Blue Belle of Asia & the Jewel Box of the Indian Ocean

Blue Belle of Asia & the Jewel Box of the Indian Ocean

A Christie's employee holds The Blue Belle of Asia a 392.52 carats sapphire

A Christie’s employee holds The Blue Belle of Asia a 392.52 carats sapphire

Sri Lanka the chosen land of fine and exotic Sapphires

Amongst all coloured Gemstones perhaps the Sapphire family is the most versatile as Sapphires come in all
colours represented in a rainbow. But amongst all the beautiful colours the most alluring, enchanting and exotic are the Blue Sapphires legendary for their beauty as well for their mystical powers.

Some of the notable regions from where Blue Sapphires are most sought after are Myanmar/ Burma, Kashmir, Montana in Australia, Madagascar etc but some of the most remarkable Blue Sapphires have some from the fabled isle of Serendib- The Island of Ceylon known in the modern days as Sri Lanka.

The great explorer, merchant and author- Marco Polo, commented in 1292 that Ceylon was the Jewellery Box of the Indian Ocean.

Marco Polo

Marco Polo

The Blue Belle of Asia-Pride of Asia

Blue Belle of Asia Image Courtesy Christies

Blue Belle of Asia Image Courtesy: Christies

One of the most famous Blue Sapphires ever known to the world is the “Blue Belle” of Asia. This beautiful blue sapphire was found in 1926 in Ratnapura-Ceylon. This marvellous wonder was cut from a larger piece of rough till it reached its final weight of 392.52 carats.

Traded by various individuals and agencies it was acquired by a private individual and then it was missing for over 30 years till it came up for auction in 2014 at Christies.

It was sold for a world record price of nearly 12 million pounds.

The Blue Belle of Asia is beautifully fashioned into a cushion; this Sri Lankan Blue Sapphire is the 4th Largest Facetted Sapphire in the world and has a provenance dating back to 1937.

The most delightful part was that it was sold at a higher price then even the lots containing fine quality coloured Diamonds.

Gemstoneuniverse Presents its New Lot of Sapphires for Its Patrons- “Samarth

Unheated Sapphires from Ratnapura

Unheated Sapphires from Ratnapura

Gemstoneuniverse is pleased to present its new lot of Blue Sapphires “Samarth” for its patrons. Many of the viewers have been waiting for a new lot with patience and have even deferred Gem therapy for a more affordable lot.

You are aware of how Jyotish Gemstones are rare and we do not list a single ordinary gemstone on “Gemstoneuniverse”. This parcel will delight you. Important features of this Lot are:

– All natural, untreated Sapphires free from any treatment.

– Earth mined beauties from Ratnapura Sri Lanka.

– Very High on clarity with clarity levels of 95% and above which is rare for unheated gemstones.

– Pleasing colour shades that range from Light Blue, to Pastel, Violetish
Blue to Deep Royal Blue.

– Beautifully cut for maximum play of light.

– Free from any flaws as listed in sacred texts that interfere with Gem therapy.

– Top Jyotish Gemstones that deliver results only Jyotish Gemstones are capable of.

– Delightful price point. There is something for everybody in this lot. This is as per the Gemstoneuniverse unmatched price policy.

These will be listed this week itself. You can buy Blue Sapphires online by clicking here.

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Red Coral Price Quadruples due to wealthy Chinese Demand

Fine Japanese Red Coral set in Gold ring from Gemstoneuniverse

Fine Japanese Red Coral set in Gold ring from Gemstoneuniverse

Red Coral Price Quadruples

Spiritual Beliefs in China about Coral

Red Coral Price Quadruples due to wealthy Chinese Demand, Red Coral is the Gemstone of Mars as per Vedic Astrology and represents the essential Martian Attributes of Courage, Valour, Ambition and initiative. Representing the signs of Aries and Scorpio precious coral also known as Praval in Sanskrit find extensive use also in Ayurveda and the Praval Pishti (Paste made from Red Coral) is used in many medicinal preparations primarily for curing blood related disorders.

Red Coral Charms and Spiritual Beliefs in China

Red Coral is considered to be a very auspicious charm by the Chinese People and has been accorded importance for several of centuries. Traditional Chinese belief is that the Coral is the representative of the mystical Iron Tree( Tieshu) that grows under the sea and blossoms only once in a 100 years. Red Coral Gemstone is also representative of a long healthy life, respect, awards and honour. It also signifies permanent stable growth of wealth and prosperity. Coral is also the sign of official promotion and recognition in China. A Coral Button on the hat of an official signifies one of the 9 grades of Government officialdom.

Red Coral Price Surge due to heavy demand by Wealthy Chinese

Red Coral Stone Price of the Gem Quality has quadrupled in the past 5 years due to heavy demand of wealthy Chinese individuals. Red Coral Price is high, due to  Jewellery ornaments, artefacts made from Coral are in huge demand due to their beauty as well as metaphysical properties and that has led to this marked surge in the price per gram of gem quality Coral.

Standoff between China and Japan due to illegal poaching of Coral

Around October 2014 more than 200 Chinese fishing boats were spotted in the territories of Ogasawara and Izu island chains in recent days, resulting in calls from Tokyo to put strong pressure on Beijing over this issue. Members of the ruling Liberal Democratic party adopted a resolution calling on the government to lodge the strongest possible protest, adding that they were outraged by the “barbaric act of pulling out coral by the roots”.

