What is the Golden Canary Yellow Colour in Yellow Sapphires?

Natural Yellow Sapphire having the Golden Canary Yellow ColourGolden Canary Yellow Sapphire Infinite Intelligence ring.

What is the Golden Canary Yellow Colour in Yellow Sapphires?

The Yellow Canary

The most brilliant and sought after colour in natural yellow sapphire is called as Canary Yellow or Golden Canary Yellow. It is a vivid, brilliant sparkling Yellow with a high saturation.

The color finds its description and roots from the Yellow Canary Bird. The yellow canary (Serinus flaviventris) is a small bird in the finch family. It is a resident breeder in much of the western and central regions of southern Africa and has been introduced to Ascension and St Helena islands.

Most of the yellow canaries are typically 13 cm in length. The color of the adult male canary is a brilliant bright yellow that is called as the Golden Canary Yellow Colour and this is the most sought after colour in Natural Yellow Sapphires.

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Gemstoneuniverse.com Table Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Facts

Gemstone Natural Yellow Sapphire
Weight 2.06 carats
Treatment None. Fully Natural
Origin Srilanka
Planetary Energy Jupiter
All inclusive Price $1375.50 / 85,122.81 INR


Colored Gemstones are mostly about the intensity and purity of color and like in this ring for example all Yellow’s are not created equal or are not equally pleasing.

See the brilliant Golden Canary yellow colour in this natural and unheated yellow sapphire. At clarity over 95% and an excellent cut the light play looks miraculous over its various facets and gives the impression of it having liquid gold inside the Yellow Sapphire crystal.

The ring has a contrast of 18K White Gold and Yellow Gold. The Yellow Sapphire is surrounded by 16 petals that indicate blossoming of infinite intelligence and the dawn of self realization. View the video in HD to experience this beautiful Yellow Sapphire ring. It is features such as this that makes Jyotish Gemstones very special and delivers the best results.

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