Exotic African Gift – A natural, untreated Madagascar Ruby in a Sun Talisman Ring

Exotic African Gift – A natural, untreated Madagascar Ruby in a Sun Talisman Ring




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Gemstoneuniverse.com Table Natural Madagascar Ruby Gemstone Facts

Gemstone Natural Madagascar Ruby
Weight 1.42 carats
Treatment None.
Origin Madagascar
Planetary Energy Sun
Patron Location Hampshire, United Kingdom
All inclusive Price $ 1566 / INR 84564
Comments The enchanting gemstones and deep fascination go hand in hand. Among gems too, rubies hold a special place… Forever the symbol of passion, courage, beauty and royalty, rubies have thrilled the human sesnses.Featured today is an exotic african lovely – a stunning scarlet purplish red natural, unheated, untreated ruby of 1.42 carats from Madagascar. The splendid gem has been set in 22 karat gold as a Sun talisman ring.

Ruby or manik as it is known is the gem of the King of the Zodiac – the Sun! Sun or Surya’s energy can be harnessed and benefits can be got by wearing a natural ruby talisman after due consecration.

The charm of rubies is matchless and people especially, royalty and in positions of power have favoured this particular gem. It is commomn knowledge that Heads of state often exchange gifts when they visit other nations.

Interestingly, when the ritual annual list of the gifts received by Obamas in the first year as the First Family of the United States, it was highlighted that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia had gifted among several other pieces of expensive jewelry, a set made with finest rubies and diamonds worth $132,000, to the First Lady Michelle Obama!

However, just for you to know, by law, most gifts to U.S. officials must be turned over to the government and the jewelry has already been sent to the National Archives.

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