Fine Red Coral Ring from the Gemstoneuniverse collection

Featured today is a fine quality blemish free top of the Gem Pyramid Red Coral from Japan. Top Deep Red Ox Blood colour Coral with premium mirrorfinish. Certified using Raman Spectroscopy, this fine Gem is the epitome of a Jyotish Quality Gemstone that shall deliver results only Jyotish Gemstones are capable. The Deep Red shade of the coral contrasts dramatically with the high caratage of 22 K Gold ring. The design element adds to the drama and the draw of this Red Coral ring. Do view the Video to appreciate the true features of Jyotish Gemstones.

You can buy fine quality Natural Red Corals from the Gemstoneuniverse collection After, Seeing Moonga Stone Price Per Ratti here.

Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in June 2016 Table Natural Organic Red Coral
Gemstone Facts


Natural Organic Red Coral


4.300 carats





Planetary Energy


Patron Location

New Hampshire/USA

All inclusive Price

$ 992.50 / INR 66874.65*

* Currency conversion as on the date of featuring the ring.

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Golden Beryl, Heliodor the magical Gemstone of Jupiter

Golden Beryl the magical Gemstone of Jupiter

Golden Beryl Hellidor ring

Golden Beryl Heliodor ring

Get the information on the golden beryl Heliodor the magical gemstone and learn the different symbols and meanings it has in your life.

Buy Natural Golden Beryl-Heliodor Online

Golden Beryl Heliodor the Magical Gemstone

are very precious among many people. They have been put into various uses, especially when it comes to rings. However, to some people they do not really
believe that gemstones actually work. Golden Beryl also known as Heliodor is well known for its use in Jewellery. The best thing about these gemstones is that they possess a high brilliance as well as an excellent hardness, which stands at 7.5. This adds to the durability of these exquisite gemstones, thus they can be worn on a daily basis without getting damaged easily. This article will highlight the various properties possessed by the golden beryl Heliodor the magical gemstone as well as its historical background information.

Golden Beryl Heliodor the Magical Gemstone

Beryl gemstone is quite popular and this has been attributed to the many unique properties it possesses. First, the gemstone is found in different colors,
which include aquamarine, Morganite, emerald and much more.

When it comes to its properties, the gemstone is colorless and found in a pure form. It has the unique appearance as a result of the many color variations.
Emerald is green in color and it has been classified as one of the most valued minerals across the globe. The intensity of the green color is splendid,
thus giving it a more desirable look to be used on a ring. On the other hand, there is the Aquamarine, which falls slightly below the Emerald.

History dates back to 1913 when the first major deposit of the yellow golden beryl was found in Namibia. The gemstone was named after a Greek name;
Heliodor, which means “gift from the sun“. Over the years, Heliodor became popular after the completion of a set of Jewelry that was meant for Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany and his wife.

However, this did not last for long due to the war intervention forcing the Heliodor to be forgotten. Good news is that deposits of golden beryl have been
found in Brazil and Madagascar, thus its availability in the market is high.

The mystical powers of Golden Beryl

Golden beryl was believed to have great impacts in people’s lives. For instance, the Greeks believed that the Golden beryl Heliodor the magical gemstone
had the power and warmth of the sun. It was linked to the alternation of day and night.

In addition, the Heliodor has been declared a comforting stone and it has played the role of consoling many people. It also aids in psychic and spiritual
development since it is a high energy stone. Moreover, the stone can be used in understanding another person’s troubles.

Beryl can occur naturally with its clarity levels ranging from transparent to opaque. In most cases, the golden beryl is faceted in order to display its
brilliance. The gemstone can be found in a variety of shapes and cutting styles, such as checkerboard and Portuguese cuts.

Additional details of golden beryl

When it comes to the metaphysical properties, the Golden Yellow Beryl in Indian Astrology is considered as the sacred stone of the Planet Jupiter. It has been considered to be the symbol of hope as well as the stone of prophecy. Depending on one’s belief, the golden beryl Heliodor the magical gemstone has a lot to symbolize in one’s life.

Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in June 2016 Table Natural Heliodor Gemstone Facts


Natural Heliodor


2.460 carats





Planetary Energy


Patron Location


All inclusive Price

$ 266.72 / INR 17,788.89*


A beautiful, enthralling and full of life Heliodor from Brazil set in a stylish sterling silver ring. The Gem itself is an emerald cut gem
with fine facets that ensure the maximum play of light. View the video to see how magically light travels through the scintillating facets
of this exceptional gemstone. Calibrated cut for high end precious jewellery and near eye clean clarity with a rich saturation of colour
make it a very desirable Jyotish Gemstone that shall deliver results only Jyotish Gemstones are capable of delivering.

* Exchange rate at the date of featuring of the ring.

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Side effects of a Cat’s Eye Gemstone & how to avoid them.

Side effects of a Cat’s Eye Gemstone & how to avoid them.

Natural Cats Eye Chrysoberyl from India

Natural Cats Eye Chrysoberyl from Sri Lanka

All the Navaratna Gemstones belonging to the Navagrahas (The Nine Planets)
are equally powerfully in their own right and when recommended correctly and having the desirable characteristics of Jyotish Gemstones as described in the
sacred texts give equally powerful and positive results in an equal manner.

When do Gemstones give negative results or side effects?

