Sheen Moonstone-Best Pearl Alternative-Busting some myths.

Blue Sheen Moonstone-Best Pearl Alternative-Busting some myths.

Natural Tanzania Moonstone Set in Silver Pendant

Natural Tanzania Moonstone Set in Silver Pendant

The entire endeavour of Astro Journey and Gemstoneuniverse for the last 20 years is to bring you the pure undiluted knowledge of the divine sciences of Vedic Astrology and Indian Gemology. Two powerful sciences that help us in making necessary positive changes to the Karmik life map and to maximize the portion of free will given to us by God Almighty.

In addition to proving quality information that works we have always from time to time exposed and bought in front of people some practices by unethical people who manufacture things just to influence the psyche of the individuals for unethical ends which have no place in Astrology or Gemology. An entire section of these practices and scams can be accessed here.

The Live chat support at Gemstoneuniverse is not manned by customer service executives but top Gemologists from top Gemology schools of the world. This is one such share from one chat. A customer started the chat and asked which is the best alternative for natural pearl? When it was told to him it is Blue Sheen moonstone he said his consultant has said that a Chinese pearl is best alternative and not Blue Sheen Moonstone. Since Blue Sheen Moonstone has a Blue Sheen it has Saturn influence. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

– Chinese Pearl is an imitation man made pearl that has no place in Vedic Astrology and delivers 0 results for planet moon. Read Fake pearls and 0 results.

Blue Moonstone is a gem from the feldspar group and is composed of layers of albite – potassium rich aluminium silicate and orthoclase – sodium rich aluminium silicate. The schiller is produced because of light interference caused by the light having to weave its way through the layers with slightly different optical properties. That is the scientific explanation. It is not because of planet Saturn.

– All Moon Gems including Pearl transmit orange cosmic colour. It is quite sure this so called renowned consultant was not aware of the same and made a generalization to push something that he/she had.

So what’s the truth?

What is the best alternative Gemstones to Natural Pearl?

The Natural Pearl is a very rare and expensive Gemstone and a true Jyotish Natural Pearl would be less than 1% of all pearls in the world. When the article of Uparatna was written 6 years back this answer was given clearly but for the sake of clarity it is answered here again. The best alternative for Natural Pearl is Blue Sheen Moonstone, Followed by rainbow moonstone and followed by white moonstone in this order.

No china or Burmese Pearl or any other such fancy named pearl gives any results.

Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in April 2015 Table Natural Blue Sheen Moonstone facts


Gemstone                                         Natural Blue Sheen Moonstone

Weight                                               3.85 carats

Treatment                                         None, fully Natural.

Origin                                                 Tanzania

Planetary Energy                             Moon

Patron Location                               Raipur/Chattisgarh

All inclusive Price                             INR10,102/ USD($160)

Gemologist’s Note for today’s Featured Talisman

Featured today is a Blue Moonstone set in Silver pendant. This moonstone is from Tanzania. Compared to Blue Moonstones from Sri Lanka the blue moonstones have a lesser blue sheen and more milky body colour. However these aspects have no impact on its beauty. But the difference between the prices is immense. A Tanzanian moonstone is generally priced 2-4 times lesser than the Sri Lankan.

Nice cabochon with a smooth domed top nearing 4 carats this Gemstone is brimming with moon energies. Set in a retro antique classical design that is a feature of pre independence Indian Jewellery it is free from any of the flaws as listed in the sacred texts. What is heartening is that this piece was shipped to Chattisgarh. The patron communicated with us on several occasions but browsed the Gemstoneuniverse website for several months using Google translate and reading articles in Hindi before making up his mind to implement his therapy with real Jyotish Gemstones. A change is happening…. For sure! We really appreciate this patron because the translation is not that much great but he kept at it. We have been trying for a couple of years for a satisfactory translation. Hopefully, we shall find a decent one soon.

Note: Thank you dear patron for your gracious testimonial.

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Pachu Stone

Poor quality and fake Bangkok sapphires flood Indian market

Poor quality and fake Bangkok sapphires flood Indian market


Fake Blue Sapphire classified as Bangkok Sapphire

There is a very good investigative report by Sunday Guardian that sheds light on Poor Quality and fake gemstones getting certified by fake labs in India. A huge demand has led to mushrooming of fake labs issuing fake certificates…

Excerpt from the article:

“The next time you buy a blue sapphire (or neelam stone) as recommended by your family astrologer, “to ward off Saturn’s evil effects on your horoscope”, ensure that it is not of poor quality or worse, a fake. Several astrologers and gemstone merchants in Mumbai’s Zaveri Bazaar claim that the blue sapphires widely available in the market are either synthetic or treated stones from Thailand, called “Bangkok sapphires” or “Bangkok Neelam”.

Full Story can be accessed here

Beware of Fake Gemstones and Fake Labs and ensure that you do a 100% error free Gemstone Therapy

Other Relevant Links

Gem Pyramid

Cheapest is the most expensive Gemstone

The Sava Paach Ratti Astrologer

The Truth of Rattis and Carats

Natural and Untreated and Still not Jyotish Quality.






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You just purchased an Unheated Emerald- It’s quite likely that you don’t have a Jyotish Gemstone.

You just purchased an Unheated Emerald- It’s quite likely that you don’t have a Jyotish Gemstone.


Unrealistic Expectations based on poor information leads to poor results

Unrealistic Expectations based on poor information leads to poor results





Did You Just Lose Yourself in The Jargon? Wake Up to the Smell of Coffee and the Brilliance of a Genuine Jyotish Gemstone.


Are Emeralds ever heated?

Do you remember the time, when the herbal remedies were hot and fancied by one and all? Subsequent to that wave, there was no line of treatment or product that did not exploit the word “Herbal” to suit its ends. Likewise, there are many vendors with barely enough knowledge, trying to cash in on the buzzwords and the jargon without knowing what it means.

The ignorance is appalling for instance when one reads that a trader specializing in “Planetary Vedic Natural Astrological Gemstones” lists Unheated Emeralds for sale? It’s an oxymoron. There is nothing known as an unheated Emerald and Emerald does not go through heat treatment.

It is easy for a business minded entity to harvest some keywords and drive traffic to the site. All one needs to do is to have a generous sprinkling of words like – Astrological, Natural, Jyotish, Unheated, Untreated etc!

You might also want to have a look at

Natural, Untreated, Expensive Gemstone and Still not Jyotish Quality! Surprised…. Read on

So Jyotish Quality Gemstones are not everybody’s cup of tea.

The markets are abuzz with jargon and big words that seem to imply credibility. However is that really enough. An individual may succeed in partially educating oneself about precious gemstones but it requires almost an obsessive passion to get to the bottom of things as the world of gemstones is complex.

