Ceylon Yellow Sapphire | Gemstone for Education and Academic Success

Ceylon Yellow Sapphire | Gemstone for Education and Academic Success

Natural Yellow Sapphire Planetary Bhasma ring

Natural Yellow Sapphire Planetary Bhasma ring


One of the oft received queries when individuals consider planetary gem therapy is whether wearing a jyotish gemstone can help in gaining success in matters related to education. The answer is a most definitive YES.



In Vedic astrology, the planet Jupiter also known as Brihaspati or Guru is regarded as the planet ruling over learning and education. Jupiter is the teacher of gods and deities. For the purpose of astrological analysis, he is the significator of wisdom and memory in an individual’s birth chart.

What needs to be kept in mind here is that there is a clear distinction between wisdom and intellect. While Jupiter rules over wisdom, Mercury rules over intellect. While wisdom is a subtler inner trait – that fine sense of judgement, the sum of knowledge (including that which resides in the subconscious), discernment of right from wrong; intellect refers to the ability to grasp knowledge, capacity to internalise, think or reason. Intellect is the ability to ‘use’ the knowledge!

Buddha - Wisdom

If one were to give a mental imagery to both, wisdom could be represented by the Buddha-like all-knowing, radiant face while intellect could be portrayed as the inside of a geek’s mind that tosses and churns concepts, ideas and knowledge around in several permutation and combinations to ‘use’ that knowledge.

The Geek brain

The Geek brain

Education in an individual’s horoscope is seen from more than one house. The 2nd house of the horoscope indicates elementary level education, the 4th house of the horoscope is indicative of education during middle and high school. Academic pursuits relating to graduation or further / advanced levels are contemplated from the 5th house or bhava. Even though there are divergent views on this topic we can safely state based on statistics collated over several years that all these 3 houses need to be analysed.

While giving power to Jupiter naturally blesses individuals with good memory, an inclination to learn and give a rather organised or structured approach towards endeavours in education. Wearing the yellow sapphire – the gemstone of Jupiter can aid success in education.


Who can wear Yellow Sapphire/ Pukhraj

Individuals with Scorpio ascendant or Leo ascendant can especially benefit and gain academic success by wearing yellow sapphire gemstone talisman. It is also a fantastic gemstone for Pisces and Sagittarius ascendant. While these are general astrological precepts and guidelines, it is always recommended that individual horoscope analysis be done in order to facilitate accurate gemstone recommendation and best results from planetary gem therapy.

Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to Gemstoneuniverse.com patrons in September 2013

Gemstoneuniverse.com Table Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Facts


Natural Yellow Sapphire


2.38 carats


None. Fully Natural


Sri Lanka/Ceylon

Planetary Energy


Patron Location

Bangalore /India

All inclusive Price

$ 1354.87 / INR 88066.00


Featured today is a fine yellow sapphire from Srilanka, of 2.38 carats set in 22-karat gold as a Jupiter talisman. The mixed cushion cut gem has a butter yellow colour and excellent lustre and clarity. The gem has been set as planetary bhasma talisman ring with the sacred herbal ash of Ashwath sealed in the tubular design next to the gem. The symbol of Jupiter also stands in relief on the shanks of this yellow sapphire ring. Ashwath or ficus religiosa is the sacred planetary herb of Jupiter.Natural yellow sapphire or pukhraj gemstone is the planetary gemstone of planet Jupiter and is worn as a talisman to harness the energies of Jupiter.

View this Natural Ceylon yellow sapphire gemstone before it was set in the ring.

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