Exceptional color in a Checkerboard Cut Natural Iolite – Powerful Substitute Gem for Natural Blue Sapphire

Exceptional color in a Checkerboard Cut Natural Iolite – Powerful Substitute Gem for Natural Blue Sapphire

Natural Madagascar Iolite of 2.06 carats Gemstoneuniverse.com

Natural Madagascar Iolite of 2.06 carats Gemstoneuniverse.com


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Gemstoneuniverse.com Table Natural Iolite Gemstone Facts

Gemstone Natural Iolite
Weight 2.06 carats
Treatment None. Fully Natural
Origin Madagascar
Planetary Energy Saturn
Patron Location California, USA
All inclusive Price $ 227.14 / INR 12265.56
Comments All gemstones naturally have an allure and appeal. However, aside of quality of the gem, the lapidary also makes a tremendous amount of difference to the overall appeal of the gem.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZJ9WZALZAA

Lapidary is derived from the word lapis or stone and refers to the art of cutting and polishing of gemstones. The term lapidary takes in its ambit all of the many techniques used to make a raw gemstone more attractive and useful. While some gemstones like turquoise are polished, others must be cut to get the best out of them.

Featured today is a beautiful natural Madagascar Iolite of 2.06 carats set in sterling silver as a Saturn talisman ring. Please note that this is a Planetary Bhasma Iolite ring where the shami/khejri bhasma – the sacred herbal ash of the herb of planet Saturn has been sealed into the tubular channel, which stands as a design element on the sides of the gem.

The cushion cut iolite has excellent clarity and a royal bluish violet color, exceptional among iolites – for a moment it has you wondering if it is indeed a blue sapphire! The gem has a beautiful checkerboard cut. The gem is cut into a multitude of square facets spaced regularly around the stones surface, giving a ‘Checkerboard’ effect of light and dark squares when moved in the light.

Natural iolite or neeli gem, is a substitute gem for natural Blue Sapphire/ neelam gemstone and is used to harness the saatvik energies of Planet Saturn/ Shanidev in planetary gem therapy.

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