You may not just be required to know about origins, pricing, physical, optical and chemical properties but should be fully aware of what differentiates a genuine from a fake masquerading as real! And that is really in depth and does not come by skimming the surface.

An individual looking for a genuine Jyotish gemstone will do his part in researching and reading but once faced by the real goods, it is sometimes extremely difficult even for the seasoned professional to distinguish a treated gem from an untreated one and a natural from a synthetic.

While one can secure one parameter by ensuring that the search is only for Jyotish gems – natural, untreated and unheated, devoid of doshas mentioned in the sacred texts.  However, whether you are getting the real thing or not is again a matter of debate.

A lot depends upon the vendor or the agency selling you the gems also. While they may claim to deal in Jyotish quality gemstones they often make a slip in staking claims about their gems. For instance, a vendor on the Internet is selling Jyotish quality natural unheated emeralds – but the BIG QUESTION is whether the emeralds are ever heated at all?!

Emeralds are a kind of beryl, a relatively softer gemstone with a ranking of 7 on Moh’s scale. Also emerald has a relatively lesser melting point compared to other gemstones like sapphire that can be heated. Heating an emerald can cause it to become even more fragile than it is to begin with. The emerald would actually be destroyed if this were done!

This is precisely the reason why emeralds are not subjected to glass filling treatment. Emeralds are usually oil treated, resin filled (which again would be potentially harmful for the gem in the long run) and dyed!

So the vendor – or shall we call him a “trader” who is trying to sell emeralds harping on their virtue of being unheated, is either ignorant about the processes and in turn about the gems he is dealing in or is just pushing goods on the basis of awareness – Client NEED/ His Greed and a hunch that mouthing the right sounding words will close the deal.

Only an expert who has circumambulated the world of gems with a passion, a hunger for knowledge, an adventurer’s edge and a real desire to achieve excellence will be able to guide you towards the genuine Jyotish quality gemstone.

Empower yourself with the right knowledge and make a good choice rather than tallying the keyword list.

Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in January 2013 Table of Natural Colombian Emerald Gemstone Facts












Natural Colombian Emerald of 2.07 carats

Story carried by National Duniya Newspaper on Fake Gemstones in the Indian Markets

Dear Patrons,

We shall showcase relevant industry news from now on through the blog. The following piece was published in the Hindi daily National Duniya on 12th Jan 2013 on page 12. Clicking on the image shall give you the full sized clip. For benefit of patrons who are not conversant with Hindi, the Gemstoneuniverse team has literally translated the piece into English.

Quantum of People trying to get good luck through glittering Gemstones is increasing.

Box CaptionsHeated, Treated Everything available in the marketThe business of  magic, tona totka has also increased.

Indian Markets are flooded with fake Gemstones

When an individual starts losing hope on tomorrow and one’s own strength he takes recourse to God. To climb the ladder to success in an instant, One takes recourse to Astrology, Tantra Mantra, Magic etc. All across TV channels and several other places there is a flood of Yantras and Gems that bring success.

Due to this reason in Karol Bagh , a Gem testing Lab-IGL has got increased business. Associated with the lab for a long time Sumant Jha admits that these days the demands for Stones, Rudrakshas, Three legged frog,  tortoise and other Feng Shui Items has increased but heated and Treated Gemstones and other fake gemstones have come into the market.

According to a source working in the Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion council(GJEPC), the faith in Astrology is seen in the prosperous and the well off segment of the society. Out of 10, at least -7 people are wearing Gemstones. Bureaucrats to businessmen are wearing Gemstones. Political leaders of considerable strength and repute to bureaucrats are sporting Gem studded rings to increase their fortune.

Due to this reason the Gemstone market is growing any where from 13% to 50% per annum. He says that in New Delhi alone  the market for Gemstones and feng shui items is around 1000 crores.

However Gem expert Sumant Jha states that even though the market is growing the presence of fake Yellow Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby is increasing. The numbers of experts who can distinguish a fake gem from an original are diminishing. In some labs Gem are being synthetically manufactured.  Even 1 mukhi Rudraksha to 11 Mukhi Rudraksha fakes can be manufactured and these fakes are being sold at very high prices.

Sumant Jha states that wearing of Gems has a scientific foundation. Due to gems the rays of the Sun can be harnessed at a rapid speed hence that the gem has an effect is Natural. Three legged frog, tortoise,  1mukhi Rudraksha and Gems like Blue Sapphire are original then it does not take much time to get good fortune. He even claims that Gems are used for treatment of medical conditions.

Acharya Preetam Dev Shastri states that 10 years back people coming for consultations was quite less but the numbers of such people have suddenly increased.  Most of the people have a desire to get rich fast or for getting promotion in career.

Sambhavanand has a different take in on this.  He believes that the system of the country is weakening.  From Education, health care facilities to several areas are in a downfall but the desire of individuals towards prosperity has increased. This is the reason that the demand for   gemstones has increased.

Related Gemstoneuniverse extensive stories for consumer awareness can be found at the links given below:

Pretty Baubles or Gemstones – What you think is the cheapest is the most expensive & the most useless!

The Gemstone Pyramid and the truth about Indian Taste Ka Ghatiya Maal

Dangerous, Incorrect Assumptions – A sure shot method for Gem therapy Failure

Natural, Untreated, Expensive Gemstone and Still not Jyotish Quality! Surprised…. Read on


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Gemstoneuniverse-The Gold Standard in Planetary Gemology

Deo Amabiles et Hominibus- Pleasing to Men and to God

Story carried by National Duniya Newspaper on Fake Gemstones in the Indian Markets

Story carried by National Duniya Newspaper on Fake Gemstones in the Indian Markets



































Dangerous, Incorrect Assumptions- A sure shot method for Gem therapy Failure.

Dangerous, Incorrect Assumptions- A sure shot method for Gem therapy Failure.

A strange Case of ‘Khudrang’ Sapphire and more…

Confusion in Decision Making

Confusion in Decision Making


Human being is the master of innovation. Be it any situation he has come up with ingenious solutions that beat reckoning. Especially in a field of study/ area of work  in the paucity of in-depth or correct knowledge. This is when estimation of thought, speculation and ingenious euphemisms take birth, to the detriment of the larger good.

Planetary gemology as a field of study opens up new vistas each day, not just with the wonderous gems it brings to the table, but with each human being who is sent hurtling down the corridors of someplace that is a curious mix of uncertainty, curiosity and fear – him (this confused being who is dished differing opinions about this exact discipline) and his several doubts!

Please note that Planetary Gemology and planetary gem therapy are quite exact, the practitioners may differ, owing to their orientation, intent and levels of knowledge.

