Top 5 Things to look for while Buying Gemstones Online

Top 5 Things to look for while Buying Gemstones Online

Buying Gemstones Online

Flawless Jyotish Rubies from Mozambique from Lot Agni

Insider Secrets to the top 5 things to look for while buying Gemstones online like a professional for the best buy price wise/ quality wise.

New Lot of Rubies for Gemstoneuniverse Patrons-Agni

The gemstones can be worn for any reasons due to healing and protection, beauty or any other purpose, but ensure you buy the genuine gems.

This gives you the entire value of the gem which is worth the investments. In the recent years, just like other items, even buying gemstones online has become too common. After all, it is the most convenient and comfort zone to buy gemstones online by making few clicks.

Below are some of the steps that you need to consider while buying gemstones online. By following these steps, you will be able to take the right decision in the entire buying process.

Color Consideration is Important

Buying Gemstones Online

Check for Purity of Colour

While buying the stones, gemstone color would definitely be the important factor to be considered. Ensure that the color of the gems is pure and no mixture of shades is found. If you wish to buy blue stones, you should know that the blue color varies from the bluish green.

So, do not get confused. The color of a gemstone is based on its hue, saturation, as well as tone. You should check the tone and saturation first, which must be higher; so that, the color comes up better and purer.

While, the top shades are found to be the true colors that arrive with a single shade and no other color is mixed. The only thing is, the owner of the website from where you wish to buy these gemstones, should provide the right photo shots and if possible high quality video of the gems. This assists to get better idea, and taking decision becomes easy. With the perfect photograph of the gems, you will get clear idea of both the color of the gem as well as its clarity.

Price and Color Comparison

Since there are several dealers who sell the gemstones online, you need to find the right dealers. To find out the right dealers, first thing you have to do is to compare the color and price of the gems before deciding to buy.

Though it might be a toughest job to compare the price of the gem per carat, you can compare the prices considering 2 gemstones of the same weight. The prices of gemstones vary as per the quality and purity.

 Know about the treatments

When you buy gemstones online, you should also check for the treatments done to the stone. Heating is one of such treatments applied to the gems.

While the price of such type of stones are usually less compared to the untreated stones. Suppose you are buying stones just for the astrological purpose, then better you buy the untreated ones. Else heat treatment would destroy the stone qualities bringing negative effects.

Knowing the Origin is Essential

Buying Gemstones Online

Does Origin Have an Impact on Gemstone Effect

You may be interested in knowing the origin of the stone, and this can make you to invest on the right gemstone. If you have the idea about the origin, you can buy the product with ease without many struggles.

Get Gem Lab Certification

Gemstoneuniverse GIA Certification for Blue Sapphire

Gemstoneuniverse GIA Certification for Blue Sapphire

When you buy gems, ensure to check the certificate from the independent and well-established gem lab. This type of certification will definitely add value to your purchase. Thus, always check for the certification before buying.

These are the few things that will assist you in making the best buying decision of the precious gemstones.

New Lot of Unheated Rubies from Gemstoneuniverse:

Gemstoneuniverse is pleased to present the new Lot of Rubies for its patrons. Important Features of this Ruby Lot are:

– This Ruby Lot is named as: “Agni” after the fire element which represents the primary planetary Energy of its planetary Lord Sun.

– The Colour is a Vibrant Pinkish Red almost akin to the Kaner Flower which is very dear to Lord Surya and is offered to as Arghya to Lord Sun.

Kaner Flower Representing Lord Surya

Kaner Flower Representing Lord Surya

– The clarity is 96% and higher which is very rare in a fully natural, unheated Gemstone.

– Each single ruby is beautifully cut, full of lustre, auspicious and full of purity.

– Free from any of the flaw as listed in the sacred texts.

– True Jyotish Gemstone that shall deliver cherished results that only Jyotish Gemstones are capable of delivering.

– Cut from our own rough so backed by our unmatched price policy.

Breaks the market trend of the past 5 years. Find us a better priced Ruby and supply to us at double the rate.

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