A Gemstone as Rich and Scintillating as its History – Natural Peridot for Mercury Talisman

A Gemstone as Rich and Scintillating as its History – Natural Peridot for Mercury Talisman

Natural Pakistan Peridot of 3.88carats Gemstoneuniverse



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Gemstoneuniverse.com Table Peridot Gemstone Facts

Gemstone Natural Peridot
Weight 3.88 carats
Treatment None, Untreated
Origin Pakistan
Planetary Energy Mercury, Budh
Patron Location Malaysia
All inclusive Price $ 252.36 / INR 13375.08
Comments Gems are not just a way of adorning the physical body but also of harnessing the several cosmic powers that have come to reside in these precious treasure troves. Human being has been easily overwhelmed by the natural phenomenon and also by there scale. From the glory of the rising sun, the silencing might of the mountains to the sheer terror that nature’s fury can evoke among other phenomenon. Man has, since times immemorial used the energy of the gemstones to level his own energies to handle the juggernaut that rolls around him!


Featured today is a gorgeous natural peridot from the Suppat mines of Pakistan. The treatment free natural peridot of 3.88 carats has been set in Sterling silver as a Mercury talisman. The peridot has a rich color that is somewhere a very luscious mix of apple green and olive. In spite of being a very tough gem to cut and facet, the peridot has a marvellous cut and excellent clarity.

Natural peridot or zabargad is the substitute gem of natural emerald / panna. Peridot is used to harness the energies of planet Mercury also known as Budh in Hinduism. Emerald and peridot are gemstones suitable for individuals with Kanya Lagna and Mithuna Lagna. In other words, emerald and peridot can be worn by individuals with Gemini or Virgo ascendant.

From Marbodes book-Aaron with the Breastplate of 12 Gems

Natural peridot or olivine was a widely used healing as well as ornamental gem even in the ancient times. There is a mention in “De Lapidibus” composed by Marbode, of the use of peridot to get rid of nightmares and fear of dark. Marbode or Marbodius was the Bishop of Rennes, whose verse treatise on the virtues of stones was one of the most popular lapidaries through the 16th century. It is generally considered a medical treatise as most of the verses pertain to the medical virtues of the stones listed.

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