6 desirable Emerald properties as per ancient Indian Gemologists

6 desirable Emerald properties as per ancient Indian Gemologists

Happy New Year 2017 Dear Patrons and Viewers

Happy New Year 2017 Dear Patrons and Viewers

Dear Gemstoneuniverse Viewers, Patrons, Lovers of Indian Astrology Gemstones and the science of Planetary Gemology- the team at Gemstoneuniverse wishes you a very Happy New Year 2017. We all join in unison in our prayers that

2017 be a milestone year for you ushering in the gifts of Good health, happiness, abundance and prosperity.

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Stunning Emerald Diamond Pendant from the Gemstoneuniverse Collection

Stunning Emerald Diamond Pendant from the Gemstoneuniverse Collection

It is widely believed that the Indian Civilization had the most advanced information related to Gems and their desired characteristics. In fact, the quotes made in sacred texts like the Garuda Purana and the Agni Purana baffles the most reputed modern day Gemologists as how these texts have been so exact in explaining the desired quality of Gemstones and specific traits to look out for in absence of tools like a microscope back then or how they have mentioned about treatments like heat and their extensive knowledge of flaws to be avoided in absence of modern day Gemological Tools and instruments.

What is interesting is to know that how in simple tenets profound wisdom was communicated with exactitude. It is an ode to the power of the ancients.

Ancient Indian Gemologists had a 6 step filter before considering the selection of an Emerald. Listed below are the 6 characteristics an Emerald must essentially possess before analysing it on other filters. This 6 step filter gives wonderful results and is a great time saver for the trained eye.

Even people who are connected to the Gem trade will find this 6 step preliminary filter for desired characteristics of Emeralds rewarding. These are not as simple as they appear on paper and for reasons detailed below

6 desirable Emerald properties as per ancient Indian Gemologists

– The emerald should have a rich, luxurious and even colour.

For the common person the above could mean some general terms but in Gemological terms it requires years of training, appreciation of the importance of colour and a deep understanding of hue, tone and Saturation.

– Emit a Soft Glow

– Should be shiny and appear to have specks of Gold dust inside.

– Should be free from any serious external and internal blemishes.

– The Emerald should be properly cut for maximum Light Movement.

– Emerald having mixed colours (having two or more colour shades should be avoided)

If you view the Gemstoneuniverse Emerald Inventory you shall not find a single ordinary Gemstone. View any single Emerald and put the 6 step filter test to it.

There is much more that we bring in by our expertise and information so that you get nothing but the very best. This is in line with our vision of 100% Error Free Gem Therapy wherein your soul focuses is your life and rest everything is taken care of by your team at Gemstoneuniverse.

Gemstoneuniverse.com Table Natural Zambian Emerald Gemstone Facts

Gemstone                                                        Natural Zambian Emerald & Natural Diamonds

Weight                                                              2.112 carats & 0.48cts Diamond (15 No’s)

Treatment                                                        None. Fully Natural

Origin                                                                Zambia

Planetary Energy                                            Mercury

Patron Location                                              USA

All inclusive Price                                            $ 2813 / INR 188859.62*

* Currency conversion as per exchange rate as on date of Shipping.

Gemologists Note for the Jyotish Emerald Pendant Featured today:

Featured today is a high quality and exceptional Jyotish Gemstone Emerald. This beautiful and rich Zambian Emerald is Oval in Shape and all of 2.112 carats. View the video to appreciate the warm soft glow, the richness in colour and the famed gold dust effect the sacred texts speak about. This emerald is brimming with the positive, vibrant and communicative powers of Mercury.

The stunning contrast in beauty is made more evident by the warm lustrous halo of Diamonds (15 in number, exact weight .48 carats).

The verdant green of the Emerald is highlighted by the royal lustrous white of the Diamonds. What you get is a stunning high-end luxurious Emerald Diamond Pendant that is sure to be a show stopper.

A True Jyotish Gemstone that shall deliver results only pure and saatvik Jyotish Gemstones can deliver.

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