As explained earlier real quality Jyotish Gemstones are very powerful and they should be recommended after a thorough examination andanalysis of the birth chart. The energy they carry may be too much for some individuals and incorrect
recommendations or wearing gemstones with flaws may bring energy disturbances or health problems. Some of these can be read in detail here.

What are the Side Effects of the Cat’s eye Gemstone?

The Cat’s Eye is the Gemstone of Ketu- the south node of the moon. A Karmik planet-Ketu sometimes gives very impactful, powerful results instantaneously.

Also Known as Vaidurya or Lehsuniya the Cat’s eye is a very hot gemstone with powerful energy. Amongst the gemstones of the 9 planets only Blue Sapphire and Cat’s Eye show instant negative
results if the Gemstone is not suiting an individual.

Some of the known side effects and adverse effects of Cat’s Eye Gemstone are listed below in detail. If any of the symptoms occur one should remove the
Cat’s eye and again try out a new Cat’s Eye after sometime only after recommendation of an expert Astro Gemologist


– Sudden Increase of Heartbeat or irregular heart beat.

– Excessive sweating especially around the temples.

– Palpitation and nausea.

– Wounds and Injury leading to blood loss.

– Problems in the Genital area.

– Injury or accident due to heat/ electricity or fire. (Example: A Lady wore a Cat’s Eye for the first time and she had some guests in the home for whom
she prepared hot tea. She was carrying the tea from the kitchen to the drawing room where she slipped on the step and the entire tray of hot tea fell on
the ground and she fell face down on the hot tea and broken pieces of glass itself. Luckily there were no bodily injuries such as sprain or fracture even
though it was a peculiar fall but she did get skin burn on a major part of her upper body)

– Violence or fight.

– Sudden surfacing of information of a hidden nature. Some people interpret it as a positive symptom stating that some hidden information about a
relationship came out while others interpret it is a negative symptom stating that the relationship will never be the same again or might lead to
separation. Ketu is a mysterious planet and its gem brings out hidden information that is eventually rewarding and this should be considered as a positive

– Back pain or Strain.

– Unnecessary loss creating or trouble causing travel.

How to avoid the side effects of a Cat’s Eye Gemstone?

– The first and foremost thing is to ascertain that your gemstone recommendation is coming from an expert
who is well versed with Gemstones and Gemstones Astrology. Such an expert will make a thorough and accurate analysis of your birth chart and will recommend
this gemstone only if it is absolutely essential.

– The next thing is to ascertain if the Gemstone is a Jyotish Gemstone

– The third thing is to ascertain that the Cats Eye is free from the flaws as listed in the sacred texts. Texts mention flaws in Cats eye likedeha and karkara among several others to watch out for. A karkara cat’s eye is hard to touch, devoid of the smoothness of a good gem; such a gem can cause rifts in relationship with close friends and well-wishers. A cat’s eye gem, which
is deha, leads to wasting of the body.

If the above three points are followed then you shall certainly receive the best results from your Cat’s Eye Gemstone.

If you are not sure about the above three points then it would be advisable to do a 3 day trial similar to trying out the Blue Sapphire from an auspicious
day advised by your astrologer. This process can be found here.

Presenting New Lot of Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl” Bharat” for Gemstoneuniverse Patrons.

Gemstoneuniverse is pleased to present its new lot for its patrons. Important Features of this Cat’s Eye Lot are:

– Top Quality Gemstones as per the Gem Pyramid

– Beautiful and empowering precious Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl from Sri Lanka

– Highly Polished Domed tops with a mirror finish.

– Pleasing and enchanting Golden Green to Neptune Green Color.

– Strong chatoyancy with the Chatoyant band being strong, electric, noble and exhibiting powerful magnetism.

– Free from any treatment such as heat or radiation. All Natural certified Cat’s Eye Gemstones.

– Cherry picked Gemstones from Gem professionals that ensures you get fine Gemstones that are exceptional and at the top of the Gem Pyramid.

– Free from any flaws as listed in the sacred texts and will give the cherished and blessed results that only Jyotish Gemstones are capable of giving.

While picking gems for use in planetary gem therapy, Gemstoneuniverse makes sure that these
gems are top of the line, displaying enviable clarity and great lustre! There are no compromises made on quality and even great looking natural gems are
rejected, if they carry internal flaws (doshas) that could interfere with your gem therapy.

Your Gem therapy should be absolutely error free with no guess work as per the guidelines given in Do Gems Work- No They Don’t for 90% of the people– We ensure that.

Gemstone Certification and appraisal of these lots are complete and you can find them in the Cat’s Eye online inventory in the next 7 days or earlier.

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Light green or a dark green emerald as per rashi Astrology

Light green or a dark green emerald as per rashi Astrology?

Beautiful Rare Zambian Emerald Jyotish Gemstone Ring

Beautiful Rare Zambian Emerald Jyotish Gemstone Ring

A question has been received this week from a Gemstoneuniverse patron that reads as:

Should I wear Dark Green Emerald since I am a Virgo because Light Green Emerald is for Gemini as per Astrology? I read it somewhere online.

Moving on the patron is an existing Gemstoneuniverse Patron and is already wearing a Gemstoneuniverse Emerald ring. He has got into confusion after reading
this junk information somewhere online which he refuses to cite.

First and foremost there is no standard text in Astrology, Gemstone Astrology or Gemology that makes the difference on degree of effectiveness of a
Gemstone variance by colour going by the one’s moon sign/Rashi.