Gemstoneuniverse gives you three case studies. Take note right in the beginning that the purpose of these case studies is to guide the thought process in the right direction. As mentioned previously that due to paucity of accurate information and divergent views from divergent practitioners, the interested individual is sure to be at a loss. Here’s taking a look at areas and directions that should be ‘NO FLY ZONE’ for your thoughts and imagination!

No Fly Zone

No Fly Zone

Case 1 – Variable Percentage Efficiency of Gems – Are You Mistakenly Out to Buy a Gadget Spanning Generations with Variable features?

A query received at the Gemstoneuniverse blog:

Sir, with due regards I wish to ask you, these gems at Gemstoneuniverse are the finest ones, might be with about more than 90% + efficiency so they cost high. Can you tell me what would be average cost of White Pukhraj with 70 to 80% Efficiency and its cost in Indian Market? I would be very thankful.

Name Withheld.


Case 2 – Is Gemstoneuniverse Your only Option to buy Jyotish quality gems?

A spiritual consultant who implemented gem therapy for himself and loved ones using gemstones from Gemstoneuniverse and reaped good benefits. However, he himself is a gemologist and makes recommendations for his clients. For some of his clients, he ordered gems from Gemstoneuniverse and those clients in turn got good results.

Is it possible that Gemstones sourced from Gemstoneuniverse only work and those bought from other vendors don’t? I have seen dip in results or no results for clients for whom I have sourced gemstones from other vendors since the client did not have the resources to buy from Gemstoneuniverse.

After sometime, he sent us a picture of a Gem and asked for our opinion. Even though we discourage this activity until the physical specimen can be examined by us just based on the photograph, we said that the Gemstone does not look more than 80% clean and clearly isn’t  Jyotish Quality.

The subsequent reply – The pictures are not good enough and that price matches the needs of the client. The client did not have adequate funds to buy from Gemstoneuniverse.

Our take – it’s not about the price or the person or the vendor! The Gem has to be Jyotish Quality absolutely. In such cases it is always better to opt for the substitute gem/ the alternative/ the upratna. An entry level Jyotish Quality gem shall deliver results which a non Jyotish quality gem will never even begin to!


Case 3: The Strange Case of Gemstone Christening with a Fancy Name – Will You Buy it Now Sir, Now that I have Made it so Mysterious?

Here’s a piece of conversation that you may never be privy to again –  It all started with a phone call at the Gemstoneuniverse buying division from one of the largest dealers of Gold Worldwide. A potential *****  based, reputable and established client who was looking for Astrology Gemstones. Since the reference was coming from a highly reputable vendor we invited this individual and reproduced below is the Dialogue that followed

Unnecessary portions have been omitted and that what is relevant is reproduced here.

For your understanding,

B  – The Buyer

G – Gemstoneuniverse


B: I have seen your website and work it is very good.

G: Thank You very much.

B: I have 25 shops in *****  only.

G: That is good to hear.

B: I am looking to buy Sapphires both Blue and Yellow.

G: Ok, what carat range are you looking for?

B: 5 Ratti to 7.25 ratti.

G: That shall mean the average lot size you are looking for is approximate 6.5 carats.

B: Yes, Yes

G: Are you specific about the origin?

B: Yes, I would like to have Sri Lanka.

G: Have a Look at this Blue Sapphire, (a natural Ceylon sapphire sample is shown) do you prefer a lighter shade or a darker shade?

B: No, No, No, this is very high quality, I want very light but it should be in the weight range I suggested before.

G: This is not high quality. For the size specified by you, this is medium quality and will cost $300 per carat for the whole lot.

B: No, No I am looking at quality from $4 to 10$ per carat.

Now that would be a jaw-dropping moment for any seller in the gem trade, especially in a hub like Bangkok!

G: I am really not aware of such a quality. We do not deal in discarded mineral rough that is at the bottom of the Gem Pyramid.

B: You don’t know this quality?

G: No.

B: Ok ok, don’t worry I shall show you then maybe you shall help me.

At this Juncture he opens a plastic packet which has large sized mineral specimens of Yellow and Blue Sapphire. Not beautiful, full of inclusions, damaged and close to NIL color.

G: What is this?

B: This is real.

G: Maybe what exactly is this?

B: (Chuckles…) In our trade we call it as the Khudrang Sapphire. Khudrang  means: Khud: Own and Rang: Color. A Gemstone having it own color is Khudrang.

G: That is the way you it sell to customers?

B: Yes, I tell them Khudrang is the best natural option available. It is its own color. Rest is done by the Astrologer.

G: What is done by the Astrologer?

B: Many customers like to show the stone to the Astrologer, who says that it is very good.

G: But today with so much information available don’t customers ask you will this work?

B: Yes Many times, my standard reply is we have 25 shops in ***** and I have seen this work for 15 years myself and before that my father has seen this work for 25 years. This is usually sufficient. After all, what can you get for $500. A 5 carat sapphire ring in Gold. Customers just want to hear it will work, that’s it.

G: Sorry we cannot help you, we do not carry this quality.

B: You are such a big company. I want to buy 500 carats of these goods every 3 months.

G: Sorry but it is against the basic fundamentals for which we stand. Such quality cannot even enter our office let alone we dealing in this quality.

B: Can you recommend any other Vendor who can do it, After all it is but a business.

G: No, we do don’t deal with other Vendors.

After a customary 5 minute chit chat and a cup of tea this buyer with 25 shops left our buying division.

Moving on, as we see in both these cases compromises have been made on the fundamental pillar on which Planetary Gem Therapy rests which is Jyotish Quality. Over the past one and half year with 1000 examples on the blog in terms of write-up, pictures and videos we have stretched ourselves to explain Jyotish Quality because Gem therapy shall not work with any other gemstones.

Case 1, is a simple case of the individual putting the blindfold on and justifying acquisition of bad gemstones by comparing efficiency and putting up random figures without research. It makes us dread how many people think like this and waste time, money, energy and effort.

In this case the absolute truth is that either is Gem is 100% effective which it is if it is Jyotish Quality and or is not effective. The fundamental part being here is that the Gem has to be Jyotish Quality. For more information on the same please click the link below:

Secondly, we would like you to have world class insider information about pricing of gemstones Price Gems like a professional:

Sometimes, we have to explain that why sometimes the shipping is more expensive than the gemstone. The lustrous fine treatment free hessonite that you find at Gemstoneuniverse at $90 per carat is not available in wholesale and in lots at $150 per carat. We can offer you great prices but shipping is not under our control.


