What are the Physical properties of the Green Emerald Gemstone?

What are the Physical properties of the Green Emerald Gemstone?

Fine Colombian Emerald from the Gemstoneuniverse collection set in an amulet style pendant

Fine Colombian Emerald from the Gemstoneuniverse collection set in an amulet style pendant

The most precious Gemstone of the Beryl Family is the emerald. Listed in detail here are physical properties of the Emerald gemstone including hardness, crystal system, specific gravity etc.


Physical Properties of the Emerald Gemstone


A beautiful and distinct green color that ranges between bluish green to slightly yellowish green. Stones with a light tone or a low saturation should be called “green beryl” instead of emerald. To know more about the sacred shades of emerald please click here.


The Emerald Gemstone is always almost an included gemstone with distinct clarity characteristics. Majority of Natural emerald has eye-visible characteristics that can be inclusions, surface-reaching fractures, or healed fractures. To know Emerald clarity for Jyotish Purposes please click here.


Vitreous( Glass Like in Appearance)


One direction of imperfect cleavage


Compared to Ruby and Sapphire the Emerald is very soft but is an excellent gemstone when used for setting as Jewelry ring/ pendant, but majority of emerald specimens have inclusions and surface-reaching fractures that compromise their durability. One should not let harmful chemicals or acid come near the Emerald gemstone. It is also advised that Emerald be cleaned with lukewarm water, soft brush and gentle skin soap solution/ mild shampoo. It should never be cleansed in an Ultrasonic Cleaner.

Mohs Hardness

7.5 to 8. More about Moh’s Scale

Specific Gravity

2.7 to 2.8

Chemical Composition


Emerald’s green color is caused by trace amounts of chromium or vanadium. Chromium is the Miracle Trace element that causes the red color in a Ruby and Green colour in the Emerald.

Crystal System

Hexagonal. Often as prismatic crystals.

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Please view the video of this brilliant Emerald Gold pendant to appreciate the 4C’s of cut, color, clarity and carat weight and also some of the Physical properties listed above.

One such property discussed is the Lustre. View and admire the sharp, bright green glassy appearance as light travels through its facets.

Beautiful and endearing brigh green Colombian emerald with exceptional clarity that makes it a special gemstone- A True Jyotish Gemstone that shall deliver the promised results only Jyotish Gemstones are capable of delivering.

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