This is again a gimmick to sell something in stock by inventing an imaginary astrological rule or to sound mysterious or special. Something similar to
recommending a Gemstone in milligrams like a medicine or by frequency. Read more about that here

Mercury is the planet that is the ruler of the moon signs of Gemini and Virgo and Emerald is his gem. All Gem quality and Jyotish Quality Emeralds are gems of mercury regardless whether they are light
green emeralds or dark green emeralds.

First and foremost you should understand the difference between a Stone and a Gemstone.

Then you should understand what exactly a Jyotish Quality Emerald is.

If you still an advanced user you go in for learning sacred shades of the Emeralds.

If you are clear about the above three points and if you are sure that your emerald is a true Jyotish Gemstone then you can either wear a light green emerald or a dark green emerald
whichever appeals to you as at a soul level.

Remember how for last 2 decades through the Blog Gemstoneuniverse has communicated that a Gem is for a Gem and that a Gem chooses a Gem.

The above information that Light Green Emerald is for Gemini sign and that dark Green Emerald is for Virgo or vice versa is a pile of junk information at best and should be discarded. It is best wasting your time and trying to impress on you an Astrological rule that does not yet exist.

The above is a similar example of scam that we covered many years back about the Colombian Emerald and the Zambian Emerald degree of effectiveness.

Why have people in India preferred darker shades in Emeralds?

People in many parts of India have shown a marked preference for Zambian Emerald over Colombian Emeralds for past many years citing the dark colour of
Zambian Emeralds as a preferred colour.

Though part of this information might be true, most of India had access to mostly Zambian Emeralds as these are more abundantly available, lesser priced
and most often then not, cut and polished in India.

Colombian Emeralds in comparison are rarer, beautiful, expensive and till today were available in Indian Markets with a very few Vendors. As the Indian
user has become more travel savvy and having access to the internet the consumer is now leaning towards procuring fine Colombian Emeralds for their sheer

What is Basra to Pearl, and Burma to Ruby is what Colombia is to Emerald

For example if we compare an emerald of Zambia and Colombia with near equivalent cut, color, clarity and carat weight the Colombian Emerald will be much
rarer and therefore much higher in price.

If your benchmark is Astrological Results then go for a Natural Emerald that is a true Jyotish Gemstone with a colour that appeals to you the most.
Light Green or Dark Green does not matter.

What matters is

The Emerald is a Jyotish Gemstone

The Emerald appeals to you at a soul level.

If these parameters are checked then you can wear an emerald of a shade of your preference whether you are a Gemini or a Virgo.

Same goes for all other Gemstones. The Gemstone should be a Jyotish Gemstone and should appeal to you. Light or Dark based on Rashi does NOT matter.

We are glad that the patron sent us this query. It is yet another example of how unorganized the field of Astrology and Gemstones is. For past 20 years
Gemstoneuniverse has worked assiduously to bring some kind of standardization in this field and we are continue with our mission of serving the sacred
science of planetary Gem therapy.

Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in May 2016 Table Natural Zambian Emerald Gemstone Facts

Gemstone Natural Zambian Emerald
Weight 5.11 carats
Treatment None. Fully Natural
Origin Zambian
Planetary Energy Mercury
Patron Location Mumbai/ India
All inclusive Price Undisclosed at Patron’s request
Comments Many people who suffer with the “Fox and the sour grapes syndrome” often cite how expensive gemstones are and question what is
exactly so special in a Jyotish Gemstone.Well have a look at this gorgeous beauty. View the video and let us know what did you think-Is it a Zambian Emerald or a Colombian Emerald?This emerald is so beautiful and rich in colour that even the most qualified Gem professionals who have spent decades in the Gemstone business would get
flummoxed about the origin of this Emerald.The above is 5.11 carats Zambian Emerald even though it looks a lot like a posh rare Colombian Emerald. Fine dark green colour with the
perfect melee of hue, tone and saturation giving it the status of a” Royal Gemstone”.

Perfectly proportioned Emerald cut making the maximum play of
light possible. High clarity of over 90% and freedom from flaws as listed in the sacred texts make is saatvik (pure) Jyotish Gemstone that
gives results, only true Jyotish Gems can deliver.

Gemstoneuniverse prides itself on having only rare, pristine Jyotish Gemstones that are full of life not ordinary lifeless mineral samples. That is why our Gemstones at the apex of the Gem Pyramid create miracles

You will not find a single ordinary gemstone at Gemstoneuniverse, Each one is cherry picked by experts who are in love with Planetary gem Therapy. You can view samples and notes for 1500+ shipped out special gemstones on the Blog itself.

And for the trader who does not understand/ fails to understand the meaning of Jyotish Gemstones and links it with a single parameter of price, it is but just a case of the “Fox and the Sour Grapes”


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Gemstoneuniverse-The Gold Standard in Planetary Gemology

Should Saturn combust in horoscope wear Blue Sapphire

Should Saturn combust in horoscope wear Blue Sapphire

Can Saturn combust in horoscope wear Blue Sapphire

Can Saturn combust in horoscope wear Blue Sapphire


Saturn within 15 degrees of the Sun is combust & if an auspicious planet in the ascendant, Blue Sapphire should definitely be considered.

When a planet is too close to the Sun it is said to be in a state of combustion. Combustion is akin to a planet losing its natural powers or in simple
layman terms being overshadowed by the brilliance of the Sun.