Case 2, here in this case there is a genuine desire to help. But is the desire overriding the basic fundamental of Gem therapy that it is absolutely vital for a Gem to be Jyotish Quality? It is not that the gems sources from Gemstoneuniverse only shall work. Any Gem shall work provided it is Jyotish Quality and to determine that it not an easy task. In this case the best method would have been to implement therapy with Upratnas. Many individuals have got brilliant results with Jyotish Quality Upratnas. Just Natural and untreated doesn’t essentially mean Jyotish Quality.


Case 3,The dangerous case of Khudrang Sapphire. See video below for the same. Lack of knowledgeable professionals and greed and corruption make people invent fancy terms/ euphemisms like Khudrang Sapphire. You need to draw your own conclusions if you have implemented therapy with a similar scenario.

It is again our humble request that you go back to the classic:

Do Gems Work- No they Don’t for 90 % of the people and you shall never fail.


But if your information about Planetary Gem therapy is equivalent to the placebo* picture below then you are at the wrong place and you need to do a whole lot more of reading and research.

*Placebo: is a simulated or otherwise medically ineffectual treatment for a disease or other medical condition intended to deceive the recipient.







Placebo Gemology

Placebo Gemology








On 16th August, we received this mail. It is up to you to decide…..

Note: DKIM signature for those interested

Note: Areas have been blanked out to protect client privacy and personal life history.

Note: Click on the photos for a larger image

DKIM signature for e mail proof

DKIM signature for e mail proof


E mail sent by the Individual

E mail sent by the Individual

Low Grade Mineral Ore as per the Gem Pyramid

Low Grade Mineral Ore as per the Gem Pyramid

These poor quality stones are in conflict with the bluff stones worn in the finger

These poor quality stones are in conflict with the bluff stones worn in the finger

1) This is a classic case of a negative karmik life map which Guruji Shrii Arnav speaks about in the article, Do Gems work. Else, how could one spend an amount of INR 17000( $) 310/- on low mineral grade ore( read rejected trash going by the gem pyramid) and profess not being able to afford a $30 consultation. It was a really bad bargain where a princely sum of $310 (for the gentleman concerned as per his circumstances) bought him trash that would in no way cost anything more than $ 5. This despite having open resources, at disposal, like –

Do Gems Work-No they don’t for 90% of the people.

Price Gemstones Like a Professional?

What is a Jyotish Gemstone?

The Gemstone Pyramid and the truth about Indian taste ka Ghatiya Maal.

What you think is the cheapest is the most expensive.

2) The famous Astrologer is he referring – is nowhere in reckoning where heavyweights in the arena are concerned. For a valued opinion, a body of significant work stands proof and not spate of paid advertisements. There is no literature or references establishing credibility.

3) The website he refers to, clearly showcases low grade mineral ore and a certificate from a lab which can best be classified as dubious. We urge you to verify facts for yourself.

4) Please go through the self-clicked photographs sent by this individual and see the recommendation. He is wearing 4 stones of different colours and these are conflicting stones.  Maybe this has taken him to a position where he cannot afford a of $30/- that has stayed constant for a decade. What negative impact can happen with a recommendation such as this is best left to your imagination!

5) Although, we sympathize with the Gentlemen in question and pray that he finds himself out of the mess and gets solutions to his life issues, we would like to make a case against unscrupulous practitioners such as the ones dealing in the low grade mineral ore shown in the pictures. It puts Jyotish Gems to shame and in no way will re-modify the tricky situations.

It should serve as an alarm for individuals who might not have a sound knowledge of Astrology or Gems, who are gullible and pushed into a corner by circumstances of life against falling prey to such unscrupulous elements.

All that  we can say is-PLEASE DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN WITH YOU!

The science of Planetary Gemology is a sacred branch of knowledge where a veritable tool that gives tangible results where nothing else in life seems to work. It is a force to reckon with, a branch of knowledge that commands and deserves the utmost respect.  Please join hands so that”Jyotish”- the science of light is not shrouded in the darkness of greed and unholy intent.

Issued in Public Interest

©, All rights reserved.



Gemstoneuniverse-The Gold Standard in Planetary Gemology

Deo Amabiles et Hominibus-Pleasing to Men and To God

Pretty Baubles or Gemstones – What you think is the cheapest is the most expensive & the most useless!

Pretty Baubles or Gemstones – What you think is the cheapest is the most expensive & the most useless!

Blue Sapphire unheated natural Burma Blue Sapphire with Royal Blue Color. A Jyotish Gem


Are you just buying some STONE in the name of Gemstones?

What you think is cheap is the most expensive.

Don’t Let this happen with you

Cheap Stones Trash Gemology and Trash Results

Things we don’t like and You shouldn’t  either

Complete Article with Videos can Be Found at this link

Every new day that dawns, is different and the surprises that come with it are different too. For many of us life has changed tremendously in the last decade singularly. Technology, access to widespread sources of information and delimiting of geographical constraints has really shrunk the world.

However, contrary to expectations of progress and development, there are trends that continue to befuddle. In this age and times, when the postal mail is allegedly breathing its last, it is still the number one choice of propagation for people and organizations that seek to gain from the lack of knowledge on customer’s part and the baseless fears that operate in this realm.

We received a proposal in the post from a wholesaler of stones ( Not gemstones just stones- more on this later) and this prompted us to bring up this issue. It raised serious concern in our mind about the gem quality that is currently afloat in market where planetary / jyotish gems are concerned.

What made us write this piece?

At Gemstoneuniverse we believe in delivering world class products and services. Just have a look at Gemstoneuniverse blog and you know that we have our hands full. Invariably despite having great information about correct pricing of colored Gemstones we gets mails and calls to the effect of why a 3 carat gem is more expensive than a 10 carat one?

These kinds of mails are the result of an overzealous online research which some individuals proudly classify as exhaustive. Most of senders of these mails cannot even distinguish between a Ruby and a rubellite let alone a Natural ruby or a Glass filled one.

Sometimes even a trained eye that has worked for decades and worked with thousands of Gemstones will have no idea of price, The world of Gemstones is so complex.

You can access price Gemstones like a professional by clicking here

The above article is a great resource that takes into account rarity, color shades, saturation, intensity and several other factors that combine towards standard Gemstone pricing.

We hope that this shall put an end to this kind of wasteful communication to that we can direct our energies to those who understand and are interested in real Gem Therapy

A Catalog Showcasing Price of Trash Thermally Treated Yellow Sapphire peddled as Jyotish Quality

A Catalog Showcasing Price of Trash Thermally Treated Yellow Sapphire peddled as Jyotish Quality


One look at the gemstone pictures and the price point at which they are being made available was enough. Well, see for yourself – This wholesaler has cat’s eye and hessonite gems starting at INR 11 (yes you read it right!) per carat? Or find jyotish grade ruby, emerald or red coral for INR 100 per carat? It does not end here – a diamond of 46-60 cents is available for INR 650. You could check the market around for price of a diamond of this weight and boy, will you be astonished!

