Overcoming delay in marriage & attaining domestic bliss by using a Yellow Sapphire/Pukhraj

Overcoming delay in marriage & attaining domestic bliss by using a Yellow Sapphire/Pukhraj



Jupiter Blesses the females with Happy married life and harmonious liberating relationships

Jupiter Blesses the females with Happy married life and harmonious liberating relationships





As per western Astrology, the general thought is that Venus is the significator for all relationships. However Vedic Astrology is much more exact and specific. As per Vedic Astrology Venus is the significator for marriage and relationships in a male horoscope and Jupiter is the permanent significator of marriage and relationships in a female horoscope.

One of the common folk sayings in India is:

Kanya Ke Vivah main Jab ho Raha Ho Avrodh

Vidvan Tab Karte Hain Peet Mani par Shodh.

Translated into English it means when there is a delay or obstacles in marriage of a girl, the experts then examine and research the use of Yellow Sapphire.


It is well documented statistically that many females who have worn a Jyotish Quality Yellow Sapphire for attainment of marriage, stability in relationships have achieved success.

This is one such case when Gems are worn as per achievement of gain of an objective, however even though Yellow Sapphire gives good results, it is vital that the following points are thoroughly analyzed and addressed before a Yellow Sapphire is worn to ensure safety and to ensure positive results. In absence of these the chances of failure as an outcome increase exponentially.


Factors to analyze before wearing Yellow Sapphire for overcoming delay in marriage

1) Analysis of the 7th house of the chart.

2) Diagnosis of Any special conditions causing delay in marriage.

3) Performance of remedial measures for any conditions as per clause 2 above.

4) Analysis of the Navamsa Chart.

5) Ensuring that Jupiter does not possess death inflicting or disease inflicting powers in the chart.

6) Special analysis and assessment in case Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn.

7) Ensuring that only a Real Jyotish Quality consecrated and energized yellow Sapphire is worn in the index finger of left hand.


In special cases the Yellow Sapphire should also  be consecrated with Katyayani Mantras in addition to Jupiter mantras.

If the above points are carefully paid attention to, we have seen many female individuals getting benefit. Many of them have to get a good match and many have been able to achieve a harmonious relationship and overcome discord in domestic life.

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Gemstoneuniverse.com Table Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Facts




Natural Yellow Sapphire of 3.49 carats Gemstoneuniverse

Natural Yellow Sapphire of 3.49 carats Gemstoneuniverse





Gemstone Natural Yellow Sapphire
Weight 3.49 carats
Treatment None. Fully Natural
Origin Sri Lanka/Ceylon
Planetary Energy Jupiter
Patron Location Sharjah,UAE
All inclusive Price $ 1926.30 / INR 104020
Comments Featured today is what really a super Jyotish Quality Yellow Sapphire is. If you want to understand what is really meant by flawless have a look of the Video of this Yellow Sapphire. Loupe clean clarity with a scintillating cut makes it an instrument of destiny recalibration. Add to that the fantastic Golden Butter Yellow spread evenly all over the crystal. That it is unheated makes a 3.49 carat weight rare and desirable. It is Gems like this that deliver results for Gem therapy.  A fantastic spread for 10 * 7 makes it jewellery grade.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ia4OLO43BI4

The Gemstoneuniverse advantage

This Yellow Sapphire was listed on 05th November 2011 and belonged to the lot Prajapati. We offered it at a fantastic price of $425 per carat. Once year hence if you can get a gem with the same features( read description and view video) at even double the price at a wholesale lot price, you would be very fortunate. As always, once a Gemstone gets listed at Gemstoneuniverse its price never gets altered. We stand by our commitment to make available Planetary Gem therapy and Jyotish gemstones available to individuals who need it the most.

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