The degree wherein a planet gets combust by being too close to the Sun varies from planet to planet and many times this information is also overlooked when
recommending a gemstone for astrological purposes.

Gemstone Astrology is very exact and amongst many factors that are considered in an Expert Gem Recommendation, the astute astrologer should
also factor in important astrological points such as combustion and retrograde motion also.

Saturn is a natural malefic planet that is considered to be a natural enemy of the Sun-King of planets. By most of the astrological texts it is said that
if Saturn is within 15 degrees of the Sun it suffers from combustion and hence it is rendered weak. Some scholars believe that if a planet is within 10
degrees of the Sun then it is combust whereas some believe that the actual combustion kicks in only when a planet is within 8 degrees of the Sun.

Leaving aside various schools of Astrological beliefs, basing the recommendation on the fact that Saturn within 15 degrees of the Sun is combust gives good
accurate results.

Effect of Saturn being combust by the Sun

Saturn is a slow moving planet when it is combust by the Sun it loses some of its powers. These individuals might have a problem in working or co operating
with authority figures and may be perceived as lazy or non cooperative. A Combust Saturn also known as Ast Shani also have a habit of procrastination may
delay taking important and key decisions in their life due to this particular trait.

Can Saturn combust in horoscope wear Blue Sapphire

Unheated Ceylon Blue Sapphire Ring

Unheated Ceylon Blue Sapphire Ring

It is very important to ascertain the position of Saturn in the horoscope by a thorough analysis of the birth chart and especially analyse its planetary
strength if it is combust by Sun. If It is controlling key houses in the chart and is an auspicious planet in the horoscope then definitely a combust
Saturn’s position should be fortified by very a high quality Blue Sapphire-Neelam Stone if its gets classified as a Jyotish Gemstone.

In the list of the ascendants given below Saturn plays a very key role and should definitely be fortified if combust to give it strength. Additional
factors to be considered are Saturn’s position in various houses and if it is posited in auspicious signs etc.

If a combust Saturn is posited in auspicious houses and signs then definitely wearing a Blue Sapphire will bring in all round gains and happiness.

Taurus Ascendant
: Saturn is a very key Planet in this ascendant because it owns the 9th trine house of fate and fortune and the 10th house of career
and profession. Wearing a Blue Sapphire in this ascendant ruled by Venus will bring in new opportunities, career gains and recognition, promotion. Saturn
combust in this ascendant should definitely be analysed and a Blue Sapphire should be recommended.

Libra Ascendant
: This ascendant is also ruled by Venus and Saturn owns the 4th house of property and assets and the 5th trine house of higher
knowledge and progeny. Wearing a Blue Sapphire will lead to gain of assets and pleasure and incisive knowledge. A Blue Sapphire will be great for those in
a consulting career.

Gemini Ascendant
: If Saturn is combust but auspicious wearing a Blue Sapphire will remove obstacles and delay, give fearlessness and new opportunities in life as Saturn
becomes the lord of the 8th house and the 9th house in this ascendant ruled by its friend Mercury.

Virgo Ascendant
: This ascendant is also ruled by Mercury and here Blue Sapphire should bless with intelligence, communication skills, and success in consulting, victory
in competition and over enemies.

Capricorn Ascendant
: This ascendant is ruled by Saturn itself and if Saturn being the Lagna Lord is combust one should definitely fortify it by wearing its Gem-Blue Sapphire.
Saturn being the lord of the 1st house is called as Lagnesh and controls all health affairs and personality of the individual with the Capricorn
ascendant. It also controls the 2nd house of wealth earned by own efforts and speech. Wearing a Blue Sapphire will bless the individual with
good health, immunity from diseases, faster recovery from health problems, effective communication skills and most importantly wealth. Saturn is a Key
Money Planet in this ascendant and those looking for financial gains should definitely give Saturn a boost by wearing its Gem-neelam.

Aquarius Ascendant
: This ascendant is also ruled by Saturn and all the gains and areas covered by Saturn of being the lord of the 1st house will be seen also in
this area. In addition Saturn will also curb unnecessary expenditure and wasteful time wasting. A Blue Sapphire will be lucky for individuals of Aquarius

What is important is the complete position of Saturn be analysed in a thorough manner for an effective Gemstone recommendation.

Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in April 2016 Table Natural Blue Sapphire Gemstone Facts

Gemstone Natural Unheated Blue Sapphire
Weight 4.163 carats
Treatment None. Fully Natural,
Origin Srilanka / Ceylon
Planetary Energy Saturn
Patron Location New Delhi/India
All inclusive Price $ 4198 / INR 2,78,847*
Comments Featured Today is a Sujati( High Born), Sattvik( Pure) and a True Jyotish Quality Blue Sapphire. Unheated and Untreated this Sapphire is
from the hallowed land of Serendib-The Island of Jewels-Sri Lanka. Blessed with a beautiful deep blue colour the colour is a delight.

Deep, rich, luxurious and spread equally in the entire Blue Sapphire gemstone and not concentrated in just one area of the Sapphire- Just
the perfect melee of hue, tone and Saturation make it the most perfect and sought out colour. Fashioned into a beautiful exotic oval the
mixed step cut makes the play of the light in a million ways magical and exotic.