Check wholesale price of Diamonds, buyer to buyer price at the link below:

Membership to Rapaport reports costs more than this INR 650 Diamond!


There is also a section for antique gems which has a price point running from INR 12,000 to INR 24, 000 per carat. Well, real antique gems and estate jewelry agents will soon be out of job! At this juncture we would like to let you know that this is sometimes just the cost of certification for some gems offered by Gemstone Universe!

According to the Vendor This offer is only for Ethical Astrologers. How ethical you can decide for yourself who is ethical here the Jeweler or the Astrologer

According to the Vendor This offer is only for Ethical Astrologers. How ethical you can decide for yourself who is ethical here the Jeweler or the Astrologer

Let’s start at the beginning. This wholesaler is offering this lucrative proposition only to select astrologers, whom he eulogizes and describes in very glorifying terms – they are the interpreters of the future, they show the light in hard times and what not. And then this offer is extended to them saying that this wholesaler has proved to be even the astrologer’s good fortune!

It does not take much to realize that this situation is prevailing only because people only have the astrologer or the local jeweler to turn to for meeting this demand.

Please understand that the astrologer is not a gemologist. He is an individual who has grip over the knowledge of astrology. Gemstones and their quality is a different ball game. And now with the several treated gems and synthetic substitutes available, identifying the real jyotish grade gem has become increasingly difficult.

The jeweler on the other hand is neither an astrologer nor a gemologist. He is just a business person, who is in the market to sell and will sell anything in which he sees a good profit margin. And sadly the gems for sale offered by such wholesalers provide no value for jyotish purposes or for those looking at gems as a good investment.

On the other hand what distinguishes Gemstoneuniverse is its specific process from selection of gems to third party appraisal before it finally reaches you. We are the rare breed of astro-gemologists committed to the cause of planetary gemology, who can assure you correct recommendation and flawless gems (free of all doshas as prescribed in the sacred texts).

So before you decide to put your life chances at stake by reposing trust in a local jeweler or an astrologer to provide you remedial gemstones, think twice!

A qualified and certified Astrogemologist is what you are looking for.

Your Cheapest Gem is the most expensive Gemstone.

The fascination of weight leads to maximum exposure of cheap flawed stones in the market. Have a look at these videos below. Video 1 is thermally treated and diffused Yellow Sapphire which makes up 90% of the Indian Market especially Markets in West India And South India. Markets in North India have even more cheaper goods. Mostly Yellow and Blue Sapphires in North India are from Ceylon in the weight range of 5-7 carats. The Astrologer suggests weights in the price range of Sava Paanch Ratti to Sava Saath Ratti of bluff dyed Ceylon sapphires that are poor in color and that becomes white. This story was done earlier and can be accessed at the link below:

These Blue Sapphires are poor quality mineral rough. Classified as Non Gem material as per the Gemstone pyramid these goods are dyed and heated and have zero value for Astrological results. These non Jyotish quality Sapphires form the bulk of North Indian markets where the average recommended size is 5.25 ratti- 7.25 ratti? Wonder, how does everyone get the same recommendation despite different planetary positions and needs. Poor quality cheap goods that are cheaper than even diffused Thai Sapphires but are a favourite of the Sava Paanch Raati-Sava Saat Ratti Astrologer. This material is stone not a “Gemstone”

These Yellow Sapphires are poor quality mineral rough. Classified as Non Gem material as per the Gemstone pyramid these goods are dyed and heated and have zero value for Astrological results. These non Jyotish quality Sapphires form the bulk of North Indian markets where the average recommended size is 5.25 ratti- 7.25 ratti? Wonder, how does everyone get the same recommendation despite different planetary positions and needs. Poor quality cheap goods that are cheaper than even diffused Thai Sapphires but are a favourite of the Sava Paanch Raati-Sava Saat Ratti Astrologer. This material is stone not a “Gemstone”

A case study that led to failure using diffused Yellow Sapphire found at the link below:

Video Showing Fake Pearls and Link that lead to failure and Disappointment in Life:


Coming to Costs. Have a look at Sourcing costs and selling costs of cheap quality goods:


Table showcasing costs and profits of commercial quality goods. Non Gem Grade Material As Per Gemstone Pyramid

Cost per carat Sales per carat Profit % Return Planetary Result
200 1500 1300 650 Zero

These are typical average selling price of bluff dyed and treated Blue sapphire. Depending on Customer it is also sold anywhere from INR 3000-INR 5000 per carat( a price point considered to be cheap by the customer)

Graph Indicating Percentage profit and results in Unethical Stone trade

Unethical Trade of Diffused Blue Sapphires. You cheapest Gem is the most expensive

Unethical Trade of Diffused Blue Sapphires. You cheapest Gem is the most expensive


When you buy a 5 carat Gem at INR 1500 per carat you are being held out trash. You are not wearing a Yellow Sapphire. You are wearing a stone that was white in color became yellow with chemical and heating.

Your INR 7500 is a waste.

There goods are not Jyotish Quality. They will not work.

These stones will not appreciate over time. This stone will not have a buy back value.

The only way Vendor can protect himself is by handing out another candy of exchange but no refunds.

You think you are wearing a bigger gemstone that will bestow big results. What you are wearing is a big stone with no results (Check failure case study above). You are not wearing a Gemstone at all.

Ethical Gemstone Trade


Graph and Table Indicating Percentage profit and results in Ethical Gemstone Trade.

Cost Per carat Sales Per carat Profit % Return Planetary Result
13500 15500 2000 14.8 Abundant & Positive


Ethical Gem Trade of Quality goods as per GemPyramid

Ethical Gem Trade of Quality goods as per GemPyramid

Results and conclusions:

To be drawn by yourself.


Respect Planetary Gemology the sacred science of India that creates miracles everyday and protect you. Go back to the article Do Gems Work- No they Don’t for 90% of the people and if implemented correctly you shall have good results. Before you get influenced by price or what a relative or a loved one has to say check the reality and check the professional credentials of your vendor

Gemstones work only with Jyotish Quality Gemstones, to understand Jyotish Quality access the link below:

Here is what the Pioneer Richard Shaw Brown of the PGA has to say about Jyotish Gemstones

Issued in Public Interest and in service to Sacred planetary Gemology Gold Standard in Planetary Gemology


Deo Amabiles Et Hominibus-Pleasing to God and to Men

Failure in Gem Therapy Case Study-Usage of Diffused Thermally Enhanced Thai Yellow Sapphire & Zero Astrological results.

