How Many Gems Should You Wear for Planetary Gem Therapy?

How Many Gems Should You Wear for Planetary Gem Therapy?

Natural Untreated Amethyst and white sapphire ring

Natural Untreated Amethyst and white sapphire ring




There are nine planets, 12 zodiac signs, 27 nakshatras combined with many more parameters that decide the course of an individual’s life. If and when, an individual does decide to implement planetary gem therapy, the ideal way is to complete the therapy by wearing all suitable gems. A single gem may give benefits in quite a few areas of life, but a combination of favourable gems is able to render a more holistic experience as well as benefits from implementation of gem therapy.

For instance, planetary positions may sometimes restrict recommendation to a single gem. In certain exceptional cases a maximum of five different gems may suit an individual. In rare cases, gem therapy is not recommended at all. On the other hand a navratna may suit everyone but it requires tremendous good fortune to be able to own one.

One aspect to notice and pay attention to is that an individual’s life is a sum total of parts and one talisman may not be a single point solution. Most of the significant events have a karmic bearing and they precipitate to impart important lessons. Suitable gems and their energies are be able to smoothen the ride with a dash of good fortune thrown in.

Many a times individuals are averse to wearing more than one ring or one talisman on their person. But where there is a will there is a creative way to harness the energy. Gemstones favourable to an individual can be combined into the same ring or pendant and the energies of more than one planets can be harnessed at the same time.

Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in May 2013 Table Natural Amethyst Gemstone Facts


Natural Amethyst

White Sapphire


6.66 carats

0.267 carats (2 piece)


None. Fully Natural

None. Fully Natural



Sri Lanka

Planetary Energy



Patron Location


All inclusive Price

$ 352.45 / INR 19208.52


Featured today is a beautiful natural Brazilian Amethyst of 6.66 carats. The gem has a rich royal purple color and fantastic clarity. The square emerald cut gem has been set in sterling silver. The gem is flanked by two natural treatment free white sapphires from Sri Lanka with a cumulative weight of 0.267 carats.Amethyst also known as katela in Hindi, is the substitute gem for Natural blue sapphire/ neelam. It is the gemstone of planet Saturn. White sapphire also known as the safed pukhraj or naram vajramani is the gemstone of planet Venus/ Shukra.The additional feature of this talisman is that it is a planetary bhasma ring with sacred herbal ash of Saturn (shami) and that of Venus (audambar) sealed into the tube design next to the amethyst gem.

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