Watch the video as light creates magic through the many perfect facets of this beautiful Sapphire. With a clarity of 95% which is quite
rare in a natural unheated Gemstone its solid carat weight of 4.163 carats makes it a 4C Sultan-This is a Gem that is near perfection on
cut, colour, clarity and carat weight and will deliver the choicest and best results that only Jyotish Gemstones are capable of blessing.

*Currency Conversion Rate courtesy XE & on the date of featuring the Gemstone

©,, All rights reserved.

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Emerald Gemstone – Find These 4 Incredible Health Benefits

Emerald Gemstone – Find These 4 Incredible Health Benefits

Emerald Gemstone for Good Health

Emerald Gemstone for Good Health

Emerald Gemstone colored green: symbolizes the vitality, health and nourishment for the heart and soul. It represents youth, rejuvenates hope and growth. The emerald stone benefits brings the balance in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state.

It brings new experience to one’s life, giving them hope and positive energy. Uses of Emerald gemstone may vary with the person that is the reason its use is advised for only a few with whom it resonates. This stone is suitable for people who affiliate with mercury and have the zodiac sign of Virgo and Gemini as per Indian Astrology. To find Emerald suitability as per ascendants please click here.

Emerald gemstone for various therapies

Physical Health: Emerald stone connects with the heart. Many heart ailments can be treated with emerald gem stone. It may be used for the treatment of stomach disorders, soothing of stomach linings. It is also used for Treatment in internal organs like pancreas, liver, kidney, and gall bladders.

Emerald Astrological Benefits helps in eye healing when the emerald water applied to the eyes. It relieves skin irritations like rashes. It keeps allergies at bay avoiding such infectious fever. The edible emerald stone benefits will also help you with the sinusitis problems, bronchitis problem, and lower body temperature, overcome the insomnia, and improve immune system.

Some health experts recommend emerald gemstone to deal with epilepsy, join health, muscle problem, nervous system problem, and rheumatism.

Mental Health: Green ray of emerald stone benefits provides positive mental health. It averts negative feeling, headaches, and stress. Many gurus recommend this to achieve the healthy mental state. They recommend it to have a positive state of mind, guiding through the stressful events. It will keep you focused on the important task and banish all the discouragement and distractions.

Fine Colombian Emerald Engagement Ring

Fine Colombian Emerald Engagement Ring

Many alternative treatment providers use this stone to aids their patients’ recovery of mental health. However, in the big countries in the US and Europe, Emerald Stone has gained its own popularity. A lot of support groups incorporate this incredible gemstone to help the folks to keep their mind and body activities aligned. The other marvellous effects of this stone for mental health are:

–          Peace of mind

–          Synchronization of mind and body

–          Mental awareness

–          Sensory acuity

–          Mental clarity

–          Strengthened memory

Emotional Health: Emerald stone generates the positive aura around the wearer. It will make the recipient emotion stronger in a positive way. It can help a person to develop his or her personal power. The important Emerald Benefits should be considered are as follows:

–          Helps to improve decision making skills and analysing skills.

–          Improve the compassion of a person. He or she will have better understanding in a relationship

–          Whole body tune-up when placed on the seven chakras (Crown Chakras, Brow Chakra, Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, Stomach Chakra, Sacral Chakra and Root Chakra). When they are all improved, it will enhance the overall state and well-being of a person. Read More on Gemstones and Chakra Healing.

–          Helps to connect emotion with the person of opposite sex.

–          Helps people to express themselves.

–          Since emerald stone is the gem of joy and positive, it brings happiness for those who wear it and surrounding it.

–          It helps in healing of abuse and trauma.

–          It brings new perspective towards the life.

Spiritual Health: It opens up all chakras, especially one which is related to the heart. It supports unconditional love and spiritual healing which in general helps in healing the entire body and wellness. When combined with the meditation it will bring the rhythm in breathing, which in turn eliminates toxic waste lymphatic in the body.

Emerald helps with synchronizing emotional health, mental health, physical health and spiritual health of the body which indirectly supports in healing, soothing and recovering all the ailments of the body.

Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in March 2016 Table Natural Colombian Emerald Gemstone Facts


Gemstone Natural Colombian Emerald set in 22K Gold Engagement ring
Weight 3.285 carats
Treatment None. Fully Natural
Origin Colombia
Planetary Energy Mercury
Patron Location FLORIDA/USA
All inclusive Price $ 10407.2 / INR 659,519.354*
Comments You would need to view the video to really appreciate this exotic emerald from Colombia. Beautifully fashioned as a brilliant modified cushion cut the biggest asset of this Natural emerald of Jyotish Quality is its colour.

Deep Shimmering Grassy Green the colour and cut combine together to give it, its hypnotic powers. True Deep Spectral Green Colombian Emerald Gemstone all of 3.285 carats. When the Royal Green combines with the lustre of the Golden Yellow of the ring band you get a look that is “Stunning”.


Untreated Emeralds like this one are valuable and hard to find and it is this quality that gets them the cherished classification of Emerald Jyotish Gemstones that deliver the promised results only Jyotish Gemstones are capable of.

* Currency rates are taken at the conversion rates of the date of placement of order.

©,, All rights reserved.


Gemstoneuniverse-The Gold Standard in Planetary Gemology


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Smart Choices Smart Results Gem Therapy Reaches Colombia

Smart Choices Smart Results Gem Therapy Reaches Colombia

Two Stone Golden Beryl Heliodor Jupiter Kundalini Ring

Two Stone Golden Beryl Heliodor Jupiter Kundalini Ring

Smart Gem Therapy-How an Individual Used Google Translate Tool to choose Jyotish Gemstones for right results

A Heartening change that we see happening after all these years is how the awareness of Gem Therapy is spreading and how individuals are going the extra mile in their research and stretching themselves and fighting obstacles in making the correct choices.