Failure in Gem Therapy Case Study-Usage of Diffused Thermally Enhanced Thai Yellow Sapphire & Zero Astrological  results.

Thai Blue and Thai Yellow Sapphire/Kanchanaburi Yellow Sapphire( Also sold in the pseudonym of Kanaka Pushya Raga, diffused and heated does not work for Jyotish Purposes. This write up is for all those who send us mails on similar lines.

Thermally diffused Thai yellow Sapphire/Kanachanaburi Yellow Sapphire Zero Results

Gem therapy in the realm of Planetary Gemology is a very potent remedial tool that can aid in coaxing the karmic life map to unfold much to an individuals advantage. However, as potent as it might be, challenges appear out of the blue when an individual sets out in a positive direction. This phenomenon is nothing new, nothing unfamiliar to most people.

Have you ever noticed how problems and hurdles crop up out of nowhere as soon as you venture out to do something that is really worthwhile and can be significantly beneficial for you? Have you suddenly fallen ill, faced expected or unexpected opposition and hostility, experienced difficulty in a different aspect of life, something that obstructs your normal functioning, or fallen prey to self-doubt and scepticism?

Altering the Karmic life map isn’t easy and fate throws up numerous challenges in your face to determine how much mettle you have, how tenacious you are or are you really worthy of being allowed to bypass karmic retributions originally planned for you! So even if you have resources in front of you, it may still be a tough ride to circumvent the unrelenting grip of fate.

There are many of our clients with completely noble and respectable intentions but who end up losing time money and direction, caught up unwittingly in this warp.

Here is a example of a young person, who decided to buy the engine separately (read gemstone), chassis separately(read jeweller), sundry parts separately (read nuggets of information acquired randomly, the veracity of which is deplorable), assemble it together and then seek opinion from us why the solution was not giving the desired results!

Notwithstanding this mish-mash mix, there was clear communication sent back and forth each time to this client who, however due to some reason could not hear the voice of reason and kept holding on to a fragile twig each time. Here is the mail trail for you to follow and understand how the mind clouds out, even the simplest pieces of good information, when fate denies the opportunity for remedy.

(Mail Trail)


Doubting Thomas needed to experience the wound before he believed! And sometimes individuals need to go through fire before they can see light.


Communication with a Client who implemented Therapy with a poor quality heat treated Sapphire similar to the video above and got zero results. See the communication, check his certificate and never let such kind of a thing happen to you.

DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=gamma; h=domainkey-signature:mime-version:in-reply-to:references:date :message-id:subject:from:to:content-type; bh=fM9iv2WVl g7eQac3q2i2Sho 3C4LoHbiw23p/ XrCk=; b=wcBVRW/Ssrx/dhRVXL3caaDmTYGhjU/7zceq2l2bfaDxacyN02kSA2Um3g03Do3iOB ObH0d4JIsqgPs/l r3Kks3sINMTqgdlnst95DtD 5dHuGrSgz7kAzClbnLlc1J8/Nx28 3XOClyXJluMC9amZOnmSTriRcBNCLf3/rOBjI=

Some areas have been blanked out to protect privacy. DKIM Signature above for those interested.


Mail 1

—— Original Message ——
Received: Mon, 25 Apr 2011 03:12:46 PM IST
From: ***** <*****>
To: Gemstoneuniverse

Subject: VM25A-AJ1135

Hi. I have worn the gemstones prescribed by you for almost 3 years, but there hasn’t been any movement in my career. I bought the most expensive gemstones I can afford from a reputed jeweller. I am trying to get into fashion photography but have not made any headway as yet. I look forward to you suggestions. Moreover I’ve got my name changed from xxxxx (vvvvvvv was an experimental name) to xxxxxxxx just recently in my legal documents.


Client specifies that he is wearing most expensive Gemstones.?

He specifies that these have been from a reputed jeweller.?

Reply to Mail 1

On Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 7:55 AM, Gemstoneuniverse wrote:


Thank you for mailing Gemstone Universe. Regret to inform you that we cannot say anything till we see the physical samples or the certificates. Kindly scan the certificates across.

Thank You,

We Remain,

Services-Gemstone Universe

Mail 2.

Received: Mon, 25 Apr 2011 09:20:12 PM IST
From: ***** <*****>
To: Gemstoneuniverse

Subject: Re: VM25A-AJ1135/IB

Hi. I am afraid I don’t have the certificate with me but the stones were certified by gemology institute of India. I can assure you that I am wearing good quality original stones. It’ll be great if you could suggest something else.



Thank you for mailing Gemstone Universe. Cannot say anything tangibly in absence of concrete data!. However we receive queries similar to your around 2-3 times in a month. We have decided to address this issue in the blog. You can expect a post on this in the next two weeks.

Thank You,

We Remain,




Client Says Gems are of good quality certified by GII but does not have the certificate.?

Client has gone on a tangent other than original communication and wants some alternate solution.?


Mail 3

—— Original Message ——

Received: Mon, 02 May 2011 11:28:06 PM IST
From: ***** <*****>
To: “Gemstoneuniverse
Subject: Re: VM25A-AJ1135/IB

Hi. Thanks for your reply to my query…just wanted to know what else I need to do to have a more favourable time. All my effort to get my career on track is going down the drain. I’ll send you scan of the certificate soon. Also I wanted gem prescription report for my mother, but she doesn’t have her birth details.


Client still wants an alternative solution.

Now says shall scan the certificate across.

Mail 4

—— Original Message ——

Received: Thu, 05 May 2011 07:03:37 PM IST
From: ***** <*****>
To: Gemstoneuniverse
Subject: Re: VM25A-AJ1135/IB

Hi. I got it tested from a lab in Lajpat Nagar. The stone was in the ring when they tested it. I don’t know what you’ll think of this report. This is the most I can do. I can’t send it to a gemology lab in Mumbai. It’s found to be an authentic natural sapphire. It should have worked to some extent.

Gem Report Sent by the Client that clearly specifies that the Gem is Thermally enhanced. even Mud on earth is natural. The Lab should always test for treatment!

Gem Report Sent by the Client that clearly specifies that the Gem is Thermally enhanced. even Mud on earth is natural. The Lab should always test for treatment!


Client who said in the first communication that his Gem is certified from GII and procured from a reputable jeweller now gets it certified from a 3rd lab and sends his certificate that clearly states that it is a thermally treated Sapphire but still continues…… Check his own certificate below. He wants to know what we at Gemstoneuniverse think of this report.

Client”s sapphire is Thermally enhanced Sapphire Clearly Stated by the Lab. Please click the link below to know more about what exactly a Jyotish Quality Gemstone is and never compromise on your Gem Quality.




