Natural Yellow Sapphire – Jupiter’s Importance in Vedic Astrology

Natural Yellow Sapphire – Jupiter’s Importance in Vedic Astrology

Natural Yellow Sapphire of 1.72 carats

Natural Yellow Sapphire of 1.72 carats


Natural Yellow Sapphire Jupiter’s Importance in Vedic Astrology, It is Lord Brihaspati or Jupiter’s is the planetary energy that resides in the natural yellow sapphire gemstones. He is such a powerful force in the pantheon that no ritual, no sacrifice is complete without an invocation to him. He is the mentor of the Gods who is also credited with composing the hymns of the Rig Veda, the ancient treatise on which rests Vedic philosophy and wisdom.

Natural Yellow Sapphire – Jupiter’s Importance in Vedic Astrology

Jupiter is a saatvik planet and is he significant of dharma, spirituality, wisdom, clarity, fortune, wealth, law and justice. Jupiter is a very important planet for the female individuals as he is the significator of marriage in a woman’s horoscope and determines the relationship with husband. Blessings and grace of Jupiter are also vital for a happy and blissful married life.

Jupiter is best placed in the sign of Cancer as it finds exaltation in this sign. It gives good results when placed in the signs of Pisces or Sagittarius, which it owns. Jupiter placed in the 4th house also gives the individual good results as it gains digbala. To know more about Yellow sapphire astrology, learn about Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstones Benefits.

Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in February 2013 Table Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstone in Vedic Astrology Facts


Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstone


1.72 carats


None. Fully Natural


Sri Lanka/Ceylon

Planetary Energy


Patron Location

New York, USA

All inclusive Price

$ 1035 / INR 57960


Featured today is beautiful natural and unheated yellow sapphire of 1.72 carats set in 22-karat gold as a Jupiter talisman pendant. The cushion cut Ceylon Pukhraj yellow sapphire is a gorgeous light butter yellow in colour and has fantastic clarity. This unheated yellow sapphire from Srilanka has a fine lustre too.Natural yellow sapphire also known as pukhraj/ pushyaraag is the gemstone of planet Jupiter/ Guru/ Brihaspati. The Natural yellow sapphire in vedic astrology is always set in the precious metal yellow gold befitting Brihaspati’s status as the mentor of the gods, the royal priest!

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