Making the correct choices

As explained very succinctly in Do Gems Work- No they do not for 90% of the people there is no magic pill or panacea that can miraculously cure all the problems in one shot.

The Karmik Life map will play out however if you make the right choices and your expectations is correct you have a bright chances of optimizing your life and having a much higher and richer life experience index.

Life is all about making several small right choices that add up to make one huge impact.

Life is not about that one huge stroke of luck or lottery. It is always a better choice to depend and to bet on making several small choices rather than wishfully waiting for that one chance that will wipe the board clean of all bad choices or negatives and life will be rosy again.

The story behind this talisman.

The client ( patron for us) has somehow found out about Lucky Gemstones and their impact on destiny and luck through somebody and spent close to a year on research including the Gemstoneuniverse website reading information, assimilating information and using the Google translate tool before reaching the decision to order.

However when he Did make a choice to order and send us a e mail We replied to him after checking the shipping policies there was no insured speed post facility delivery to a retail customer in Colombia (Packages with Valuable Gemstones and Real Precious Metals Such as Gold and Silver cannot be sent out of India without Appraisal as of 29th November 2015. Read more of that here).

The Only option available was registered post and the Bangalore Post Office had no data of how many days it will take the package to reach Colombia because they hadn’t booked one to Colombia for quite sometime.

We communicated the same to the Patron. What choice did the Patron Make? The Patron replied back saying… I am willing to take this risk and wait out for my package but I will get my Gemstones and my ring from Gemstoneuniverse Only.

When we get a mail or communication like this it makes our day. It gives us that inner sense of satisfaction that what we do is a small but significant contribution in another individual’s journey and it is a moment of pride for us for Gemstone Therapy and Gem Recommendation is not just work or mode of profit for us. It is our passion, our mode of worship.

End Result

We estimated that that package will take anywhere from 50-60 days to be delivered but the package was delivered exactly in 21 days in mint condition and our customer was not just satisfied He was delighted. You sense the delight when the very next week you get a new order from the same patron and guess what you start getting new orders from where… You guessed it right-Colombia.

Takeaways from this incident

The power of Indian Gem Therapy is spreading to diverse cultures and countries.

Individuals are using smart tools such as Translate to overcome language barriers.

Individuals appreciate the hard work and openness with which we have discussed Gem Therapy for the past One and a half Decade. You have a total of 3000+ resources on Gemstoneuniverse website, blog and Video Channels.

Individuals are making Smart choices such as in this case by opting for a flawless upratna rather than a bluff and treated 5.25 Ratti Yellow Sapphire/ Pukhraj that doesn’t work.

India Post can deliver registered parcels to far away locations even though it might be their first time book such an item.

Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in May 2015 Table Natural Heliodor Gemstone Facts



Gemstone                                                        Natural Heliodor/Golden Beryl

Weight                                                              2.309+2.243 carats

Treatment                                                        None

Origin                                                                Brazil

Planetary Energy                                            Jupiter/Guru

Patron Location                                              Tolima/Colombia

All inclusive Price                                            $ 470.05 / INR 29,890.691*

* Currency Conversion Value Taken at the date of shipment. Source-XE


This two Gemstone Heliodor-Golden Beryl Kundalini Ring is true Bliss and if you a Gem lover you will need to view the video to watch the life in these Gemstones to appreciate what true Jyotish Gemstones really are and what they are actually blessed with that empowers them to deliver cherished results that bring solutions in the life of the individual.

Bright deep Golden Colour with High Saturation and lustre akin to fire that reflects through each of the fine cut facets of these brilliantly calibrated oval Heliodors.

The combination of cut, color and clarity give the appearance of a sea of molten liquid gold within the Gem crystal and this is what fine Gemstone are all about.

The contrast of the rich Golden colour of the beryl with the muted silver makes the ring striking- Who said Jyotish Gemstones are boring?

Heliodor is the 2nd choice of Upratna as a Yellow Sapphire alternative but with natural and untreated Yellow topaz becoming in many cases rarer and pricier than Yellow Sapphire today Golden Beryl is the most viable and the most effective alternative to Yellow Sapphire.

Smart choices and smart results and” A Gem is for Gem

©,, All rights reserved.





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Can Anyone & Everybody wear Blue Sapphire Neelam

Can Anyone & Everybody wear Blue Sapphire Neelam

Can anyone wear Blue Sapphire

Can anyone wear Blue Sapphire

This Blog Post Answers:

  • Can anyone wear Blue Sapphire/ Neelam without consultation?
  • Can anyone wear any Gemstone just based on Benefits without consultation?

Many Times we come across the above questions posed differently on e mail, during personal consultations and on Gemstoneuniverse Facebook page:

Can anybody wear a Neelam-Blue Sapphire? The root of this question comes from a desire for extra ordinary and exceptional results and a need for a fast turn around in life situations based on some random material on the internet that claims that the Blue Sapphire has the power to turn a pauper into a prince and similar such statements.