Thank you for mailing Gemstone Universe. What do we think of this report:

It’s your gem, You got it tested, the certificate clearly states what it is. Even Mud and stones found on ground are natural. It fails the first basic touchstone of what a Jyotish Gemstone is. So how will a bogus treated gemstone work? It is a non gem quality material as per the Gemstone pyramid

To know more about what exactly is a Jyotish Quality Gemstone please click the link below:

To know more about the Gemstone pyramid please click here:

To know how Gem therapy Fails please click the link below:

The Lab has detected Thermal enhancement and that itself renders this useless. The lab does not specify the kind of thermal enhancement. This generally happens in the following cases:

1) Lab does not have equipment for the same.

2) Individual sending the sample has especially not requested further information.

The following kinds of Thermal enhancements are available:

CE(LG) Clarity enhancement by heating: processed with lead(Pb) and other chemical elements-bearing glass in fissures and/or cavities. The unmounting is recommended in case of jewelry repair as heat, chemicals, and other factors may damage the stone.

RGC Extensive clarity enhancement by heating: significant amount of lead(Pb) and other chemical-bearing glass in fissures and/or cavities forming a composite. The unmounting is highly recomended in case of jewelry repair as heat, chemicals, and other factors can easily demage the stone.

CE(GR) Clarity enhancement by heating: fissures of the stone are filled with non-lead(Pb) chemical elements-bearing glass and/or substances solidified with re-crystallized corundum (“residues”).

CE(C/F) Clarity enhancement by heating: glassy foreign substances which can be dissolved by hydrofluoric acid are completely and/or partially filling a cavity/cavities. The “residues” (see above) are also within fissures.

ECE(C/F) Extensive clarity enhancement by heating: large undesirable cavities are completely filled with glassy foreign substances (see above). Fractures and fissures are also significantly filled with “residues” (see above).

HTLE Colour enhancement by heat treating with light elements such as beryllium, lithium, boron, etc. The resultant colour is permanent.

From the picture it is a clear HTLE Color stone heated with beryllium.

We hope that this mail addresses your queries. In case of any questions or comments please do not hesitate to e-mail us.

Thank You,

We Remain,

Services-Gemstone Universe


This Jeweller was not reputed but a quack. See the reply above why treatments are not disclosed in the certificates and avoid such bogus Gems, certificates and jewellers.


Mail 5

Received: Fri, 06 May 2011 12:20:22 AM IST
From: ***** <*****>

Subject: Re: VM25A-AJ1135/IB

Hi. I can’t really trust the report of that lab, nor do I expect you to do it. I can send the gemstone with the ring for you guys to have a look at it. I can bet you that it’s a good quality stone. It has been enhanced to look attractive but not ‘thermally enhanced’.


You can make your own observations dear patrons on this one!



Thank you for mailing Gemstone Universe. Enhancement means Gem does not qualify to be Jyotish Quality.

At Gemstoneuniverse we have a policy of not examining, appraising or giving our opinion on 3rd party goods.

If the Lab from which you have got it certified does not inspire trust in you, request you to engage services of one that does.

Thank You,

We Remain,

Services-Gemstone Universe


At Gemstoneuniverse we believe in service to planetary Gemology, delivering great solutions that work and doing good quality work.

Even though all the information that empowers you to implement Gem therapy correctly is there on the website, still we receive communication similar to the above wherein individuals implement therapy incorrectly. We hope this post shall cut down this communication and we shall be able to deliver more time to those individuals who are really passionate about Gemstone Therapy and who understand that import of the Karmic Life Map and to planetary Gemology.

©1999-2011,, All rights reserved.






The Gold Standard in Planetary Gemology

Deo Amabiles Et Hominibus-Pleasing to God and to Men

Guard yourself against Useless Fake Pearls for Jyotish Gemstone Therapy-Don’t deceive yourself. Keshi Pearls, South Sea Pearls & Chinese Pearl are cultured and Non Natural Pearls.

Guard yourself against Useless Fake Pearls for Jyotish Gemstone Therapy-Don’t deceive yourself. Keshi Pearls, South Sea Pearls & Chinese Pearl are cultured and Non Natural Pearls.

Guard yourself against Useless Fake Pearls for Jyotish Gemstone Therapy-Don’t deceive yourself. Keshi Pearls, South Sea Pearls & Chinese Pearl are cultured and Non Natural Pearls.

Guard yourself against Useless Fake Pearls for Jyotish Gemstone Therapy-Don’t deceive yourself. Keshi Pearls, South Sea Pearls & Chinese Pearl are cultured and Non Natural Pearls.

A Sad event and several time wasting similar communication prompted this post. Last year a patron had taken a Gemstone recommendation from us. Her primary motive for reaching out to us was to bring some harmony in her marital life and relief from stress. Now she has Moon in Scorpio– a debilitating position discussed in detail by Guruji Shrii Arnav. You can access that resource at the link below:

To cut a long story short, she was recommended to wear an unheated Yellow Sapphire and a Natural Pearl. This year June 2011 we hear from her saying:

I have been wearing Pearl and Yellow Sapphire as per your recommendation but things have gone bad to worse and my Husband has filed for a divorce

Now these Gemstones were not sourced from us. In most of these cases of failure and incorrect therapy we try to be as factual as possible and asked her to scan across her Gemstone certificates including the X Ray Radiography for the Pearl so that we could assess if she was actually wearing  Jyotish Quality Gemstones or not.

Her reply was: Do I need to get the radiography report now that He has already filed for Divorce?

We have hundreds of such case studies and we shall now be starting a section for the same!

But again request all of you the nth Time- Read the Article-Do Gemstones Work – No They Don’t for 90% of the People by Guruji Shrii Arnav and you shall find your solution there. If you read it a hundred times you shall get a new message that has the potential to alter the Karmik Life Map. Please click the link below to read the article:

Keeping our discussion short and crisp about these Pearls featured below. Check out the Video below  for the exhibits information. All these Pearls are imitation Pearls with zero value in Gem Therapy. They cannot be used for Moon energy. They will deliver absolutely zero results to be used as a Moon Gemstone. They are 100 % cultured imitation pearls. Cheap, beautiful but zero results.

To know more about what exactly is a Real Natural Pearl please click the resource below:


To be used in the sacred science of Jyotish and Planetary Gemology a Pearl has to be fully natural, made in nature by accident, full of lustre and not by irritating a living organism and calling it culture? Just visit a Pearl Farming area and see how surgery is performed on the mollusc and what extra things are done to increase yield. You will never wear or patronize these Pearls again.

