5 Tips for a successful Blue Sapphire Test and Trial

Exceptional Blue Sapphire Jyotish Gemstone Ring

Exceptional Blue Sapphire Jyotish Gemstone Ring

5 Tips for a successful Blue Sapphire Test and Trial

Perhaps the most maligned of all Gemstones amongst the Navaratna Gemstones is the Blue Sapphire the Gem of Lord Shani.

It creates fear, anxiety, and apprehension among many people. Here I shall share 5 tops tips for a successful and effective trial for a Blue Sapphire.

These 5 principles have stood the test of time and we have used them for over 2 decades with good, effective and measurable predictable results.

The important key words here are measurable and predictable for if the mind would have a free run in the flights of fantasy it would be  very difficult to quantify symptoms and results.

This piece is especially for those who have emotions on the lines of fear, anxiety, apprehension, belief in the myths surrounding this beautiful Gemstone.

Why Should a Blue Sapphire be tested and tried?

If a competent expert and astrologer asks you to test a Blue Sapphire then you should definitely opt for it.

If the Blue Sapphire is clearly indicated in your birth chart and you are certain about the quality of the Blue Sapphire and are sure that it is a true Jyotish Gemstone free from flaws then no test is required and you can wear it on the auspicious time without any trial.

However there are some conditions in which your astrologer or Astro gemologist may advice you to go for a trial.

At Gemstoneuniverse we have had less then 30 trials for Blue Sapphire in the last 20 years. Detailed reason for that can be found here.

Some of these conditions are:

– Operation of tough Saturn Transits such as Sade Sathi, Kantak Shani (Saturn Transiting 4th to the Moon), Ashtama Shani (Saturn transiting 8th to the Moon sign).

– Commencement of Saturn Major Period or Saturn Sub period wherein Saturn is an important planet in your chart but is posited in an inauspicious house( 8 th house, 12th house etc), enemy sign or debilitation in Aries.

– Individual is involved in Saturn related professions or suffering from classic Saturn related maladies.

Astrologically the above are some of the reasons wherein the Astrologer or the Astro Gemologist may
advise the test and trial for the Blue Sapphire and it is a good way to assess tolerance towards this gemstone.

Junk Commercial Quality Blue Sapphire and Test- Trial is a must

In the practical world, if you are not sure of the Astrologers recommendation, or you are not sure if the Blue Sapphire is a true Jyotish gemstone or is free from the flaws as indicated in the sacred texts then one, should go in for a trial 100% without exception.

Most of the negative results that lead to fear and anxiety manifest when the recommendation is poor or the stone used is commercial quality junk as per the Gem Pyramid or full of flaws as indicated in the sacred texts.

5 Tips for a successful Blue Sapphire Test and Trial

Once you are sure of these two things

– The recommendation of your astrologer inspires confidence in you.

– The Blue Sapphire that you are testing is a True Jyotish Gemstone

These are top 5 tips will increase the chances of the Blue Sapphire suiting you and will give rewarding results. Apply them during test and trial of Blue Sapphire for best results

1) Do the trial in the Pratyantar Dasha (Sub Sub) Period of a planet that is posited well in the chart. Avoid trial during the operation of malefic and stressful periods.

Ensure that the Moon is positive in transit from the date of trial

Ensure that the Moon is positive in transit from the date of trial

2) Choose a Day when the transit of the Moon is auspicious in your chart. Good Gochara and Chandrabala increases the chance of suiting of the Blue Sapphire
to a great extent. The following transits of the moon are effective for a Blue Sapphire Trial( 1st,2nd,3rd,5th
,6th,7th,9th,10th, 11th).

You should be Healthy Free from any ailments before Trial

You should be Healthy Free from any ailments before Trial

Ensure that when you are trying out the Blue Sapphire you are free from any physical ailments such as Fever, Flu.

Meditate on your favourite God before the Trial of Blue Sapphire

Meditate on your favourite God before the Trial of Blue Sapphire

3) Before tying the Blue Sapphire on the Trial Night contemplate, meditate and pray to your favourite God/Goddess/ Isht Devta and ask for Blessings that the Blue Sapphire suit you and bring you good luck and news.

Detailed method of trying and testing the Blue Sapphire along with symptoms to find out
whether it is suiting or not can be found here.

Pray to Lord Shani and Ask for Grace and Success in Blue Sapphire Trial

Pray to Lord Shani and Ask for Grace and Success in Blue Sapphire Trial

4) Pray to Lord Shani (The Ruler of Blue Sapphire) to bless you with grace and success in the trial.

Be Optimistic and Happy before the trail and look forward to it

Be Optimistic and Happy before the trial and look forward to it

5) Be Free from anxiety, fear and look forward to a successful test. If your Astrologer has made a good recommendation and the Blue Sapphire is Jyotish Quality the Blue Sapphire shall surely suit you and Lord Saturn shall bless you. Be hopeful, optimistic and look forward to the next morning.

I am sure that if you follow these 5 tips the Blue Sapphire shall suit you and you shall successfully and safely wear the Blue Sapphire with confidence and good results. Keep it simple and results will follow.

If you are still iffy or not sure after the trial postpone the gem therapy and take sometime before you do a fresh trial. Reading tips about Gem Therapy here will be of great use.

Detailed Method of Trial and testing a Blue Sapphire can be found here

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Gemstoneuniverse.com Table Natural Blue Sapphire Gemstone Facts

Gemstone Natural Unheated Blue Sapphire
Weight 3.03 carats
Treatment None. Fully Natural,
Origin Srilanka / Ceylon
Planetary Energy Saturn
Patron Location Canada
All inclusive Price $ 3724.25 / INR 249,985.04*
Comments View the Video to truly appreciate this Sattvik and Blue Sapphire. Stunning and mesmerizing Blue Sapphire from Ceylon all of 3.03 carats that excels on all 4C’s of cut, colour, clarity and carat weight.

Brilliant, inspiring and liberating Blue that radiates equally all throughout the Gem. The mixed Oval Step cut makes the movement of light dramatic and ensures maximum reflection and lustre. The Gem itself has eye clean clarity.

The design adds to the luxury of this ring with the contrast of Gold and Muted White add to its style value.

A True Jyotish Gem that Shall deliver results only Jyotish Gemstones are capable of.

Jyotish Gems can only be experienced and no words or details of 4C’s would be adequate enough to describe their purity, power of Value. For Lack of Better words they are Divine and Miraculous.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

― Albert Einstein

* Exchange rate at the time of featuring.

Raghav Hawa


Raghav Hawa

Raghav Hawa has trained and practiced Astro Gemology under Guruji Shrii Arnav for 2 decades. He is an Accredited Jewellery Professional from the GIA-Gemological Institute of America and a Certified Planetary Gem Advisor from the Planetary Gemologists Association-Thailand.

At present he is a senior Planetary Gem Advisor at the Gemstoneuniverse Centre of Excellence besides heading Operations at Gemstoneuniverse

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