The Blue Sapphire

Perhaps the Gemstone surrounded by the maximum myths in the world of planetary gemstones and planetary gem therapy is the Blue Sapphire also called as Neelam in Hindi. The Blue Gemstone of the corundum family is the Blue Sapphire and as per Vedic Astrology it is the Gemstone of Saturn. Saturn also known as Shani is the planet of Karmik retribution is responsible for pain or pleasure in its periods as per Karma’s/ actions done in the previous life. Saturn periods are in general difficult planetary periods.

Four Things are certain about the Blue Sapphire

– The Blue Sapphire is a very powerful Gemstone.

– The Blue Sapphire is a fast acting Gemstone.

– The Blue Sapphire gives financial gains and removes dullness and lethargy from life.

– One has to choose the Blue Sapphire very carefully with the help of an expert and absolutely avoid the Blue Sapphire flaws. If you are not sure of your source of the Blue Sapphire or his/her expertise it makes sense to test the Blue Sapphire as a Blue Sapphire with flaws can lead to many problems including accidents, health problems etc.

If you understand the import of the above discussion then just by reading Blue Sapphire benefits at any random place do not wear Blue Sapphire. You may feel tempted to have  fast  positive change in life but it might be a decision that may prove fatal. Hence anyone/everybody should not wear Blue Sapphire without a detailed horoscope analysis by an expert Astro Gemologist.

In fact none of the Navagrah Gemstones-The Gemstones of the Nine Planets also called as horoscope gemstones should be worn randomly without a thorough analysis of the horoscope by an expert Astro Gemologist.

It is better not to wear any Gemstone just based on a random benefit statement and get into problems. Always wear a Gemstone only after consultation.

Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in August 2015 Table Natural Blue Sapphire Gemstone Facts

Gemstone                                         Natural Blue Sapphire

Weight                                               5.001 carats

Treatment                                         None. Fully Natural,

Origin                                                 Srilanka / Ceylon

Planetary Energy                             Saturn

Patron Location                               Chennai/India

All inclusive Price                             $11,710.878  / INR  781057*

* Currency Conversion taken as per the rate on the date of shipment

Gemologist’s Notes for the Blue Sapphire ring Featured today:

Royal Blue Sapphire natural unheated gemstone  from Sri Lanka

Royal Blue Sapphire natural unheated gemstone from Sri Lanka

There are certain things that cannot be explained in words and can only be experienced, the beauty of the Blue Sapphire featured today is one such thing. This is the ultimate example of a True gorgeous and powerful Jyotish Gemstone Blue Sapphire.

The colour is a deep rich royal Blue which is the most desirable and coveted colours in Blue Sapphires. The Colour has a pure tone and hue and is evenly distributed throughout the crystal and not concentrated in just one area. The exceptional clarity ensures the maximum movement of light and the play of lustre and this is the glorious inward glowing lustre the sacred texts speak about.

Beautifully crafted into a cushion cut this unheated and untreated Blue Sapphire all of 5+ carats is a powerhouse of positive energy that shall deliver the promised results only Jyotish Gemstones are capable of.

Some of you might look at the price and think that if we had a budget like that then we would also be able to buy a similar gemstone. Well, it’s not so simple like that. This gemstone is going to a patron for whom it is a 2nd time upgrade using the Gemstoneuniverse returns and refund policy. And at Gemstoneuniverse, we know statistically that once a patron has experienced results from a Jyotish Gemstone, budget is rarely a issue the 2nd time around for they realize the import of the statement- A Gem is for a Gem

©,, All rights reserved.

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Are Jyotish Gemstones Only for Rich-Does Light of God Not Fall on Poor People

Are Jyotish Gemstones Only for Rich-Does Light of God Not Fall on Poor People

A correct perspective comes from a clear mind free from confusion

A correct perspective comes from a clear mind free from confusion-You see what you want to believe

The light of God is universal, healing and equally available to all rich or poor and so are Jyotish Gemstones- Question is Are you Ready?

This is the question we received today on DISQUS and here is our perspective. We are aware some of you may have been thinking on similar lines so hope this helps

Q. Hi, as suggested by one of your comments, a jyotish gem of 5 carats starts from 6.6 lakhs, which is a huge sum and almost my annual income. Does this mean, light of God do not fall on the poor?

The light of God Falls equally on all and that why there are resources like Do Gemstones Work- No they don’t for 90% of the people provided we have our eyes open to see the light. You can access this resource here:

If one cannot afford a Single big gem then one can buy two gemstones of lesser weight to make up the weight and the price becomes ½. If even that is not an option one can buy 3-4 smaller gemstones to make up the weight and the price becomes 1/4th. To view how gemstones are priced please click here:

If even after implementing the above affordability is still an issue then the God Almighty has created the Upratnas which are very effective and a great starting point for Gem therapy and you can find more information on them here:

If even after this affordability remains an issue then one should wait till that time till one is empowered to do therapy with real Jyotish Gemstones. Not a single sacred text mentions about the optimum gemstone weight but what every Shastras states is that the Gemstone should be absolute “Quality” and you can read more about it here:

To view how, many people have combined gemstones of smaller weight and got results without breaking their bank please click here:

To View How thousands have implemented Gem therapy without spending their annual income please click here and view Gemologists notes for 1000+ real Jyotish Gemstones already shipped out:

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To Hear and view real people with their names and designations sharing their Gem Therapy Experience please click here:


The light of God is equal, universal. It just depends are we ready to take it. You cannot view light with eyes closed

Thank you


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