Exhibit A

Keshi Pearl: A keshi pearl is a non-beaded pearl formed by accident as a by-product of a pearl culturing operation. Among all these Pearls this one is used by unethical traders citing it as original due to its irregular surface. Keshi has its use in jewellery but for planetary Gem therapy purposes it is useless. Some traders even go a bit further in their sales pitch and call it as a Burmese Pearl which again is not a natural pearl. We did a detailed story on Burmese Pearl and that can be found at the resource below:


Exhibit B

South Sea Pearl

A South Sea pearl is pearl produced by the Pinctada maxima mollusk. They are currently cultured in areas throughout the Indian and Pacific Oceans, primarily in Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar. Unethical traders cite the dots on the Pearl or a protrusion to peddle it as Natural. Most auction sites will have vendors with the higesht quanity of cheap south sea pearl. They sell it calling it as Moti and 100% real. Ask for a X Ray certificate and these vendors shall vanish in thin air. This is the highest selling pearl by unethical elements.

Most of the south sea pearls are cultured and only a few rare ones-the miracles of nature are natural.

And if they are natural they will be accompanied with a X Ray Report  to find out if there are really natural or not.


Buy Pearl Stone Online | Buy Pearl Stone Online in India

Exhibit C

A cheap Chinese Tissue nucleated button Pearl. This is the most commercially abused Pearl quality especially in India. You can buy a Kilo of them for Rs. 1000($22), Yes 1 Kg for Rs.1000 should you reach the right source. Again it is not natural and Zero Value for planet moon.

Exhibit D

A Pearl Stand necklace from Hyderabad. Under the royal Patronage of the Nizams Hyderabad developed as a major Pearl centre. Pearls come in many shapes and of particular interest is the ‘rice-pearl’ – a tiny variety, available in great depth in Char Kaman, Gulzar Haouz and General Bazaar. Around 300 years ago there was a rich influx of Arabian Pearls in Hyderabad. But now Hyderabad is known for rice pearls. Most of the Natural Pearls have gone and what is traded are the above 3 varieties in the desolate hope to  cash on the fame of the past.  More than 99 percent of pearl coming is cultured pearl which again is cheap and is of no value as a Moon Gemstone. Here is what Wikipedia has to Say about Hyderabad Pearls.

In the village of Chandanpet just outside Hyderabad, almost the entire population is engaged in the delicate art of drilling pearls. A skill they have practiced for generations, making Hyderabad one of the largest drilling centres in India. Once the pearls are drilled, they are boiled for about four days to bleach them and rid them of their dark color. They are placed in glass bottles containing hydrogen peroxide, water and ether and sunned for four or five days in glass sun boxes with a mirror base. Finally they are washed and separated through series of different shapes and sizes.

Now are these natural?

Use these Pearls as Jewellery or as adornments. But don’t bluff yourself into believing that this cheap material will work. It will not.

Always wear a Natural Pearl to get good results from Gem therapy and Insist on a Certificate cum x ray report. That single report will cost more than all these exhibits put together. Everything in that video put together will cost less than a proper certification cum xray.

If you budget does not allow you to wear a Natural Pearl then opt for a Natural Blue Sheen Moonstone.  If your budget does not allow that too then wait and accumulate funds slowly for a Real natural Jyotish Quality Pearl -a miracle of nature capable of creating a miracle in your life. Don’t deceive yourself.

Issued in Public Interest and for the cause of Sacred Planetary Gemology.

Addendum on 29th July 2011

We have no idea whether she read this report or not but what is ironical and unfortunate is that in 11th July 2011 we received a scanned sheet of paper which she says is a certificate. This is no certificate. It is a paper that says something to the effect of – Sajha Moti Nu Praman Patra and goes on to say as per our opinion Pearl is real and all testing is done at Owner’s risk.

Excuse us, we do not want your opinion. We want the facts that you should state on the certificate after proper X-Ray diffraction tests. If you have a certificate similar to one she sent, you know what to do.

©1999-2011,, All rights reserved.



Gemstoneuniverse-The Gold Standard in Planetary Gemology

Deo Amabiles Et Hominibus-Pleasing to God and To Men


Scam Alert- Blatant Violations of Copyrights!

Scam Alert- Blatant Violations of Copyrights!


As with all else, there is the flipside of being on the World Wide Web and being the best at what you do, and that is the blatant disregard of ownership of / rights to content. Gemstoneuniverse provides patrons with not only top of the line products and services but also provides in-depth knowledge about everything that falls in the ambit of gem therapy and planetary gemology.

However it has come to our notice that there are sites such

, who have unscrupulously copied entire pages – copyrighted content, picture and what have you to their site. We would like you to know that gemstone universe operates out of the singular office premises at Bangalore in India. No other website/ person/ agent/ franchisee has the authorization or the rights to sell products using our name or on behalf of Gemstone Universe.


We shall not be responsible for any dealing made by people with such fraudulent parties. We request you to exercise caution and to let us know if you come across any such site/ individual, so that they can be brought to book. Gemstone Universe will take legal action against such violations.

It is a request to you dear patrons to help us fight such unethical elements. Knowledge of sacred Gemology is available to only a select few and application of it is even rarer. Do let us know if you find our content copied by others. This will go in a long way towards helping planetary gemology and keep unethical people for cheating others and more importantly prevent unethical people with no knowledge from hurting others.

Issued in Public Interest!

Updates on such scamsters will keep appearing here with date tags and notes:

Update 10th March 2014

This indiviual just copies images copyrighted by Gemstoneuniverse that are certified intellectual property of Gemstoneuniverse, does a bad photoshop job by covering Gemstoneuniverse logo with ludicrous colours and posts on his facebook page as his own.

23rd April 2011

A gracious patron sent a link to another website which has copied our content. No contact details given on the website except for a online contact form:

Thank You dear Patron you have been an awesome resource for us and millions of others.

Update 29th June 2011

Today we received a link that goes a bit further than just a blatant violation of copyrights. Look at the blog link of an individual who goes by the Name Rishi Goldsmith:

This blog copies Guruji Shrii Arnav’s defining work Do Gems work- No they don’t for 90% of the people. A classic piece of work that has touched countless lives in a positive manner and led to profound changes in the lives of the people worldwide!

Leave alone the fact that he does not mention that this work does not belong to him he has put it as its own , he is happy go lucky in making Gem recommendations?

No it’s not weird or distasteful. It makes one shudder to think that what kind of Gem recommendation this individual would  actually be churning out with borrowed information with the only contribution being a paste job.

The horror stories wherein Gems lead to medical conditions happen because of such distasteful things. Put your own life at risk but not the lives of others.

Update on 22 December 2012

The entire Gemstoneuniverse copyrighted content has been copied including the pictures

Be careful of such characters. They are abundant.

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