Shani Mantra for wearing Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Shani Mantra for wearing Blue Sapphire Gemstone | How to wear Blue Sapphire

Ceylon Blue sapphire with Cornflower colour

Ceylon Blue sapphire with Cornflower colour

Blue Sapphire Gemstone

The Blue Sapphire Gemstone also called as “ Neelam” in Hindi, is the Gem of the Karmik planet Saturn/ Shani as per Vedic Astrology. A fast acting Gemstone it enhances the power of Saturn in the horoscope. If suitable to the individual it blesses with health, wealth and happiness. Many People believe that the Blue Sapphire is the fastest acting Jyotish Gemstone.

Blue Sapphire benefits

Mantra for wearing Blue Sapphire, How to wear Blue Sapphire

Ideally your Blue Sapphire ring or Blue Sapphire pendant should be consecrated and energized as per full Vedic rites. In case Vedic Pooja of your Blue Sapphire is not possible, it is best to chant any of the following mantras for 11 or 108 times and pray to Lord Saturn before wearing your Blue Sapphire

Vedic Stotra Mantra for Shani Planet

|| Nilanjan samabhasam raviputram yamagrajam chaya martand sambhutam tam namami shainshcharam||

Meaning of Shani Navagraha Stotra Mantra

I worship the Blue Eyed Lord Saturn who is the Son of Sun, The elder brother of Yama, born to Chaya and Martand (Sun).

Tantrik Beeja Mantra for Shani/Saturn

Om Praang Preeng Proung Sah Shaneschray Namah

Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in April 2014 Table Natural Blue Sapphire Gemstone Facts

Gemstone Natural Blue Sapphire
Weight 3.01 carats
Treatment None. Fully Natural,
Origin Srilanka / Ceylon
Planetary Energy Saturn
Patron Location Chennai/ India
All inclusive Price $ 2622 / INR 158117
Comments  Featured today is a Blue Sapphire ring set in white gold. The highlight of today’s ring is the silky cornflower blue colour of the sapphire that is quite close to the Kashmir Sapphire and the exceptional clarity that enables the full play of light. Lovely unheated and Natural Blue sapphire that is all of 3+ carats and has the hallmark of a true Jyotish Gemstone. Transparency is an essential character in both Gemstones and individuals who want to reap benefits of good Gem therapy.Note: Thank You dear patron for your gracious testimonialTo view this Gemstone before it was set please click here.

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